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yoMOTO Ride-On Toy by Prince Lionheart

yoMOTO Ride-On Toy by Prince Lionheart
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Get ready to have the coolest bike on the block! Four wheels give toddlers stability, while the Lean ‘N’ Learn design encourages the development of gross motor skills they will find essential when they are ready to cut the number of wheels in half.
Lean n’ Learn Design

The transition from ride-on toys to a bike is tough. We get it. The yoMOTO eases that leap by encouraging the development of muscles that teach kids to balance (super important). They have to lean to steer this ride-on bike, helping them perfect the art of balance before they make the transition to 2 wheels.
The Bike Before Bikes

Steady, transitional, and super fun—toddlers will love being able to ride a bike like the big kids. Caught between the age of ride-on toys and bikes, they will get the chance to keep up with older siblings and friends in a fun way that coincides with their development—meaning they can be little but still do big stuff.
Steady As They Learn

Kids’ biggest fear about learning to ride a bike is the fear of falling off. Four wheels give kids stability so that they can start their transition to two wheels with confidence. The big button yoMOTO wheels are designed to realign after riding over obstacles, making it super stable as well as super cool.
Here’s Why

yoMOTO came about simply because we love to see kids having a good time. We picture kids riding this with their little feet drumming on the ground—faster, faster, enjoying their first ride of independence. Wheel the power and get ready to be the coolest ride on the block. By Michael and Kelly McConnell, Brother and Sister, 2nd Generation Lionhearts.


The bike before bikes—great for kids between a ride-on and a bike
Steers by leaning—like a motorcycle, but not
Powered by little feet: no pedals or batteries needed
Comes mostly assembled—pop in the handles and off you go
Ages 18 m+; patent pending
8.3 in. wide/2.6 ft. long/11.4 in. tall/ 7.8 lbs.

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