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u/moonshineenthusiast · 1 pointr/1911

No it shot +p just fine before I changed the spring. I just changed it out of preference for a slightly stiffer spring. There are several companies that make good mag pouches. I use an old GI mag pouch when I'm hunting or hiking. But at the range I use a cheap blade-tech. It really comes down to what will work for you. As long as it is a reputable company making the product you should be good. I have been using this one for carry.

You should check out Brownells:

And Mid-Way:

Just to give you an idea of what's out there though. If you are looking for a good holster that won't break the bank I suggest Alien Gear. They are top notch and a great value for the money. They are also one of the few companies that make holsters for railed SIG 1911's.

u/vailman · 2 pointsr/1911

Thats pretty sexy looking!
Check this grip out. Its amazing. I have seen many other 1911's on here with it. Especially if you have big hands its great.

u/kd5yig · 1 pointr/1911

Wonderful pistol. I bought one about 5 years ago and it is now my every day carry. Only issue I've had is I live in Texas, so do sweat a lot durring the summer. I was fighting rust pretty regularly on the side of the slide that was towards my skin. This was with a good holster. I ended up getting it cerakoted, and haven't looked back, it's wonderful. Did change the grips for something with the Texas star on it. One thing that I would recommend is the Avid pistol tool for the 1911. I bought one and it is now my every day carry knife.

u/GenerationalDarwin · 1 pointr/1911

Then I’d keep it. Looks cool in my opinion. Definitely unique grips. If you decide to save your one-of-a-kind grips and want a unbelievably good set of bargain grips, get a pair of these: Pachmayr 02921 Signature W/Out Backstrap, Colt 1911 Combat

u/regreddit · 1 pointr/1911

I have read many many topics on coating, and have seen thread after thread that VHT Engine Paint is as tough and durable as Cerakoat when coating steel (not polymer). It's easy enough to undo if you screw up, but if you Google around, you will see many successful good-looking rattle can VHT projects. It's not like your Norinco is a safe queen anyway, right?

u/ninja_jedi · 1 pointr/1911

You can get the Pearce finger groove insert that goes under those beautiful blue grips and may be just the compromise you are looking for to get some of the feel of that p238.

I have them on both my 1911s and love them. (And if you prefer, you can use them with the slim g10 vz grips so the gun stays about the same thickness).

u/the_one_true_b · 1 pointr/1911

I was able to get a new one for $420 in late October and have been mostly impressed with it! The only thing I didn't like about it was changing out the cheap plastic grips to Magpul grips. The grip screws are Allen screws which are notorious for stripping easily. I ended up having to break one of the grips to get it off, and use a dremel to get the stripped screw out, which ended up pulling the grip screw bushing with it. Then managed to strip 2 on the bushings (less than common occurrence but does happen). Had to take a dremel to one of those to get it out of the frame. I have since replaced most of them with Strike Ind bushings and VZ torx screws and have not had a single problems since.

The gun itself is great! Shoots well, works fine with factory Taurus mags, Remington and Chip McCormick mags. The trigger feels solid. I've out at 500 rounds through it and haven't had a single FTE, FTF, or any other issue.

u/saddestcat · 2 pointsr/1911

I've found that in additional to Oil, some good cold blue will stop rust from coming back, but it needs to be in an area where its not hitting moving parts. I'll link you below to the absolute best cold blue i've ever used.

u/thirdgen · 3 pointsr/1911

Thank you, good sir. That is the right model number and it is a cheaper option.

Here is a link for y’all:

Streamlight 69279 TLR-6 Tactical Pistol Mount Flashlight 100 Lumen with Integrated Red Aiming Laser for Non-Rail 1911, Black

u/slalomz · 2 pointsr/1911

Depends on what you're going to use the holster for.

I have a Galco Combat Master just for range use and it can also double as a conceal carry holster if I'm wearing a coat or sweatshirt, though it can poke out a little since it's OWB. I've been pretty happy with it.

u/zCzarJoez · 2 pointsr/1911

I use something like this:

Check it once in a while and plug it in to dry the silica beads and toss back in the safe.

u/ChronoHaste · 1 pointr/1911

Have fun! 100 lumens isn't super bright, but I think it'll be adequate for home defense.

u/fordag · 1 pointr/1911

I purchased both of my 1911s on GunBroker. Depending on the date, how original it is and of course the condition of the piece you can spend from $1,000 upwards of $15,000. Mine were both between the $2-$3k range. I've seen guns with worse finishes on them sell for more than I paid for mine.

Haunt local out of the way gunshops.

Beware a few things. Refinished guns, when you refinish a gun it's condition and value, automatically drops to NRA 20%, no matter how nicely it was done. Some unscrupulous folks try to pass off refinished pieces as "found like new in box" never fired... It's so very unlikely for an original 1911 I'd have to see some serious paperwork to back it up. I did see one recently however sell for $15,000, and it was worth every penny.

For example: Colt Model 1911 Commercial - MFD 1915 I don't know what this reserve price is but I do know this gun has been refinished both the frame and the slide, so it's not worth more than $900 to me. Admittedly sometimes the person selling it doesn't even know the history.

Beware of claimed manf. dates that don't match the serial numbers in Colt records

Beware of mixed parts guns and armory rebuilds. The most obvious are mismatched frames and slides. I've seen several of those being sold as all original. Again the seller may not even know.

Get a copy of The Model 1911 and Model 1911A1 Military and Commercial Pistols. Study it.

Get your C&R from the ATF.

u/uid_0 · 3 pointsr/1911

I shoot plain old Winchester White Box 230gn FMJ.

Also, if this is your first 1911, I would highly recommend picking up a copy of the The M1911 Complete Owner's Guide by Walt Kuleck. It's will help you greatly.

u/dirty_heyzeus · 1 pointr/1911

I thought these were pretty handy, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2. And I just saw these, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, I haven't bought them but I do have Jerry's 870 book.

u/berylthranox · 0 pointsr/1911

That is something I definitely know I need to change. The current grips trap sweat between my hand and the grip and really amplify my lack of skill with the gun. I prefer, aesthetically, something with a natural wood finish yet I would like the finger grooves. These are something I've considered but I've heard that they fall apart pretty quick despite the high rating.

If changing the finish of the gun is just a bad idea then I've not a problem leaving it the way it is; I just wanted to know if it's feasible or if nickel or stainless steel finish is something which must be on the gun when purchased. I guess I just want to maximize the fit of the gun to my hand and know if there is anything that you might recommend as a must do alteration for the longevity of the gun?

u/Scottish__Cowboy · 9 pointsr/1911

Not a Colt, and not real stag grips because Im cheap. Here’s a SA Defender milspec 1911. (I know SA, gross) the grips are on Amazon for $40 and can be made in slightly different shades. I like my Ruger SR1911 a lot more, but I carry this one because of its price, and it still goes bang every time.

u/hobodemon · 1 pointr/1911

There's a lot of holsters that work well for sights. Look for competition holsters. I use this for my FNX with a red-dot and a can. Works decently, as long as the magazine release doesn't get slapped.

u/EatSleepJeep · 1 pointr/1911

The magpul moe grips are inexpensive and you can get them on the Amazon.

u/leroy457 · 2 pointsr/1911

This is my EDC. If you attach the pocket carry clip the the bottom end of the handle it will deploy the blade by catching the hilt nubs on the pocket as you pull it out. I’ve carried this blade for 5 years.
Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) M16-14SF Aluminum Tanto Blade Serrated Edge Folding Knife

u/dollarbill1247 · 3 pointsr/1911

My 1911 is stainless so I got some Flitz and polished it away.

u/Bloody_Smashing · 1 pointr/1911

This would be gorgeus with the surfaces of the slide serations polished and this or VZs.

u/FunkyNomad · 1 pointr/1911

I use this tool. There’s a pick on it that can depress the tab so you can push it in and avoid any idiot scratches.
Real Avid The Pistol Tool