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Yohann iPad Air 2 Stand

Yohann iPad Air 2 Stand
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YOHANN is the perfect complement for your iPad Air 2, providing multiple options for you to position your iPad according to what you are doing around the house or in the office.

YOHANN is lightweight and goes wherever you go. Use it anywhere and if you choose to leave it behind, YOHANN remains as a beautiful object on your desk or your nightstand.

The iPad Air 2 minimalist design is great for mobility, but it can be difficult to use comfortably when you are in fixed locations for longer periods. The majority of the time we use our iPad Air 2 at home or in the office where we find ourselves using the iPad Air 2 in a variety of situations and positions. Regardless of the situation, we want to be able to use the iPad Air 2 comfortably and in an easy way.

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