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ZaNa Design VIP Firestone Wenge Flash Drive

ZaNa Design VIP Firestone Wenge Flash Drive
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Precious wood
The casing of VIP Collection usb flash drive is always manufactured from one carefully selected piece of Wenge wood. The pattern of the casing growth rings perfectly matches the pattern of the cap growth rings and both parts create a perfect entity. The distinctive pattern of its growth rings has always charmed and stimulated imagination. Wenge wood have been used for thousands of years by African shamans to perform their magic rituals. Today you can have your very own piece of mystical and mysterious Africa.

Back to nature
Contrary to their rivaling products, VIP Collection usb flash drive have two coats of oil impregnation and no lacquer coat applied. Therefore, apart from the unique pattern of the growth rings visible, the usb flash drive casing is characterized by smooth and glowing surface. At the same time, the casing is perfectly protected and the intensive, natural colour of wood is preserved.

Silver 925 The front and the back of the usb flash drive casing are decorated with the finest quality silver 925 which is used to produce high quality silver jewellery. During the preparatory processes, silver is thoroughly cleaned and hand polished. Then it is precisely integrated with the wooden casing.

Striped flint – Polish diamond There is a sound reason why banded flint is called Polish diamond. Indeed, it does have all the features of gem stones: it is rare, decorative and durable. Banded flint is characterized by the contrasting arrangement of dark and light inside layers that come in various shades of warm beige and cool grey. Flint is said to be “a stone of optimism” as it provides its owner with energy and vitality and removes all tiredness.

Magnet cap The usb flash drive cap is equipped with an inner magnet to prevent its accidental loss. When the cap is put on the casing, it makes a characteristic clicking sound after which it can be safely transported in a bag or in a pocket.

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