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u/Hvstle · 2 pointsr/Airbrushing

I think it's cool you want to pick up a hobby your father had. It will be a nice reminder every time you pick up the gun.

I use this 100% for miniatures, and it works great!!


Alright, here is the list I bought. It's a bit more than you want to spend, but this will ensure you can get going right away, and not be frustrated. I did a fair amount of research on different forums, sites, and youtube videos. If you want to know why I chose something, feel free to ask. I was going to bold the ones that you absolutely need, but I would say everything in the first set are a must.


u/DefiantBidet · 1 pointr/Airbrushing

thinner makes it dry faster. so i agree with the other commenter its drying too fast. if you want to make it thinner to spray just use a flow improver - which slows down drying. i use liquitex flow aid (its like a 20:1 ratio of water to flowaid so it lasts forever). I've heard good things about vallejo flow improver as well.

i use tamiya paints often. i don't use thinner often... really only with clear coats. most tamiya just need a flow improver

u/ice_09 · 1 pointr/Airbrushing

It's an okay deal - the same set runs about 120 on amazon.

What is your budget? I have used the master air brushes, but I found them to be very hard to use as a beginner. In my opinion, they are very temperamental. That said, they do get the job done. If you decide to pick it up, make sure to check it for bent needles and faulty o rings. One of the issues with the masters is the o ring they use. It deteriorates when you clean the brush with certain solvents.