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Yesegi Special Jindai Cedar Edition

Yesegi Special Jindai Cedar Edition
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“The wood used for this intricately designed and crafted stool is Jindai Cedar, which means “generation of god”. This Cedar has been miraculously preserved in ancient lake beds or marsh that have been perfectly treated by over 400 years of natures elements. Due to volcanic activity of the years and curing in the womb of mother nature this wood is amazingly strong, light, and filled with rich tones of cedar.” Yosegi Stool is a multiple-award winning furniture piece. Inspired by Japanese Kumiki puzzles, this stool incorporates traditional Yosegi inlaid wood pattern, and Tsugite geometric wooden joint, techniques. Yosegi Stool is a fun furniture puzzle; two fully functional, symmetrical stools merge into a single seat, or to save space for easy storage. Each stool, crafted from beautiful comprises 12 unique, diamond-shaped columns. Only limited numbers are available.

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