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u/Mixtapz · 1 pointr/350z

I have the Atoto A6 with backup camera and front camera.

Really good, kinda wish the Pro was out when I bought it last year.
I used this backup camera off amazon. LOVE IT.
Fits perfectly into the license plate light , sleek and hardly noticable. I can snap a pic later tonight

u/MURPHYJOHNSON · 1 pointr/350z

I was actually looking at this very exhaust myself not too long ago. From what I've gathered, the system sounds very raspy and makes the Z sound a bit like a civic a la fart cannon.

However it seems that a popular thing to do with this exhaust is to remove the H pipe and replace it with an aftermarket Xpipe. That seems to clear up almost all of the rasp as well as the drone and leaves you with a pretty good sounding dual exhaust for cheap.

Also something to look out for is that this exhaust may be made out of cheap steel that will not hold up very well overtime.

u/blueyond · 1 pointr/350z

I got it from Amazon: SCOSCHE NN1456B 2006-Up Nissan 350z Double DIN or DIN w/pocket Install Dash Kit

It’s a perfect fit and was super easy to install.

u/DirtyMexican87 · 2 pointsr/350z

This is what I used for my 06 altima ser with Bose Works perfect and super easy to install. Was my second time doing a install.

u/TypeOf_Z · 4 pointsr/350z

uxcell 30 Pcs 8mm Hole Black Plastic Rivet Fastener Bumper Clip

These are the ones I bought and used. Worked like a charm and great quality. They will work on the bumper cover, wheel well inserts and under hood trim.

u/Rappix74 · 2 pointsr/350z

No offence but if you don't understand the wiring diagram maybe you should get someone to do it for you?

If you're determined to do it yourself maybe you just need a wiring harness kit like this:

It all depends on your setup. I don't know what plugs Joying comes with and whether or not you have a bose system in your car etc.

u/evox559 · 3 pointsr/350z

ya pretty common problem. it failed on me twice already. you can replace the sensor, its very easy it just unscrews from the oil pan (might as well change the oil sense you will have to drain some of it once the sensor comes out).

easy to get to from under the car. just be easy screwing it back in, dont wanna strip the threads by over tightening. i purchased mine on amazon. hope this helps

u/Ruffknuckles · 3 pointsr/350z


  • Nissan Z Metal Keychain = $13.98

  • Red Remote Keyless Entry = $5.38

  • Extra Remote Keyless Entry = $6.54


    The Z keychain isn't sharp (corners) at all; I don't even notice it in my pocket.

    The red remote is just a plastic shell and rubber buttons. You need to either take the circuit board and battery out of a current key fob, which is extremely easy, or order an extra remote (3rd link) to use the internals from it. Reprogramming a new keyless remote is even easier than swapping the "guts" out, and it comes with instructions. A quick Google search will also reveal said instructions.

    Even though the extra remote says "2003-2006," it will work with 2007. In my case, the car only came with one remote. This was a pretty cheap (and unique) option for an extra. It works perfectly, just like the original key fob.

    Look around on Amazon for extra colors. I have seen blue and red, but not sure about white or any others.
u/vitalsyntax · 2 pointsr/350z

It was extremely easy. I used this wiring diagram:
I had to splice some wires, but everything was plug and play from there. I wouldn't recommend the headunit/adapter combo I got because I had to sand down the adapter a bit to fit it over the head unit.

u/monkeyboyfr3sh · 1 pointr/350z

I have an 08 so when I bought this I didn't quite read to see that it clearly says the years its recommended for but there's pictures of success in the comments

u/barbuzbal · 3 pointsr/350z

Key Fob Link:

(KeylessOption Keyless Entry Remote Car Uncut Flip Key Fob Control Replacement for KBRASTU15

Link as to how to do this:


This is the key fob I ordered. It stated it was the same model as my original key fob. Lowes refused to cut the key though, luckily Home Depot reluctantly did it for me. I did have to seperate my original car key to retrieve the transponder (black square visible from the base of the key) and insert it into where they have one inside. It just wouldnt work since it was not programmed for my car. It works great now though, my only complaint is that the range is not as long on this one.

u/westcoast350z · 2 pointsr/350z

I was thinking of doing this but then found some online with the areas black that I wanted to paint so I decided to just buy them instead. They weren't perfect, a few hairs on the inside and some random plastic bits that I blew out with compressed air. But they look amazing and night driving is the same as the reflective parts were all left chrome. I don't know if these are the exact ones, but look very similar.

u/shanlon · 1 pointr/350z

Thanks, mine is an 04 touring coupe.


These are the headlights


My original ones were very faded and the UV coating was gone, wasn't worth restoring in my opinion.

u/BILLY4815 · 1 pointr/350z

KeylessOption Keyless Entry Remote Car Uncut Flip Key Fob Control Replacement for KBRASTU15

That's the fob I bought. Thanks bud

u/FatFingerHelperBot · 1 pointr/350z

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I will extend those so they're easier for our sausage fingers to click!

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u/afrienduknow · 1 pointr/350z

Water started getting into my OEM tails so I found these. Cheaper than real HR LEDs and still plug and play

u/Florinator · 3 pointsr/350z

Sorry about the delay guys, busy weekend :-P

It attaches to the passenger seat bolt on the floor, it basically works on any car. I had the same system on my last 3 cars, I will never look at any other solution. They have different lengths. I think mine is this one

u/Woochunk · 1 pointr/350z

Are you talking about another key? Or the electronic key fob with buttons to open things? The key fob can be found on amazon for under 10 bucks. They can be programmed to work with your car with a couple minutes of setup.

One example

u/sturgeonsoup · 3 pointsr/350z

I bought this one off Amazon.

u/TreeFiddyZ · 1 pointr/350z

The most common ones are 8mm but then there are also 10mm scattered around.

u/OriginaIDefauIt · 3 pointsr/350z

are these what your looking for

uxcell 30 Pcs 8mm Hole Black Plastic Rivet Fastener Bumper Clip

u/z350_stillens · 2 pointsr/350z

Yup, u/TreeFiddyZ is right on the money. Order a few for the future, here are the ones that work for me:

u/RushNY · 2 pointsr/350z

Used to have one, although I prefer the iOttie One Touch now.


Uses the seat rail bolt.