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XS AirVape in Rose Gold

XS AirVape in Rose Gold
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AirVape Xs [Rose Gold] is the ultimate personal herbal vaporizer featuring the thinnest design and convention-like heating performance with a perfectly sized oval ceramic heating chamber. The comfortable food-grade rubber covered glass mouthpiece serves for better tasting vapor.

This miraculous device features a long functionality list, it vibrates when it is ready, the automatic shutoff timer is adjustable, elegant display for exact temperature adjustment, battery level and countdown timer and most importantly: mighty performance from the smallest vaporizer.

AirVape Xs is the most portable option to vaporize herbs with its perfectly designed pocket fit and the vibrating function discretely warns you when Xs reached the temperature and when automatic shutoff timer goes off. The signature leather holder is an accessory that is included with each AirVape.
The signature leather holder is a beloved accessory that comes with each AirVape.

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