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u/vinylpanx · 8 pointsr/1200isjerky



OK OK you take a plastic bag -- yes I know. Make sure to rinse it. Let's not gain off that alone.

THEN you take some water. Tap is gonna be risky, I use filtered. Fill the baggy.

Get yourself one of [](these babies)

Yes yes yes, you guessed it. Use that thing. You'll get some excercise too! I do it plain -- BEST, cheapest and cleanest. Gonna save you a boatload of calories and fuck if it's not better. SO DELICIOUS. My partner will have none of it but he gets Tillamook anyway, there's no changing him. I make him open it in another room just in case there might be some accidental contact.

(in all seriousness Hawaiian shaved ice is a great low calorie desert unless you use condensed milk. I do admit to indulging every now and then, but the fluffy flakes differ from a snowcone and make all the difference)

u/[deleted] · 20 pointsr/1200isjerky

I do in fact have the perfect recipe for halo top spaghetti.

First, get a noodle press (like this one

Next, press halo top through it. Any flavor works.

Finally, top with melted halo top. That's your sauce.


u/8-BitBaker · 12 pointsr/1200isjerky

I'm so sorry you haven't fully converted over yet. I saw a buzzfeed video once where they claimed to go on a "Halo Top Diet" but of course they hated it because Halo Top is a Lifestyle Change, not a diet.

You should definitely try the other flavors. Our local grocery store has three freezers filled with Halo Top* just for people like me. I can buy any* flavor I want just to make sure I have enough variety in my diet. Nuts? Halo Top has you covered. Warm Drinks? Got you, fam. Fruits? Done, and Done. And of course, you're covered for breakfast and dessert too.

This is actually true.

**This is actually not true, those fuckers still don't have dairy free vanilla maple.

u/shortandfighting · 3 pointsr/1200isjerky

You should check out this cookbook for some great recipe ideas! :)

u/AmericahWest · 1 pointr/1200isjerky

I love mine. Can be tossed in a bag, it comes with a lid that is kinda loose, so adding a rubber band would make it perfect.

American Weigh Scales AMW-SC-2KG Digital Pocket Scale

u/thebondoftrust · 26 pointsr/1200isjerky

Well your stomach is naturally about the size of your fist so the best thing to do is get one of these and use it at least six times a day to make the muscles in your hand bigger which will make your fist bigger which will stretch your stomach!

u/62400repetitions · 34 pointsr/1200isjerky

Ew, 100 calories? Do I look like I was born yesterday??

Some of these pouches are only 70 calories and easily resealable so you can replace ALL your meals in a day with just one.

u/lilgupp · 4 pointsr/1200isjerky

you can actually

the lord said that as long as you have him he is all you need. each package has 1000 wafers so it's enough for 1000 days :)

srs the reviews are hilar

u/intangiblemango · 82 pointsr/1200isjerky

"One line" is not an accurate measurement. You really need to use a food scale if you're taking calorie counting seriously.

With that said, if you are still waiting for your food scale, your dealer is hopefully weighing accurately, so you can use their numbers and just round up. An eight ball is 3.5 grams, so you can just divide into 10 lines and then round up to 1 gram per line. Since you don't know if your coke is laced with something else (always a risk), you can just assume it's the same calorically as pure fat and count each line as 9 kcal. The real problem comes if your dealer is giving you a little extra so you like them better... they're allowed to be off by as much as 20% but sometimes it's actually way worse! That's why your food scale is so important. For accuracy, I would recommend weighing to the milligram for things like coke or butter. -

u/Adamantyte · 9 pointsr/1200isjerky

You're going to want to weigh it on your food scale, then add the protein content to the nearest microgram for your LEAN GAINZ💪

u/brbaaaa · 6 pointsr/1200isjerky

I just got fat looking at this picture, so thanks for that. Try this instead:

u/ExtremeCarob · 42 pointsr/1200isjerky

This is just an example of places people commonly go wrong. I know I made these mistakes.

Here are the ones we had in my office, and they are 30 per tub.

I'm sure there are different cals/macros on different flavors. But either way, it's not zero.