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u/Vato326 · 1 pointr/Addons4Kodi

What I usually do whenever there's no Acestream links for Boxing but plenty of browser links. I turn on my Bluetooth iPazzport remote , open Puffin Browser from my Mecool M8S Pro L Android TV box and type the address out, hit play and put it in fullscreen. I've watched a couple of boxing matches like this. TheiPazzport has a keyboard and obviously will make life easier when typing web addresses out. For those that are curious, works well on Firesticks as well.

u/squired · 1 pointr/Addons4Kodi

Ouch, you should definitely look at getting a decent router. That will help a great deal. Something like this.

u/josvm · 3 pointsr/Addons4Kodi

I don't know why you are getting downvoted because it's the best answer. Local channels you can receive for free as long if you have an antenna. you can get 25mile radius ones for $12.99


A friend of mine uses an antenna and has been extremely reliable for her.

u/net4floz · 2 pointsr/Addons4Kodi

BUy an OTA antennal. They're like 20 bucks on amazon and you will get all the major networks in HD for free. I use one and get 12 stations in HD. Great for local news and it doesn't use any of your data.

I use THIS one

u/PM_ME_TITSorASS · 2 pointsr/Addons4Kodi

Yes you take up 1 port but on the bright side it does come with a spilt for charging + reciver

The Plus model just came out recently so there actually is not many bluetooth ones around. They only have the Blue colored (heh) bluetooth i8+ it also it a bit more at 27.99.

Honestly what I would do, if I wasn't using an rpi3 which has 4 usb slots, is get the RF for 21.99 then get a 4 way usb splitter for your other port for 6.49

Here's a dope ass chrome rii i8+ lol

u/LisaChimes · 1 pointr/Addons4Kodi

I've been using this remote for years now and it works great right out of the box, however it looks to be out of stock everywhere. Possibly discontinued?

u/lissabeth777 · 5 pointsr/Addons4Kodi

I setup a raspberry pi with exodus and trakt for my computer challenged parents. They do pretty well with it.

Edit to add: they use this remote -Rii Mini Wireless 2.4GHz Keyboard with Mouse Touchpad

u/DrummGunner · 1 pointr/Addons4Kodi

Interesting. I have this keyboard/mouse and since my set up is in the living room, I'm not sure i like the look of a keyboard on the table. Mine does have a home button though but it just takes me the top of the page, ill look around for a linux driver and see if that fixes it.


If you know of a smaller profile combo than mine, please share

u/Android4TV · 2 pointsr/Addons4Kodi

An OTG Y-Cable was the best thing I bought for my Amazon Fire Stick. Connecting a USB hub opened up so many possibilities. Everything I've connected to it has worked so far: wired keyboard, wireless mouse (with dongle), wireless keyboard (with dongle), USB thumb drive.


u/drewb0y · 1 pointr/Addons4Kodi

I did a post about this in the Team ZT FB group. but short version is I use either the Amazon FireTV Utility app available here - https://sites.google.com/site/amazonfiretvutilityapp/ or WIFI FTP Server ( WIFI File Transfer ) available here - https://www.amazon.com/WIFI-FTP-Server-File-Transfer/dp/B00S48KP96 --- just copy the addaons and userdata folder contents from your %appdata% Kodi folder on PC to the FTV Box and done

u/rockinhc · 3 pointsr/Addons4Kodi

YouTube with an hdmi to rca+hdmi adapter. Rca output to your stereo and hdmi out to tv.

AGPtek HDMI to HDMI + SPDIF + RCA... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ECTHIKK?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

u/TechDoctorUK · 2 pointsr/Addons4Kodi

Sorry, the USB adaptor I purchased is this

That is a a Gigabit adaptor.

I understand the port to the Firestick is only USB 2.0 but that still has a theoretical speed of 480mbs.

I would rather have a hardwired 480mbs connection Vs Wifi.

u/ShawnDex · 1 pointr/Addons4Kodi

AmazonBasics USB 3.0 Extension Cable - A-Male to A-Female - 3.3 Feet (1 Meter) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NH13UFQ

This what I use when ever I use a USB drive stick to avoid heat issues the USB port on Shield generates a lot of heat when a thumb drive is plug in.

u/chasonreddit · 1 pointr/Addons4Kodi

Aha! AV jacks. I googled the box. As you say it has AV jacks, no headphone connector. The two are not the same. Unless you have really low impedance headphones, you're not going to get much out. That's line level signal, meant for a recording device or amplifier.

So It's really not an android or kodi issue, it's that particular box. Something like this should make your headphones work.

u/spambakedbeans · 1 pointr/Addons4Kodi

I've been using a RPi 2 & 3 for awhile. This is the setup I would recommend:

  1. A Rpi 3.
  2. A FLIRC ($22) One remote for your TV and KODI.
  3. A USB extension cord for the FLIRC so you can hide the RPi or mount it on the back of your tv
  4. A $6.50 USB cable with an on/off switch. Your RPi system will occasionally freeze and require powering it off and on. Rather than unplugging and plugging the usb power into the micro usb slot on the RPi each time it freezes, use the on/off switch.
  5. Buy two sd cards and install and configure your addons on both. This will be your backup when your system fails to boot.