X-Rod Car Phone Holder

X-Rod Car Phone Holder
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Driving requires undivided attention, and it is illegal to use mobile phones when you are behind the wheel. However, there can be an emergency call or other important calls which you don’t want to miss(and let’t face it, we are dependent of our smartphones and we want to have them to our fingertips). At such situations, it would be way more accessible and convenient if you have an X-Rod car phone holder beside you.

X-Rod Car Phone Holder main features:

This is not just an ordinary car phone holder. It is designed ergonomically to serve you in a much better way. What makes the X-Rod car phone holder so unique and special is that it is so cleverly designed.

It does not use adhesive, suction cups, screws, or clips.

Many devices which use these things will ultimately damage the dashboard, air vents, and worst of all obstruct the view.

In addition to this, these phone holders doesn’t block the air vents and prevent your cooling or the heating system from functioning at its optimum level.

You can expect all of these problems eliminated with the ultimate car phone holder, the X-Rod car phone holder.

The X rod works in an ingenious way which does not cause any damage or obstruct the view.

The X-Rod is designed to firmly hold itself between a windscreen and the dash by expanding.

A telescopic type structure with a spring on the inside helps it to expand and hold itself.

You can simply mount the device at the center of your car’s dash, and you’re ready to roll(easy, isn’t it?).

The below video will give you a better understanding on how this device works. Check it out!

If you like to listen to your favorite playlist when driving or have a lot of phone calls to attend, you definitely need to have this gadget.

The X-Rod car phone holder has been of great help to a lot of users, especially those who depend on the GPS in finding the directions.

This device has it all, it allows you to drive without being distracted. Enjoy hands-free music, and it does not damage your car’s interior or obstruct your view.

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