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ZR Hoverboard

ZR Hoverboard
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This is the REAL deal! No trick photography, no paid actors and best of all; no wires. Imagine surfing, wakeboarding or wakesurfing but now doing it completely above the water! The Hoverboard is powered by a Personal Watercraft and can be used as a one or two person operation.

The jet propulsion developed by the PWC powers the Hoverboard at up to 23MPH as you fly 3 to 4 feet above the waters surface. You can grab the nose of the Hoverboard and soar 15 feet in the air; do spins, flips and more.

Our first shipment of the Hoverboard by ZR® will arrive in June and we will soon be taking pre-orders and setting up flight reservations. The Hoverboard is available as a complete kit or as an add-on if you already own a Flyboard®. Please contact us by phone or email for more information  or to book your flight experience on this amazing new creation by Franky Zapata.

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