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Zed Bio Ethanol Indoor/Outdoor Fireburner

Zed Bio Ethanol Indoor/Outdoor Fireburner
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“Zed is a charmingly elegant centerpiece for the home and the garden. A dazzling vertical configuration made of solid steel and designed to resemble the last letter of the alphabet, Zed comprises the beauty of a Chrome Cup with the richness of tempered glass.

Made to fit a 13 oz can of Fuel to produce a captivating flame, the resulting combination of fire and glass is a stunning addition to any tabletop, mantelpiece, or counter top indoors and outdoors.

Decorate patio tables and outdoor pillars with Zed as the centerpiece; its bold flame will transform the space.

By Decorpro Home + Garden. Each sold separately.
Chrome Cup (fits 4″ pot) included.
Snuffer included.
Fuel sold separately.

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