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u/Blockio 路 5 pointsr/ActionFigures

Pizza Spiderman -- hands down the best Spiderman for the current style of Hasbro Marvel Legends. It could still be possible to find this guy at a walgreens/comic shop/ross for retail - but online he goes for a pretty penny.
92.00 on amazon, I didn't check ebay - I know there is a cheaper knock off of this one aswell.

Young Spiderman

Symbiote Spiderman (same body as Pizza Spider)

Ben Reilly Spiderman (same body as Pizza Spider)

Miles Spiderman

honestly - they have like 20 more spider people in the current Marvel Legends lineup from the past few years -- if you go on amazon and type "marvel legends spiderman" you will find alot - and then you can ask about them here if you have any questions.

u/BabyUGotAStewGoin 路 2 pointsr/ActionFigures

Thanks for your nice words. I'm in the basement, right next to the garage. This space doesn't serve a real purpose, other than to get you from the garage to the first floor. I made it mine, it also explains why the ceilings are so high. I'll give your questions an answer here.

  1. I'm using the IKEA Dioder lights for the glass cabinets. There is a lot of wiring that goes along with them though. I've tried to conceal it the best I can. I wire tie the cables to the posts going to the front of the cabinets. There is weatherstripping between the gaps of the doors, so I tuck the cables behind them. If the lights end up dying, you can replace the actual stick without resetting the cables. They're pretty good for the price. I also used a spool of led lights for the Star Wars rectangle display. With that, you can choose your own length, and the lights have like 50,000 hours of use, or something like that.

  2. Those are Copco Non-Skid Cabinet Organizers. You can also get them at Bed, Bath and Beyond. They're an inexpensive option. I should really paint mine, I just haven't.

  3. Like it's been said, that is a baseball bat display case. I purchased mine at Michaels. It's almost perfect for a small 3.75" scale collection.
u/Extech 路 1 pointr/ActionFigures

Beautiful. Easily the nicest 3.75" display I've seen on this sub. I'd consider painting the risers black though, to match the cabinet.

For anyone interested the risers can be found here. On sale for $7.99 and they work great for Amiibos as well.

u/Frankie61576 路 4 pointsr/ActionFigures

Nice young collection, sir. Say, am not sure, but maybe you'll dig this nifty shelf I saw posted on r/actionfigures like 6 months ago by a TMNT fan. Looks nice with figures on it. I'd get it, but 1/6 figures don't fit on it.

u/VaultBoy42 路 3 pointsr/ActionFigures
    I can personally attest that these fit a lot of Marvel Legends and SW Black Series figures. Not necessarily all, but a lot of them. They're made for 1:18 figures, and come with two pegs and usually one works. Sometimes I've had to use a blow dryer to heat the foot first to get the peg to fit, but either way, it works. They're pretty cheap and go relatively unnoticed. They're kind of small so typically it's one stand per foot on a ML figure.

    When this question comes up I see these NECA stands recommended a lot too, but I haven't used them.
u/onebat4u 路 7 pointsr/ActionFigures

This is what I have, they were cheaper when I got them and this is a smaller one but my favorite one was the last one I got it is from IKEA this one keeps the dust out the best.

u/josh42042 路 1 pointr/ActionFigures

i really like the marvel select hulk

his size makes him bigger than all the other 6inch figures, the detail and articulation is pretty good too.

u/Spindash54 路 1 pointr/ActionFigures

Just for your awareness, Tamashii does make Blue and Yellow Lightning effect parts.

Yours does look really awesome though. Great job!

u/gamer4maker 路 1 pointr/ActionFigures

Link. Thanks, I never knew what they were called. I like the ones from BBTS as they look a bit nicer, but if I needed lots I'd probably get the Amazon ones to save a few bucks.

u/SergieKravinoff 路 3 pointsr/ActionFigures

It's from the tamashii nations lightning effect (blue version). Pretty awesome and worth the relatively small investment imo

u/no1darker 路 1 pointr/ActionFigures

Here's an actually useful comment lol. Most people recommend the kaiser doll stands, however these are mostly for museum poses, or very light articulation.

Hot Toys also once released a flight stand that's probably more what you're looking for, unfortunately they're long sold out, but if you ever want to check eBay, you might luck out and find one for $50

u/TheParabolicMan 路 2 pointsr/ActionFigures

Couple things:
I recently bought a little light tent that works AMAZING for action figures. It's actually really cheap for the drastic improvement in your picture quality. Here it is on Amazon Just remember to shoot with as low an ISO as possible and compensate with a tripod and a slow shutter.
Also, I want to casually mention that this figure is on the ol'bay. Not gonna link to it but you can search for it if you care. :D

u/toddjunk 路 2 pointsr/ActionFigures

Uncertain if this is the best price, but if articulation is a big deal, then the Revoltech Deadpool should be considered:

There is also the standard Marvel Legends Deadpool, it has more "normal" articulation so you'll not get as vivid poses, but the anatomy will look more natural in neutral poses

Again, that's not the best price probably, but representative of what the figure is, if you choose to look for it.

u/FurryCurry 路 1 pointr/ActionFigures

Broly on a stand.

I'm using a stand from the Saint Seiya Accessories set. Bandai Tamashii Nations Saint Cloth Myth EX Display Stage Action Figure

Honestly even at $40 you are getting a lot of cool stuff that a DBZ fan could use.

u/Hoe_Dameron 路 3 pointsr/ActionFigures

It's is really great. Careful with the hip joints. Hit em with some heat and then put a drop of this in there. Keeps them from catching but doesn't make them loose. Love these figures.

Traxxas 1666 Silicone Shock Oil

u/Mudron 路 2 pointsr/ActionFigures

I just got 'em off eBay a while back, and they've become my default action figure stands:

They can be a little fiddly to use since the wires that hold onto the figures' waists can bend, but they can be bent right back into shape, and that ability to bend those wires can come in handy when you need to bend the wires wider to hold onto wider-waisted characters like Pennywise.

u/ninjartist 路 3 pointsr/ActionFigures

It is a real toy (a Kaiyodo Revoltech, which I was asking about in this post), although supposedly the latest production run doesn't include that creepy face. I was able to get a pretty good deal on eBay.

EDIT: And here's the fire.

u/VenomRaptor 路 1 pointr/ActionFigures


They are basically the same as Tamashii's normal stands, except the clips are a bit better and they have fancy bases and come with effects pieces. I highly recommend them.

u/thestormsend 路 4 pointsr/ActionFigures

This Ultimate Spidey is the one being referred too here. And I'd have to agree with everyone. I love, love, love Pizza Spidey, but I'm more drawn to Ultimate Spidey (maybe it's the lack of butterfly joints, I don't like'em).

u/nickdoobs 路 2 pointsr/ActionFigures

Pledge 11182 Revive It Floor Gloss, 27 Ounce, Clear Transparent Liquid

u/Swaxe_help 路 1 pointr/ActionFigures

In that case, this black-suit Spiderman might be a good substitute

Marvel Spider-Man 6-inch Legends Series Symbiote Spider-Man

You could paint over the chest emblem if it's too distracting

u/rodareS 路 5 pointsr/ActionFigures

Usually a quick google is all you need to identify a figure. If you have the toy line and the character name it shouldn't be too difficult. In this case it's 'Marvel Select Incredible Hulk'.

A pretty good figure, but in no way rare.

You can buy it on amazon for less than $25.

u/mcnormand 路 1 pointr/ActionFigures

Marvel Legends Series Wolverine and Sentinel (Electronic) Figure 2-Pack (Amazon Exclusive)

u/skwigger 路 3 pointsr/ActionFigures

This is your figure. It is probably the least rare and least expensive of the Marvel Select Hulks.

u/Tonyage27 路 2 pointsr/ActionFigures

Thank you! But actually by PP Spidey I meant this one.

u/tripled153 路 1 pointr/ActionFigures

I highly recommend it if you cant shell out for the acrylic version. I actually got it for even cheaper than this at Winners/Marshall's

u/alternatebits 路 6 pointsr/ActionFigures

Colossus is $19.99 on Amazon today too! Wolverine as well.

u/thenewvegas 路 2 pointsr/ActionFigures

I've been using the NECA figure stands for my Black Series figure that don't quite like to stand on their own. I would recommend them!

u/SMB73 路 2 pointsr/ActionFigures

The only good Hulk figures I can think of Diamond Select's Hulk. Problem is the sculpt is kinda wonky with each of them - there's been three so far. Definitely do not recommend their newest one, it's fugly as hell.

This is probably their best one:

u/dukefett 路 2 pointsr/ActionFigures

I got these stands

They're basically a lot like the tamashii nations act 4, but the bases are white and also they come with effects, so for basically the same price you get some effects for blasters and ground stuff.

Here's a setup I used for Transformers with the set, I think there's 3 small and 3 big stands, so not all are pictured.

u/ayarb 路 1 pointr/ActionFigures

That's exactly what they are! And they're only about $8 too! Copco 2555-0188 Non-Skid 3-Tier Cabinet Organizer, 15-Inch

u/shadorunr 路 2 pointsr/ActionFigures

It's a knock off of the Bandai Tamashii Nations Flame Effect set

Just look on eBay for "flame effect" and you should find them. They also come in different colors.

u/LostBob 路 5 pointsr/ActionFigures

Bandai Tamashii Nations Tamashii Effect Burning Flame

Though if that price is normal now, I suggest getting a knockoff.

I paid $30-ish.

u/Vonnegut9 路 1 pointr/ActionFigures

Have you looked into the stands NECA sells? LINK

u/BishoujoReview 路 3 pointsr/ActionFigures

> Cyclops and Colossus can be especially hard to find.

Colossus is under retail on Amazon right now if anyone is still looking.

u/manwhosoldthewor1d 路 2 pointsr/ActionFigures

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan

Symbiote Spider-Man

Spider-Man UK


Spiderman 2099 just sold out :(

Green Goblin just went up in price. Some are still available.

u/Truesday 路 1 pointr/ActionFigures

Which part is floppy?

You can cover the floppy joints with layers of this stuff till it's no longer floppy.

u/ignistigris 路 2 pointsr/ActionFigures

Samurai Spider-Man is only $62.18 to preorder on Amazon right now and set to release on 10/5. That's a little over 30% off MSRP. And with Amazon's preorder guarantee, if the price drops between when you order and release, they'll honor the lowest price. I don't think it will drop anymore at this point but the lowest price has been $61.56 so you're not missing out on much.

The only way the price could get significantly lower is if B&N did their 40% coupon again (that's when I actually bought into the line) but who knows if they will.

Edit: Forgot to specify I was referring to Spider-Man.

u/KojiGritton 路 2 pointsr/ActionFigures

Silicone shock oil. Just a little bit in the area you're wanting to loosen. Have used this stuff on my Articulated Icons ninjas.

Traxxas 1666 Silicone Shock Oil