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YikeBike Fusion

YikeBike Fusion
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Portability – One of the first questions we are asked when riding around town is “What happens when you run out of power?” The answer is simple: “You can fold the YikeBike up and catch a taxi or public transport and continue on”. Easy. You can take it everywhere you need to go, never have to worry about leaving it out of your sight, and no more bike locks!

If the YikeBike Fusion is not on your liking and prefer a regular scooter, the Glion Dolly Foldable Scooter could be a good choice for you.

Visibility – The YikeBike lights are on all the time when riding around town and are visible from hundred of meters away, making others more aware of your presence, speed and direction when riding. Turning signals, rear lights and hazard light functions are included.

Usability – Ever have to pick up your car across town and you’re running late? Need to get to a meeting where you know there is a lack of parking? Ever found yourself needing to get to that train or boat and needing to rely on that bus that gets stuck in rush hour traffic? Having a YikeBike makes getting to all meetings and public transport something you will never have to worry about.

Easy – The YikeBike is different and the perception of some when they first see it may be that it looks hard to ride. While it is true that it is different and it’s design is unique it is remarkably easy to learn how to ride it. A few minutes in an open space will see you riding it with confidence, and loving the thrill of zooming along like you are floating on air.

Presence – There’s no hiding it! The YikeBike sound is unique! And we love it. Have you ever ridden your bicycle around town and passed a parked car and encountered an inconsiderate driver who opens their door on you? Driving around on a YikeBike you often notice that people hear you coming before they see you, inherently increasing your road presence.

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