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Zenlet RFID Blocking Wallet

Zenlet RFID Blocking Wallet
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Have you ever been unable to find your card with a huge line of buyers waiting behind you?
Are you worried about the rain getting your bills wet?
Did you know that back pain could result from your thick wallet?
There are several problems that traditional wallets could cause. Card wallets, although sturdy, still cause many problems.

Money clips are the most unsafe options, although they may seem easy and convenient. We think the following problems with the existing wallet designs hinder efficiency: Zenlet eliminates these issues.

Best user security
A seal design. No fear of cards falling out.
Scratch proof protection.
Flexible RFID security.
No elastic, rubber band. Won’t cause fatigue or wear and tear.
No screws, hinges and avoids the most frequently damaging situations.

Intuitive operation, find the card with one hand in under a second.
Carry multiple items, bills or any small objects, like keys or coins.
Magnetic design, easy pick up and placement.
Up to Seven colors, differentiate your belongings, never confuse.
Zen, both inside and outside

Light, compact. Slips into your shirt, or pants pocket with ease.
Optimal capacity, a seven-card space.
Low profile, simple and comfortable gripping.
Use with privacy.
100% recyclable.

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