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World’s Smallest Portable Camera Robot, 2017 CES Winner

World’s Smallest Portable Camera Robot, 2017 CES Winner
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Koova is the 2017 CES Innovation Award winner. It’s the smallest camera robot that can auto-track, face-recognize, and check your email.

Amaryllo is ranked as worldwide number-one camera robot company by research institutes. Koova 2 is the proud winner of 2017 CES Innovation Award! This is the consecutive 3rd year that Amaryllo has won this prestigious honor. Koova 2 is the world’s smallest camera robot that comes with auto tracking and facial recognition. It is portable and powered by USB power source. You can use it anywhere.

Koova 2 has a smart “brain”!

With embedded powerful multi-core CPUs, Koova 2 is an intelligent camera robot that has a smart “brain” to perform real-time video analytics so it can track intruders and recognize faces to safeguard your home 24 hours a day. In fact, the toughest challenge for the engineering team during the development of Koova 2 is how to squeeze in the powerful multi-core CPUs in the small housing and take care of heat dissipation issues.

Amaryllo team was faced with a dilemma: using powerful multi-core CPUs generates a lot of heat, but the housing need to be kept small, so there isn’t a lot of room for the heat to dissipate. After many trial and errors, Amaryllo engineering team finally came up with a solution: fabricate the back cover using aluminium metal to act as a heat sinker and re-arrange our PCB layers for the CPUs to directly contact the aluminium to quickly dissipate heat. This ingenious solution enables us to pack many powerful functions in Koova 2 such as facial recognition and auto-tracking, yet still keep it in a very small form factor.

Amaryllo Facial Recognition technology can fast recognize family members. It takes only 1 second to recognize family members and can identify multiple people at the same time.

Koova 2 deploys a highly sophisticated and accurate Facial Recognition solution that detects and recognizes people’s faces that appear in the camera’s field of view with high degree of recognition rate. This intelligent Facial Recognition solution has learning capability that will continuously improve on the accuracy of future recognition.

“Continuous Learning” lets Koova 2 remember your face in different angles, lighting and moods allowing it to know you better and better over time!

Koova 2 offers smart alerts allowing you to quickly dial pre-registered phone numbers to reach your loved ones or police. You can remotely activate the device alarm to scare off intruders as well.

Typical 64-bit cameras can be hacked in 10 minutes. Amaryllo is the first smart home company to offer world’s highest 256-bit encryption to best protect your privacy. The possible combination of 256-bit encryption is more than the number of the stars in the universe so is virtually not hack-able. This is the same encryption technology as deployed by NASA and Pentagon.

The Activity Zones will allow you to define what area you wish to protect. Using the Amaryllo App, you will be able to design up to 4 boxes to watch over your most valuable possessions. With just a touch of your fingers, you can customize the zones to look after what matters to you the most and ignore the other zones.

The Blockout Zones work the opposite way of the activity zones. You can draw a box on your screen to cover an area you don’t want to be notified for.

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