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Yunomi Ceremonial Grade Matcha White

Yunomi Ceremonial Grade Matcha White
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Ceremonial Grade Matcha White is Yunomi Factory Direct’s is a premium matcha refined and ground at our factory in Kyoto with the certified organic tea leaves (JAS certified with USDA, EU, AB equivalency) from Kirishima, Kagoshima.
It has a silky balance of astringency and umami, and easily froths up a white foam from which we derived the name “Matcha White”.
Packaging: Pull-top, screw can.
Net weight: 30 grams / 1.06 oz

Storage: We recommend storing one 30-gram bag at room temperature for daily use in the screw top can or resealable bag, and the remaining in your freezer for long-term storage. NOTE: For freezer storage, double-seal in a plastic ziplock bag and tupperware container for maximum freshness and to avoid other food smells from affecting the matcha. Always allow the bag to sit for 24-hours before unsealing to acclimate to room temperature. This avoids condensation from damaging the matcha powder.

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