WWII Danish Fuel Bar Cabinet Army Green

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What is a Jerry Can? a Jerry Can is a unique piece of World War ii history. The Jerry Can was invented and made in 1939 to win World War II.One of the most important historical transportation products is the Jerry Can, which is a nickname created by the British and u.s. forces.danish Fuel World War icon designs. This vol 2 design is the 2nd generation from Danish Fuel, and is launched, March 2017. Four years after the vol 1 designs.a “Jerry” was used as slang for a German during World War ii. Thereby, the name, Jerry Can.Over the past years, Danish Fuel has reinvented these World War ii icons and repurposed them into several types of storage designs.all of our designs are use Jerry Cans that are collected from Military surplus stock-houses in Europe. Unique and handcrafted pieces of art, which are now available to help you put together your own unique conversation starter. The greatest gift for the one who has anything.each Jerry Can is marked with a one of a kind id number that is embossed into the aluminum octane tag notwo are alike.the original manufactoring year appears on the front on the can as an embossment. So all Danish Fuel Jerry Cans is from year 1939 – 2000. The Jerry Cans from 1939-1945 (the World War ii period) is made as a Limited Edition for $1499.This Army Green color was the same as used for the German tank division in late 1944.So how is it made in Denmark? Each Jerry Can takes 3-4 weeks to create. However, we have prefabricated all designs. So when you purchase, we just need 1 days to assembly the Bar Cabinet with the shelving inside the cabinet.:old paint and rust are burned off in a furnace at 400 degrees celsius for 24 hours.the sandblasting is to reach a pure metal surface.laser cutting technique is used to archive maximum precision for carvin.a powder coat technique is used to apply new painting. Before painting, all Jerry Cans are washed off in hot water. Actually after the Sandblasting.Shelves for the Bar Cabinets are made of Walnut, Oak or Smoked Oak veneers are molded up into plywood.the molds are made to measure the inside of the Jerry Can of the last steps is the assembly process. Antique made mirrors, stainless screws and hinges are use.with unique design comes unique packaging. All designs are numbered on id tags and certificate. The key to the cabinets is customized with a Danish Fuel logo in it so you always know you have a original Danish Fuel design.the Bar Cabinet comes in a properly designed wooden World War ii ammunition box. Made in Denmark by you’re never low on fuel!dimensions:h: 50cmW: 35cmD: 18cmWeight: 6kg

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