Xuite cloud document manager

Xuite cloud document manager
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Receipts, income statements, medical records, tax records, contracts, agreements, loan documents, certificates, transcripts, resumes…

WHERE ARE YOURS? Where are your family’s records?

If you can’t produce them in less than 5 minutes – you’re wasting time you could be spending with your loved ones, or relaxing by yourself! Let Xuite be your friendly personal assistant to help you quickly organize, access and use your documents and data whenever and wherever you need them. Wouldn’t that be Xuite(sweet)?

What is Xuite?
Xuite will be a subscription service that provides a “personal assistant” interface to help you:

Turn your documents and data into digital form.
Assist you in categorizing the data in ways relevant to your life.
Store your data securely.
Provide a search and preview capability from any of your devices.
Retrieve your personal documents and data in a consistent format.
Who needs Xuite?
Individuals who file tax returns, have resumes, certificates, transcripts, immigration records, child school records, correspondence.

Small businesses that pay taxes, give and get receipts, have records of income, expenses, licenses, correspondence, employee records.

Using one of the apps we are developing, you documents are always synchronized and aggregated with Xuite.(Windows, Mac, iOS, Droid)
Our Personal Assistant features automatically organizes your information (documents, pictures, etc) using a predefined category structure. Creating your own categories is very easy and intuitive to manage.
For Pictures or diagrams, we can use technologies like OCR, machine learning, or AI to categorize them using their content.
Look N’ Find feature, Not just search but browse through your information using documents previews to obtain meaningful results instantly.
Affordable, Try for Free, love us, select the plan that fits your needs.
Interactive Calendar Feature allows your documents to tell you when they need your attention. No more manual tracking of due dates, renewals, and expiration dates.
Fully automated, we want you to use your time on some more fun things than organizing and tracking documents.

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