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u/muchogusto22 · 4 pointsr/Accutane

i reccomend heading over to r/asianbeauty
a common thing glosses over in western skin care is the use of layers for moisturizing. The one and done technique works for some, but not everyone. Asian skin care focuses on layers of light hydration from different hydrating toners, essences, serums and a final heavier cream. Using serums or hydrating toners before your main moisturizer like cerave is a great option to boost moisture content in your skin.

Ingredients like Hyaluronic acid is something to look for- its a humecant that can hold 1000 times in it weight in water- as a result instead of just keeping existing moisture in your skin like many moisturizers- it brings more moisture into the skin from the lower part of the epidermis or the environment around your skin.

For you however- if you do not want to go that route- i strongly reccomend a 5% urea cream like Euricins
urea will do the best job at getting rid of those flakes and scalyness- as a it helps dissolve keratin overloads.

If you want the best of both worlds - you could combine that moisturizer with a hydrating toner or essense underneath- like this Hada Labo Lotion or this Hada Labo Gel
that could also layer nicely under your thicker moiosturizer

in asian skin care the word lotion is used instead of toner. Toners(aka lotions) in asian skin care are not like western astringent ones- they are slightly liquidy and offer a great calming boost of moisture under your main moisturizer.

Sorry for the wall of text!

Moisturizing doest just have to be one step- using layers helps alot through serums, essences and toners.

u/scaredofpants · 3 pointsr/Accutane

For dry hands, I recommend Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter by LUSH. It is hands-down (pun intended) the most moisturizing product I've used on my hands. If that's out of your price range, or if you don't like strong lemon scents, Trader Joe's has a nice balm for a fraction of the price. Still a bit lemony, but fades faster.

For body wash, I've been loving Dove's deep moisture line. All my old body washes and soaps became so drying on Accutane, so I had to make a change.

For face, Aquaphor is a godsend, and is required nightly to seal in all my moisturizer and oils. Moisturizer and oils are pretty personal, I just use coconut oil and CeraVe, but I highly recommend having an open mind and being prepared for some different products. My whole routine changed for Accutane, and that's the case for many people!

Also: SUNSCREEN. Sephora will let you try samples of any products, so I'd advise you go get a bunch of sunscreen samples and see which ones you like. Some leave a white cast; some felt a bit burny due to increased sensitivity of skin on Accutane. I eventually settled on CeraVe's SPF 50--it has white cast, but didn't burn or sting.

Overall, your skin will be super sensitive. I recommend shopping at places with solid return policies, and being patient with your skin. Good luck!

u/Kc1319310 · 3 pointsr/Accutane

What do you mean by "steam pretty often"? Just want to make sure that isn't an auto correct typo, but if it isn't, you really shouldn't be steaming your face. Hot water exacerbates redness in the face because it dilates blood vessels underneath the skin.

While you are on Accutane, you will want to stick with gentle but effective whitening ingredients such as niacinamide and licorice root, and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as snail mucin and green tea.

Here are a few products that I am currently using that contain these ingredients and work well:

Cerave PM - contains a high percentage of niacinamide and is relatively inexpensive. Also contains a variety of ceramides which help maintain a healthy lipid barrier, which often becomes compromised when using topical and oral retinoids.
CosRX Snail 96 Mucin Power EssenceContains 96% snail mucin. This is incredibly calming and adds a bonus layer of moisture, something we definitely all need on Accutane.
Holy Snails Snowbang Essence This stuff is expensive, but worth every penny in my opinion. Of everything I use, this definitely has the most dramatic effect on my redness and irritation. It has niacinamide, green tea extract, ceramides, licorice root, and hydrolyzed oat extract.

Once you are have been finished with Accutane for a few months (you will want to get confirmation from your derm as to how long they recommend) you can start incorporating products like Vitamin C and topical retinoids which are highly effective, but far too irritating to use in conjunction with Accutane.

u/mateoenfuego · 1 pointr/Accutane

Sooo these are just suggestions 😁 you could pick one from each category...or just do it however you'd like lol



CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser 16 oz for Daily Face Washing, Dry to Normal Skin


"after shave":

this shit is AMAZZZZZING
seriously if you get NOTHING else, I'd say get this Paula's Choice toner. It feels like you're extinguishing a fire when you put it on (pour it into your palms and lightly pat on your face...then do it again).

Paula's Choice-SKIN RECOVERY Calming Toner-for Sensitive Facial Skin and Dry, Rosacea Prone Skin-Reduces Redness and Fine Lines-1-6.4 oz Bottle

HADALABO Gokujun Hyaluronic Lotion Moist

Bioderma Sensibio Moisturizing Toner for Normal to Dry Sensitive Skin



Hada Labo Rohto Goku-jun Hyaluronic Milky Lotion, 140ml

Skinfix Gentle Lotion - Fragrance Free - 12 oz

CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM 3 oz

Squalane Oil is terrific. Yes, it's oil, so you may be apprehensive, but it's an oil that your body produces naturally and it absorbs extremely well and quickly. Next to the PC toner above, this is probably my most useful product. (It's way cheaper on their website directly btw.)
Always apply any oil after everything else (except sunscreen, which must always go last).

The Ordinary 100% Plant-derived Squalane 30ml


POSSIBLE treatment:

I don't use any topical treatments for acne per se, but here is one you could certainly try (sparingly):

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution (30ml)


Sunscreen (mandatory! 😁):

Cotz Spf 40 UVB/UVA Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin, 3.5 Ounce

CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM 3 oz


Hope this helps!! :)

u/hellokitaminx · 4 pointsr/Accutane

I am about to start month 2 on Tuesday. I experience moderate peeling lips as some dry skin, but I’m very good at keeping both in check. (EDIT: When I skip any part of my skin routine, the full force of my dry skin comes to surface. But with diligence, you can moderate it!) Neither have become a real problem for me since my skincare routine is so meticulous.

One sunscreen I really love and recommend is Skin Aqua because it is mineral oil- and alcohol-free, plays very well with makeup, and is moisturizing. It dries with a clear, satin finish— no white cast. I’m a huge proponent of sunscreen and have been wearing it daily for a few years, but I’m going EXTRA hard given how sensitive my skin is on Accutane.

You should take a look at r/asianbeautyexchange and r/makeupexchange for sample sizes on sunscreen so you can test ones for super cheap without committing to something you may end up hating!

DOUBLE EDIT: Back and joint pain is VERY real for me. My job is physically demanding and this just compounds the issue for me, but I am now taking joint supplements which do help some. Also I noticed my bruising is off the charts! Emotionally, I’ve been all over the place but now that month 1 is coming to a close, it has been better. I also started therapy when I started Accutane to keep myself in check and this has been a huge help to me.

u/gabe_miller83 · 2 pointsr/Accutane

AM - Use any gentle face wash, however I recommend this Neutrogena one, works like a charm. Then I use my AM CeraVe Moisturizer and that’s it.

And in the PM - Use any gentle face wash, however I recommend this Neutrogena one, then I use my PM Moisturizer and a layer of Vaseline as an occlusive on top of that. I don’t recommend using Vaseline during your am routine unless you wanna be shiny all day.

My skin stays moist and never peels during the day, I recommend this routine.

Just realized this wasn’t a product recommendation thread..

u/gotti9660 · 1 pointr/Accutane


Hmm, that one doesn't seem too bad. Although seems like it could be a little harsh. A lot of people I've spoken with on Accutane have had good success with the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser [CosDNA] [Amazon] (including me) and I swear by this stuff. Maybe switch it out for a month and see how it works for you? My skin is very sensitive and it's pretty gentle for me.

Theres also a FAQ that has some pretty good moistuizers that have been gathered by users here, you could also try some of those if you'd rather.

u/ZMA4 · 1 pointr/Accutane

I don't think that you should stop taking the meds during your vacation since you're really close to being done with it. Call you dermo and ask them.

As for sunscreen, I like the Cetaphil Dermacontrol Moisturizer SPF 30. I've been using it for 3 months now and I love it. You might want to go with higher SPF though if you're gonna be spending most of your day on the beach. I haven't tried [this] ( but I've heard good things about it. I can't really recommend body spf as I don't really use them. I'm covered completely by clothes everyday so... yeah. But the minimum SPF you should be wearing on your body is 50.

My last piece of advice would be for you to stay hydrated and try to stay under shade most of the time. Even when you're on the beach, try to be under those big umbrellas. Don't even THINK about tanning! Good luck and have fun :D I'm jealous -.-

u/M1Ch1N · 1 pointr/Accutane

Just posted my routine in another thread! Its also important to make sure you GENTLY exfoliate the dead, dry skin once in a while because products will not seep into your skin if you have a layer of dead flaky skin on top. When I say GENTLY, I mean GENTLY. As in, using very light pressure and circular motions.

I usually gently exfoliate with regular face soap, , using an exfoliating towel in the shower, . Put some soap on the towel and exfoliate gently.

For skin, this is what I have found to work best for me. Currently on month 7, 30mg.


The micellar water works for removing make up, but does not remove waterproof mascara. Use this both morning and night. If I just exfoliated, I will skip this step and go straight to toner.




I've tried other combinations and this seems to work the best for me.

For body lotion:

u/stitchesnstones · 1 pointr/Accutane

• The last thing I need is sunscreen •

First Picture

  • Cerave Hydrating Face Wash
  • Systane Eye Drops
  • Sky Organics Rosehip seed oil (This brand or the ordinary work great)
  • Ayr Saline Nasal Gel
  • Cerave Daily Moisturizing Lotion
  • Cerave Skin Renewing Night Cream (I've been using this in combination with rosehip seed oil at night for over a year and it's amazing)
  • 250 MG Milk Thistle (I saw this girl Taylor on YouTube recommend it. It helps keep your liver healthy and lowers your cholesterol)
  • Cerave Healing Ointment
  • Neutrogena Hydroboost Gel Eye Cream (Been using this for a couple months and I love it)

    Second Picture

  • Aquaphor Advanced Healing Therapy
  • 1000 MG Fish Oil (Helps with dry eyes)
  • Kirkman Multivitamin W/ out A and D (Wanted to take a multivitamin while on Accutane and found this! It’s cheaper to buy it on Amazon instead of the actual website. I’ve used it a couple times and so far it’s great) (Here’s the link in case anyone wants it! - (
  • Biofreeze Gel Packets (joint pain)
  • Olay Shea Butter Body Wash
  • Aveeno Skin Relief Moisture Repair Cream
u/CyanideSeashell · 1 pointr/Accutane

I highly recommend Elta MD sunblock. I use the Shield version, but I've heard good things about Clear as well. Almost anything is going to sting when applied to cracked skin, but I also usually find sunblock burns my eyes even if I avoid a wide circle around the eye area. This stuff doesn't even if I rub it into my eyelids and also doesn't leave white marks on your skin or smell strongly of sunblock. My dermatologist recommended it and it's well reviewed by the r/skincareaddiction folks.

u/SkinnyGirl84 · 5 pointsr/Accutane

Everything I'm recommending can be bought on Amazon fairly cheaply:

1st Cleanser (PM only to get rid of sunscreen or makeup): The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Rich Oil Dry Skin

2nd Cleanser: Cerave hydrating Cleanser

Hydrating Toner: [Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner] ( or
Hada Labo Rohto Hadalabo Gokujun Hyaluronic Lotion Moist

Medium Moisturizer: Cerve PM Moisturizing Lotion

Heavy Moisturizer: Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream

Sleeping Pack: Cosrx Ultimate Rice Overnight Mask

Sheet Mask: Benton Snail Bee High Content Sheet Mask, illi masks, MBD masks (these might be out of your price range as they are between $1-3 per use).

Sunscreen: [Biore Kids Sunscreen] (

Lips: Lanolin

BB: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #13 (RP), Mizon Snail Repair Blemish Balm
Cushion: Innisfree
Concealer: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

u/everydayscaries · 5 pointsr/Accutane

I recommend [Dr. Dan's Cortibalm] (, it should help with the swelling. On top of that put lanolin - I use this [one]
( The [Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask] ( is also great. I've been using all of those products and my lips are looking better than they did before accutane. Also, I get buying three things isn't realistic for some folks, so I would suggest getting the Dr. Dan's and putting vaseline over it.

u/StarboundSavy · 1 pointr/Accutane

I recommend this pretty often on this sub and I swear I'm not a walking ad. You might want to take a look at Dr. Dan's Cortibalm, it's especially good for people on Accutane. Many, many Amazon reviews will point out how effective it was for them.

u/Littleteenerz · 1 pointr/Accutane

This might sound weird but I just started accutane so before I started I wanted to see everyone’s recommendations, and one of them was nipple cream for your dry lips and so far my lips haven’t cracked using aquaphor first and then applying nipple cream! This is the one I use Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream for Breastfeeding, 1.41 Ounce Full Size Tube, Soothing Lanolin Balm, Safe for Nursing Moms, Nursing Essentials

u/spineless-speech · 1 pointr/Accutane

I'm almost done with my course, and I've had a really smooth journey. here's what I think helped before I started:

I started using this hyaluronic acid lotion about two weeks before my course started and I think it made a pretty big difference, my skin was more moisturized than normal when I went into my course and never got painfully dry

I also drank a gallon of water a day for two weeks before my course, I only stopped because the semester started and I couldn't stand having to pee that much at school lol. of course I can't say how much the water really helped, but it definitely didn't hurt.

last recommendation is bag balm which I have used for the past year or two (well before my course started) and I've had absolutely minimal problems with my lips thanks to it. it smells weird but I swear by it. the only times my lips have started to tear in the corners are the few times I forgot to use it overnight

u/kimmielollipop · 1 pointr/Accutane

Sometimes I blotted my face but the oils just came back so I just dealt with it until one day my skin became dry again. I use the Skin Aqua Super Moisture Milk (SPF50 PA++++)


u/seaturtles · 2 pointsr/Accutane

Hey! When your whiteheads do pop, you can put a hydrocolloid bandage on top. You can find bandages like this in bigger versions at your local drugstore. You can just cut them to your desired size to cover the pimple. It'll absorb some of the blood/gunk inside and help it heal faster.

u/ale411 · 2 pointsr/Accutane

Move Free Advanced. My joint pain started really earl. I lift weights 5x a week and was in so much pain by month 2. When i take my Move Free 2x a day, i can still work out without much pain and discomfort. Totally saved my mobility too.

u/amberjadej · 2 pointsr/Accutane

I found these online: but honestly I ended up just grabbing a few bottles of different vitamins (mostly the important main ones in multivitamins) and taking them all together.

u/suntartshark · 1 pointr/Accutane

Let me help you save those lips Dr. Dans Cortibalm Lip Balm for Chapped Lips, 3 Count

u/madipadifofaddy · 1 pointr/Accutane

My favorite lip products keeping my lips moisturized and not crusty are the unscented O'Keeffe's Original Lip Repair during the day and Lansinoh Lanolin at night before I go to sleep.

u/rachelmarie583 · 5 pointsr/Accutane

I’ve been using Elta MD SPF 45 that bought from amazon. I really like it. It has a slightly white-ish cast, but that helps mask the redness. It rubs in quickly and doesn’t make my face oily.

Elta MD UV shield SPF 45, 3 Ounce

u/ezranilla · 1 pointr/Accutane

Glucosamine!! You will notice the difference very quickly, but you have to take it multiple times a day. This brand was suggested to me by another person on this sub:
It's more of a band-aid than a fix, but it's better than nothing

u/MisterPhalange · 1 pointr/Accutane

Best thing I can recommend is Lanolin. Yes, it's for breastfeeding mothers' nips, but that stuff works. I used to reapply aquaphor once an hour or so, but I only needed to reapply lanolin once every 6 hours.

u/narf10 · 2 pointsr/Accutane

I use CeraVe AM moisturizer which doubles as 30 SPF sunscreen! It’s clear when rubbed in, feels moisturizing, and welp protects you from the sun.

CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM

u/spaceman425 · 2 pointsr/Accutane

I didn't have too much scarring, but I use this every day in the shower:

It definitely reduces redness and gets rid of most of the dryness caused by the Accutane.

u/bukkakebecca · 2 pointsr/Accutane

Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion - get a big tub on amazon that lasts like 6months

Also garnier moisturising sheet are really good (haven't used while on accutane yet, BUT i am about to start my second course and will defy be using these to tackle the dry skin)

u/thr0waway7100 · 1 pointr/Accutane

Thank you for your response!

Is this the right one?

Dr Dans Corti Balm Lip Balm .25 oz Jar

Or this one?

Dr. Dans CortiBalm Lip Balm, .14 oz

u/pbrandpearls · 1 pointr/Accutane

Hydrocortisone can help! Put a bit on at night, or use Dr Dan’s :

I’ve been off almost a year and I still get it - especially if I drink alcohol.

u/shookpikachu · 5 pointsr/Accutane

It is suggested you take multivitamins without Vitamin A which are hard to find.

The most popular one would be this one:

u/brianjaykay · 1 pointr/Accutane

O'Keeffe's Original Lip Repair Lip Balm for Dry, Cracked Lips, Stick

u/casr7 · 2 pointsr/Accutane

CORTIBALM. USE IT!!!! My dermatologist's assistant recommended it when she told me that she used it while she was on Accutane. It has Hydrocortisone in it and blows every other product out of the water. It's seriously a life saver.

u/teeshbag · 1 pointr/Accutane

Gotta hydrate that skin.
This stuff was my lifesaver. I went from 40mg to 60mg the same week I got this and my skin got LESS irritated and flaky. I still get a few tiny flakes but not like it was before.

u/josiphoenix · 4 pointsr/Accutane

I use this:

CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30 3 oz with Broad Spectrum protection, Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides for Daytime Use