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u/DLJeep · 2 pointsr/ABDL


But these have free shipping 🤣!!!
Seriously though, I'm sorry for your unfortunate shipping situation! Maybe northshore Adam will read this and try to expand his market (i can't remember if he is on here or just adisc so I don't know how to tag him). They are defiantly worth a try but you get rearz that offer some great diapers IMO. I hope someday you get to try northshore diapers because every diaper is worth trying at least once! (I hope i come off as joking and not rude, being rude is no where near my intent!)

Good luck!
And happy diapering!

Edit: found his user name, looking for u/NorthShoreAdam to maybe help this Canadian diaper enthusiast.

u/DiaperedWaifu · 2 pointsr/ABDL

>What are some of my options out there, anyone have an advice for me?

I'll be honest, ever since we've had all of these wonderful companies making ABDL specific diapers, I've mostly used them and thus can really only speak to the cutesy printed stuff. I also don't really use any of the lower capacity offerings, but here it is:

I can say Rearz Safari is, in my opinion the best diaper on the market, incredibly absorbent, quite thick and a darn cute print. They do run a bit expensive and are probably overkill for what I imagine the average bedwetter voids. If it's something you'd be interested in, they also have a darn cute Princess Pink diaper too.

Bambino sells them, as does the official Rearz website.


Safari https://bambinodiapers.com/rearz-safari-c-22

Princess Pink - https://bambinodiapers.com/rearz-princess-c-23


Safari - http://rearz.ca/product_info.php?products_id=1039&osCsid=goffkmlhejs4uoubotapidahc7

Princess Pink - http://rearz.ca/product_info.php?products_id=1253&osCsid=goffkmlhejs4uoubotapidahc7

ABU has the Space/LittlePawz Diapers that are similar absorbancy and a little cheaper. They offer an all white diaper called Simple if you don't want prints. Preschools might also work for you depending on the absorbancy you need.

Little Pawz:




Simple (All White):




I've not tried them myself, but I do find the print awesome on the Tykables Overnight Diapers, but I've heard good things about them.


On the medical diaper side:

Dry 24/7 worked well the last time I tried them (Maybe 2 years ago or so?)


Northshore's brand did well too (same timeframe)


u/abdlintexas · 1 pointr/ABDL

I used cheap Walgreens breathable diapers, just ran scissors across.. never had an issue but like others are saying - the wheel with spikes!

Heres one that'd get the job done really fast and its better than scissors because you're getting tiny holes instead of slits so the stuffing stays put.

I used to double diaper but what I like a lot better is buying the cloth inserts. They're more expensive upfront, but as long as you're only wetting then it actually should save you money. They're more comfortable than the diaper themselves, the diaper looks really bulky if you put two in and looks better with using stuffers vs multiple diapers. They're also amazing at absorbing.

u/arctickit · 1 pointr/ABDL

I personally don't use my diapers for their intents and purposes often enough to merit buying a diaper genie so I use a couple different methods. I used to double bag them in plastic grocery bags and put them out in the trash immediately. They don't smell that bad as long as they're not disturbed but I live in a house with other DLs so I don't have to worry about questions. However, the best method I've found was using these guys I bought locally once. They are the coolest thing since sliced bread! Any diaper I dispose of in one of those bags smells like baby powder. I can only imagine combining those with a diaper genie (if its possible) will leave you with an odor free life after you change or get changed!

u/caseystrom · 14 pointsr/ABDL

It sounds like his brain is mapped differently than yours. I think this is something to talk about with him in a non-confrontational way, as he isn't going to change that dipswitch in his brain that enjoys that aspect of regression and being around others who do the same.

I would keep the conversation focussed around: "I enjoy our relationship, and I want to make this work - but it's clear we need to define some boundaries around when it's okay to engage in this and when it isn't. Can we agree that during eating times is off limits, and that if I am not in a mental space where I can deal with the smell that I can politely ask you to go elsewhere? It's not my intention to make you feel shame for what you enjoy, but we just are not on the same level of enjoyment on this."

Also, maybe get him some Devrom to help his mess stink less (https://www.amazon.com/Devrom-Capsules-Bottle-of-100/dp/B000O08G2U/ref=pd_sim_194_4?ie=UTF8&dpID=21CgswTtHBL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_&psc=1&refRID=M9A5RJVA9VBWCEQNT8HF).

u/WearingClouds · 1 pointr/ABDL

I recommend using THIS nifty device right here. It allows you to poke multiple tiny holes in a matter of seconds into any plastic backed diaper.

To use a diaper as a stuffer, here is what I do:

1- Cut the wings and waistband off the diaper.

2- Use the device I mentioned above to poke a bunch of hole in the diaper (the outer plastic part, no need to poke holes inside)

3- Insert the modified diaper inbetween the leak gaurds of the main diaper. This works best when you have diapers with high leak gaurds such as the Abena M4/L4.

4- PRO TIP: This works perfect when using baby diapers! Often times I'll use up to three baby diapers in one diaper!

Or you can make it much easier (my personal preference). I get a new diaper and poke the holes in it. Then I put it on. Then I put on another new diaper over the diaper. Typically I will modify a size medium diaper and wear a size large diaper over it.

Hope this helps and please comment for any questions \^__^

u/abdl_hornist · 3 pointsr/ABDL

I would second the recommendation to buy a pacifier clip. Especially if you would like it be habit forming because it will always be by your side. I can actually sleep with it overnight now. It makes me feel really liddle. Amazon has some pretty cute ones:

For example - these worked great for me:


u/dumbquestions1 · 5 pointsr/ABDL

Hey, I saw a lot of positive comments and I just wanted to sort of counter-balance them with my experience... I have to say, I'm a size 32 waist and under 120 lbs. I'm very tall and skinny, and I bought These from my local grocery store. I don't recall the exact size, but I know that the packaging looked exactly like what's shown at the link, so I'm fairly certain they were the XL size.

They were not very comfortable and did not contain flooding at all. They just felt way too small. I ended up giving the rest of them away because I realized that I was just wasting them by purging them.

Personally, I would have much rather spent the money on some Bambinos or, hell, even some Abenas...

I can understand wanting cutesy designs, but for me, comfort is my main concern, and my goodnites were not comfortable on me. Functionality comes in at a close second and every one of my goodnites leaked. (I always wet in the bathroom, so it was never a real issue). Cutesy looks come into play as well, but IMO the Bambinos have goodnites beat, tapes down. (lol, see what I did there? "Tapes," instead of "hands"? I made a joke that's relevant to our collective interest :P)

u/calcifer219 · 5 pointsr/ABDL

I mean if you're on a tight budget and have only ever tried goodnites, then any store brand adult diaper is going to be a huge step up for you.

But if you want something that will take multiple 1 & 2's your going to need to look at M4's or higher. Any diaper is made better with booster pads so that could be a cheaper option for you to gain capacity without breaking the bank on something more premium like ABU's or Bellissomo.

u/pupdelta · 1 pointr/ABDL

The unnamed ones actually look like these diapers I ordered from Amazon a while back to see what they where. They don't resemble the pic on amazon but they do look just like these packs.

They're cloth and super low quality but what do you expect at 100. for $12.

u/WeCloseOurEyes · 0 pointsr/ABDL
  1. I'm not agreeing. I gave you specific brands and examples. Kigurumis would fall into the blanket term of Onesie, because it is an article of clothing that is one piece and covers the top and bottom portion of your bottom. Again, look at the explanation I gave on "branches".


  2. What I'm getting as is the idea that there are blanket terms that cover multiple areas.

    The tier would go like this. https://i.gyazo.com/6b6ec4b35a8e63b80a34aa624df27aaf.png

    "Onesie" can mean Kirugumi, Onesie, Romper, and Footed Pajamas, BUT Kirugumis will never equal a romper, footed pajamas, or the stereotypical onesie (no legs, etc).

    Onesie works for kirugumi because it is ONE article of clothing that covers a top and bottom portion of the body.

    I'm not saying "When they do it, it's wrong, but when you do it, it's just how language work". I'm saying that there ARE blanket terms that work, just like there are blanket terms that DON'T. Nintendo is not one of those terms because it is specific in the idea that Nintendo products are Nintendo products.

    A "Onesie" can be a specific piece of clothing that is like this, but can also be something like this.


  3. "Onesie" is not a brand. "Onesie" is a type of clothing.

    The brand argument is that if you say "Can you hand me a Kleenex?" you will be handed a facial tissue, regardless of if it is a Kleenex or not.

    Onesie IS a blanket term.


    I don't want to be rude, but you're not going to tell me anything different on this.

    I graduated at the top of my class in English/Language. Blanket terms are meant to cover a plethora of words that mean various things, but can still be considered relatable to eachother.
u/autieab · 2 pointsr/ABDL

I think the answer to this question is wholly dependent on the ahem consistency of the pants deposit in question :P

A firm poop will stay right where it's meant to. Anything less than firm and all bets are off :)

Maybe the flushable liners meant for cloth baby diapers would help keep things under control a bit more back there and help prevent Code Brown escapes through the cloth of the pants?

u/briansinatra · 2 pointsr/ABDL

I love mine. Here's an Amazon link for those interested.

u/notmadeofbeef · 1 pointr/ABDL

Not sure what exactly you mean by the small rectangle ones (as these are rectangular, but not really small), but check out NorthShore Care’s booster pads. They’re the same as Bambino and ABU’s booster pads but for cheaper. I get the large size from them. NorthShore also carries a few other brands, and their comparison chart on this page is great!

NorthShore listing // Amazon listing (Prime eligible!)

u/DefconPeyote · 4 pointsr/ABDL

It's pretty damn easy for the most part. Generally no one is going to notice if you are padded if you don't smell. So you will probably be fine just wearing around the house. Unless it's deathly quiet and you crinkle loudly no one is gonna notice. Keep a trash bin in your room to start. Get those smell proof bags lined with like baby powder and put used diapers in those. ( https://www.amazon.com/Sassy-Disposable-Diaper-Sacks-Count/dp/B0007V644S ) take them out to the garbage in a larger bag with other normal garbage in the bag. Just don't let them sit for more than a day the smell is pretty obvious. Also don't forget to shower immediately after waking up if you slept in a wet diaper. I wear around people I don't want knowing and no one has noticed in like 5 years.

u/baby_pug · 1 pointr/ABDL

I just got Anal Trainer Butt Plug Kit from amazon today. I am going to give it a try myself.

I have never tried any back door play and am very excited.

u/Ny00m · 1 pointr/ABDL

$55 for an almost 3-foot long wolf stuffie. Not inexpensive, but definitely reasonably priced for such a large one. (30" nose to rump, tail easily pushes it over 3 feet long)

Here's a picture of it on top of me, for comparison. (I'm 6'2")

u/bsmall7 · 5 pointsr/ABDL

HappyEndings Eco Diapers on Amazon has velcro style ones. I have some of the snap ones and like them. Link

And these are pocket style with PUL outer so they do not need an additional cover.

u/CynicalSoup · 1 pointr/ABDL

I know what you mean. I was 18 or so when I started wetting again. Now I'm 25. I'm not going to tell you that it gets better with age but I hope it does. Without diapers, my life would be an absolute wreck! That's where it factors in my absolute love for them. It's become another part of me.

Im not sure what kind you wear but when I was switching between cloth and disposable, I wore this one for a while. I really don't care for cloth diapers but this one was absolutely awesome. Bulky and expensive as hell but extremely absorbent.

u/fitch_bace · 6 pointsr/ABDL

Think you're looking for this