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XFive Beanbag

XFive Beanbag
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This beanbag is our top of the line product of utmost comfort, ergonomy and modern design. It can be used if five different ways hence the name. They are modern and minimalistic design super comfortable indoor beanbags that pave the way to the next generation of beanbags. They consist of two elements:

The core: contains expanded polystyrene pearls and combined with the elastic microfiber makes our beanbag comfortable and economic like no other.

The cover or second skin: the outer layer of microfiber that covers and protects the core. Removable and easy to wash they are available in 10 different colors in order to satisfy every preference and to allow customization
They are very different from regular beanbags. Their top characteristics are the elasticity of the LYCRA microfiber, sole fabric employed during manufacturing and the total lack of zippers. The latter was replaced with a soft tube of the same fabric that allows anyone to refill or empty it at any given time.

Ideal anywhere in your home.

It can be customized by changing the cover colour.

Size: 120 x 140 x 40 cm

Wight: 6kg (13.23lbs)

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