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X-Carve CNC Machine

X-Carve CNC Machine
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Carving circuit boards or skateboards? Choose the size that fits your life (and workshop). The standard 500mm rails give you about 300 x 300mm (12 x 12″) work area.

The larger 1000mm option gives you 800 x 800mm (31″ x 31″) to work with — enough for a full-size longboard.

With a relentless focus on reducing the part count and improving rigidity, we designed single-piece extrusions for X‑Carve’s gantry and spindle mount. New Y axis plates bring the spindle closer to the center, decreasing flex.

The result is a dramatically simpler assembly, extra rigidity, and more accurate carving.

We built Easel® to make 3D carving accessible to everyone. No more complex “toolchains” — just a single intuitive, web-based app for designing and carving.

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