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u/SanctimoniousApe · 5 pointsr/ATT

Leaving my original reply below for reference, but I think you're best served by CircuitSwitched's reply. I didn't realize just how bad your DSL setup was. There's also some further conversation that might be of interest here.


As mentioned by another, port to Google Voice. But instead of using the web interface they suggested, get an Obihai 200 - you connect it to your internet router and to your house's landline phone jack & all the phones on the landline become VoIP using GV. Service will be free and you can treat the phone just like you always did, dialing numbers directly.

EDIT: I should mention that this assumes you've dropped landline service. You should test the setup by plugging a phone directly into the Obihai before you drop landline service itself. You can port the landline number after you've verified it's working (just let Google assign a random number to the account for testing - you can port after the fact). In fact don't drop the landline directly - porting the number out should automatically end landline service, and you don't want to drop service until the port is done.

You also needn't worry about the bandwidth - I've successfully made GV calls even when throttled to 64Kbps on Sprint, so 0.5Mbps is plenty. The time it might be an issue is if you've got some other internet activity sucking up bandwidth (streaming video, etc), but your router may have options to prioritize certain traffic if that's a concern.

u/sirdomino · 2 pointsr/ATT

Best deal is here:


Highly rated phone, bought several for family members and they have been happy with it. Plus at that price, it is great. Just buy it, and pop in your Sim Card and you're good to go. If you want an upgrade to that phone, then I'd suggest:


That adds a quad core processor, a larger screen, and a few other things.

u/brobot_ · 3 pointsr/ATT

The exact adapters I have don’t appear to be for sale anyone but there are plenty of similar adapters available. It’s a TS9 to SMA Female adapter. Here is one example https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HG7HBDY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_Fp-SAbC06B2HA

The cables I used were MPD Digital LMR400 cables with an SMA Male connector on the modem end and an N-Male connector on the Antenna side. Where you intend to setup your modem and antennas will dictate how long of a cable you will need. I would tend to recommend ordering a length beyond what you think you will need. For reference my cables are 35ft long.

I would recommend trying to find the best Multiband yagis you can get with N-Female plug. These Proxicast yagis work well but their false advertising on their brackets left a bad taste in my mouth.

u/n2thetaboo · 4 pointsr/ATT

First, go to Antenna Search and locate the tower you want to pull from. Then find the contact person for that tower by clicking on it. Email that person explaining your problem, and then you'll have a local expert helping you out.

When I ran in to this issue I got 2 yagi antenna, the proper low loss cabling, the adapters to connect to the antenna and to my hotspot, a mounting pole, and put them at a 45 degree angle pointed right at my tower. Then I set the band priority on the hotspot based on what the tower tech told me was the optimal band coming from that tower.

When you get in to the world trying to optimize your LTE connection, you will probably want to join up with the LTE Hacks group on facebook.

u/thatdudeman52 · 6 pointsr/ATT

they replace the entire phone, not fix it. Why file an insurance claim? that part cost like $5 and is easily replaceable.

edit: even found it for you http://www.amazon.com/Mudder-Replacement-Accessories-Screwdriver-Cleaning/dp/B011BNVP7Q/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1451007010&sr=8-4&keywords=s5+charging+cover

u/pasher7 · 1 pointr/ATT

If you are under 2300 sq feet this should work just fine:


Make sure you turn off the wifi on the pace 5268ac and put it in bridge mode.

Also make sure your problem is with the Wifi not the internet connection by connecting your computer to the ethernet port on your pace 5268ac and testing (make sure you turn of the wifi on the computer when you do this).

u/icecream21 · 1 pointr/ATT

Do they really need a home phone? Do they call international?

If not, then I would cancel that and just have the cell phones as their primary number. The other option is to port that home number to Google Voice and get a OBi200. The OBi200 lets you use your Google Voice number on a home cordless phone setup through VoIP. Google Voice has no monthly fee and you get free unlimited calling within US and super cheap per minute calls internationally.

You could also just get them the Google Voice app and have the home number calls forwarded to one of their cell numbers.

u/EnforcementFox · 2 pointsr/ATT

/u/jhulc is absolutely correct. Had 4 different U-verse customers have issues with the residential gateway. Each replaced multiple times. Finally, one tech came by and recommended a device called the APC Back-UPS Connect and it's solved the issues at all of the locations.

It's currently $25 on Amazon: https://amzn.com/B00NTQYUA8

u/tvtoo · 1 pointr/ATT

Hmm, interesting. Are you thinking to use one of the *new* Verizon unlimited data lines with the Novatel T1114?

u/kylephoto760 · 2 pointsr/ATT

Perhaps this will take care of your problem?

u/stupidamurican · 1 pointr/ATT

This is the first that I am hearing of the G800A, and I can not seem to find it for sale anywhere.

This is the phone that I bought. The title says international 4G LTE. Can you elaborate as to why this would not work with AT&T 4G LTE or at tell me what the US bands are?

u/ryaniskira · 1 pointr/ATT

Don't use powerline, route an ethernet cable or if your house has coax use a [MoCA adapter.] (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B013J7O3X0/) Also, only use CAT6 ethernet cables, and if possible use your own router.

u/lhamil64 · 2 pointsr/ATT

Actually, there's going to be a problem with this. The iPhone 6s uses a Nano SIM while the Note 4 uses a Micro SIM. So you can't just take the card out of one and put it in the other, because it'll be a different size. However, you can get an adaptor (something like this). Once they setup the iPhone with the nano sim, you can put that sim in the adaptor and put that into the note 4.

u/rextraverse · 1 pointr/ATT

The built-in wireless capabilities are decent on the Uverse Gateway, but keep in mind placement and location within your home affect Wi-Fi signal and performance. Optimally, you want a centrally located position and as high as possible (because the higher it is, the less stuff that can potentially get in the way of the signal)

I'll use my parents home as an example. They're in a 3000 sqft single story home, so it's pretty spread out. Also, all the telephone outlets for Uverse are located around the periphery of the home. What we ended up doing is setting up the RG in the home office near one end of the home and used a Powerline Ethernet adapter to set up an Asus N66U wireless router, mounted high in the most central room in the house (which happens to be a bedroom, so on top of a bookshelf) and the entire home is well covered with Wi-Fi. The disadvantages to this is Powerline Ethernet can be finicky if you get too far from the modem/RG and, because you can't use them with surge protectors, there's always the risk that they'll be damaged if your home's electrical wiring gets hit with a power spike or surge.