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u/dwilliamswife · 2 pointsr/15minutefood

Have you ever seen the Stasher bags? Target or amazon has them ( and they are a miracle worker. I have 2 kids under 4 and sometimes I have to make dinner in a split second. You can steam veggies (healthier than most options) in a minute, cook rice, scramble eggs, re/heat meat, I make applesauce quickly with these as well. They can be a sous vid container as well if you want to boil a meal prepped ahead of time (or cook fish PERFECTLY, really and truly. Let it marinate while you work and boil it for a couple of minutes and voila, a healthy meal). Really, I can't sing their praises enough. I would invest in a couple of these to make dinner easy on you. Also look into some meal prepping, when it's hard to cook it's hard to motivate yourself, having some meals made already will help you stay healthy.

u/selfobstructs · 7 pointsr/15minutefood

Quickest cheese sauce I've made (like sub 30 minutes, closer to 15 and less if you can heat your liquids in a kettle) requires sodium citrate and while not super common, buy it once and it lasts over many dishes. I have read that you can pick this up in the kosher section of your grocery store, so maybe it'll be local.

This has become my husband's favorite Mac and cheese recipe because there's no watering down the cheese flavor with a roux, and also because it's super fast to make and like almost no effort. Basically three ingredients and you're good to go, plus pasta to slather it on, or chips for dipping. Also useful if you or someone else needs to be eating gluten free and can't do a flour-based roux.

The link above is for reference on the product. Everything else you can buy in a local grocery. Link below is for reference on a cheese sauce recipe.
The TL;DR of it is thus:

  • You get your cheese that you want to eat (shred it up, or buy pre-shredded), heat a frying pan, put in like a cup of water that you bring to a simmer, sprinkle in your sodium citrate, add cheese, stir until the cheese melts and incorporates fully.

    If it's still watery, add more cheese. If the cheese isn't breaking down the whole way, add more sodium citrate. It needs a liquid to get the whole thing going

    You can replace the water for beer or chicken stock if you want some added flavor, and the cheese you pick definitely affects the final flavor. There's no subtle hint of cheddar; there's no roux to cover it, so it's like basically a liquid form of the cheese you had before hand, therefore if you use sharp cheddar it will still be as sharp in flavor when you're done. It's very scalable and effortlessly interchangable with any type of cheese you want to make into a sauce. The how and why of its ability to work is on the below link.
    link for "recipe"

    Edit: fixed some words and formatting.
u/quixoticx · 85 pointsr/15minutefood

This is a favorite weeknight dinner for us, especially when ground beef goes on sale! It’s just a stir fry but my husband loves it. This makes 6 portions, so you can save leftovers for meal prep.

Total Active Time: 10min-15min

Passive Time: Cook rice if there’s no leftover rice

Portions: 6 meals

Macros: With 90% lean beef, it's ~375cals, 25 carb/16 fat/23 protein



  • Cooked rice
  • 1lb ground beef
  • 1 large bunch hearty veggie, like broccoli rabe or chard or collard
  • 2-3 tbsp your favorite hot sauce, I use Lao Gan Ma, which is like 3$ at your local asian grocery store (sriracha/tapatio also works)
  • Egg (optional)



  • Dump ground beef in a large pan and let it start cooking. Give it a stir every so often.
  • Meanwhile, rinse veggie and chop to 1-2 inch pieces.
  • Add hot sauce to cooking ground beef, stir it all so that ground beef is broken up.
  • Add veggie and let it wilt, around 2min
  • OPTIONAL: While veggie is wilting, make a sunny side up egg on the side
  • Serve with rice. I’m a heathen so I also eat it with shredded cheddar, but my husband judges me :(
u/yongcooking · 3 pointsr/15minutefood

I would like to recommend Morinaga's Ogura An. I tried it once and it was good. Here is a link to it.

Ogura An on Amazon Hope you will like it too :)

u/rabidstoat · 1 pointr/15minutefood

This is late but you can get 20 grams of protein in 90 calories by adding a Protein Premiere clear drink to your breakfast. I guess there are probably other protein drinks but I don't like the dairy ones much, I prefer the 'clear' juice-like ones. Plus, I was on a liquid diet lately, recovering from pancreatitis, and those drinks saved me. Before that I was getting no protein.

This was the flavor I drank. There are other clear protein drinks, I'm trying out a different brand in the upcoming weeks, they're like 50 calories and 10 grams of protein. I think I'll grow tired of them but they're quick and high-protein. A little costly, though.

u/Bent_Brewer · 2 pointsr/15minutefood

2Kg of briny goodness. I was a little concerned at the price originally, but IMHO, they were worth it.

u/CookWithEyt · 1 pointr/15minutefood

Thank you. I shoot on the Sony a6400 with the kit lens.

I was using one these lights from Amazon.

u/jwcarpy · 2 pointsr/15minutefood

Right here. I can’t speak to the quality - I have a more expensive model from another brand - but I did see this recently and thought it looked like a killer deal.

u/paperfairy · 50 pointsr/15minutefood


  1. go to store
  2. buy the stuff
  3. go home
  4. rinse everything
  5. chop the ever living fuck out of them
  6. throw in a container
  7. drizzle on sauce/dressing of choice
  8. close container
  9. shake the ever-living fuck out of the container
  10. open container and eat


    | Name | Calories (kcal) | Carbs (grams) | Fat (grams) | Protein (grams) | Sodium (milligrams) | Sugar (grams) | Weight (grams) |
    | Broccoli | 125 | 24 | 1 | 10 | 121 | 6 | 367 |
    | Spinach | 94 | 15 | 0 | 12 | 324 | 2 | 410|
    | Mushrooms | 91 | 14 | 1 | 13 | 21 | 8 | 415 |

  • the pictured container is a gallon rubbermaid container. this salad is fucking massive.
  • I covered mine in 300g of Pepita Salsa, but it wasn't great. My go-to salad dressing is balasmic vinegar + bbq sauce.