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WTF Slammer Button

WTF Slammer Button
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Sometimes, especially in an office environment, situations cause you to ask yourself, What the F%$K! Since foul language isn’t always appropriate in the office, this WTF button will get the job done. Great for the office, this WTF button offers 10 different versions of WTF- as a question, as an exclamation, and all without using the eyebrow raising inappropriate language that simply wouldn’t fly in the office. Use this button to turn a stressful situation into office humor; give it as a prank joke to a friend or family member, or buy the novelty WTF button for a gift to give a co-worker. WTF Red Slam 10 Sound Button ships brand new in manufacturer’s packaging, ready to bring office humor to your place of employment, or that of a friend or family member.

When Pushed Plays 10 Different Short Phrases
Hilariously loud
Batteries Included

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