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XO Xtreme Towable

XO Xtreme Towable
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WOW’s most exciting towable yet Built for 1-3 riders, the XO Extreme is a one of a kind, oval shaped design towable with a rockered bottom to provide the most excitement ever on the water Because of its patented oval shape design the amount of surface area touching the water is minimal which allows for a fast ride and less drag on your boat (i.e. better gas mileage) as it slips and slides across the wake with ease.

This new concept from WOW has a high profile and is highly visible in the water, so expect to get a lot of attention while you are zooming back and forth behind the boat. It also makes for a great lounger, so after your thrilling ride sit back, relax, and float free in your favorite body of water on the XO Extreme.

1-3 Rider Heavy Duty Towable
Unique Patented Oval Design allows for less drag, better gas mileage, and a faster ride
11-inch 4K EZ TOW CONNECTOR included. A $10 value for free.
High Profile and High Visibility in the Water
Speed Valve for Fast Inflation and Deflation with Zippered Valve Covers

XO Xtreme TowableCheck price on Amazon.com ►
Check price on Amazon.com

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