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u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/AmISexy

Sorry this is so long..

Hard to say as a fellow guy. Maybe a 6? I like to frame it like this: You usually see really hot people dating each other, and likewise you usually see really ugly people dating each other. It's kinda like tolerance or magnetism (or reverse magnetism). Two similar people are like N+S magnets. They stick together due to a feeling a familiarity. It goes back to our ancestral, genetic roots. We usually stuck together in groups of similar-looking people. We were attracted to people with similar physical features, or at least identifiable features that sparked a feeling of safety & kinship (skin color, nose shape, facial structure, etc.). An ugly & hot person together is like N+N or S+S. They repel. It doesn't work. The hotter person would probably not date the other to begin with, and if they did they would probably leave eventually, unless there was already an emotional investment (like that solider who got his face & body destroyed/burned from a roadside bomb, but his fiance still married him because she loved him). Starting cold though, I think it's best to find somebody similar. That "familiarity" thing works wonders. My gf & I are like that. She thinks I'm attractive, and I think she's attractive. Neither of us are super hot, and we're also not super ugly. According to some people, we'd be considered "hot", and according to others we'd be considered "ugly". It's all up to the person judging.

So, really in the end the numbers don't mean much, or at least you shouldn't get upset if you're not a high number for example, it's just our attempt to rate people according to some loosely-defined quasi-imaginary 'scale' of attractiveness. Things like facial symmetry & proportions usually make somebody seem more 'attractive'. Researchers have tried to quantify these things.

Some people think in different terms. You might date somebody who you feel is 'beneath' you on the attractiveness scale. Conversely you might date somebody who you think is above you. IMO, it's not worth the struggle to invest a whole bunch of time in somebody who is far from you in terms of level of attractiveness. If you date somebody above you, you might end up acting insecure. Conversely, if you settle for somebody below your level, they might end up acting insecure and you will get annoyed.

Not that I'm promoting this or fully believe in it, but I think Ladder Theory is at least somewhat interesting to think about. I don't think it should be the basis of all your relationship decisions, but it can kinda help give you a loose reference of how people judge each other, and how men & women are different. No theory on this stuff is perfect, and I don't think Ladder Theory is equipped to handle the intricacies of human relationships & psychology, but it's kinda like discovering arithmetic before advanced calculus. It's something, rather than nothing.

Regardless of all that, relationships are hard work, and an exercise in stress management & open communication. My gf and I are constantly going through cycles of elation & minor communication struggles. It's just how people operate. We don't have clear windows into each other's thoughts, we have to openly communicate and not make assumptions. But anyway, this is all later on.

Point is: You are half of the puzzle. The girl is the other half. You're both incredibly important. There's natural synergy between two people (whether that's male + female, male + male, female + female). It's all about energy. Sometimes you see this in friendships too. Certain people just get along well, while some people don't.

Briggs-Meyers personality test can also help, so you kinda get a sense of your strengths and weaknesses. They split the personality into 4 dichotomies, and each one has a relationship to the others. They say we basically have all traits, it's just that each of us have more or less of any given trait. Some people are extroverted, some are introverted. Some people are intuitive, whereas others are more 'sensory' based. Some people are 'thinkers', whereas others are 'feelers'. And when relating to the outside world, some people resort to either their "thinking/feeling" side, or their "intuition/sensing" side.

Another thing to consider is the book "The Game" (amazon). To sum up the entire book, his final realization is that the whole PUA (pick-up artist) experiment led him to the conclusion that he would not be with his wife if were not for his understanding of basic ATTRACTION. There are people who just seem to naturally understand it (like the popular jock who you always see dating some random girl), and people who have to work much harder (nerds who overthink everything and don't make any moves, ever). I'm oversimplifying it, but you get the idea. I'm not saying this book is golden literature, but his conclusion really made me think about our basic underlying primitive motivations. We need attraction. You'd be bored to tears if you settled for a girl with zero personality & no good-looks (according to your own judgment of what good-looks are). Likewise, girls need flirtation, and they like to be innocuously teased. Look what happens when guys just outpour their feelings for a girl upfront - it can be a turn off. Girls want to be sought out by guys who they perceive as having some form of power or superiority or influence within their own group of peers. If you're sort of the leader amongst your friends, and people know it, I guarantee you some girl has her eyes on you. If you stand out amongst peers in SOME way (whether it be academics, athletics, sense of humor, etc.) it goes a long way.

It's a sometimes-frustrating balance between showing that you're interested, and not being desperate. And trust me, there's no reason to be desperate. A good relationship can wait. But, then again, a less-than-excellent relationship can also be a learning experience. Some people will tell you that you should literally hit on as many girls as possible, and basically play the odds of one of them agreeing to get with you. That's fine, but if you're like me and you overthink everything, then I think it's smart to throw your cards in when the right opportunity comes along without coming on too strong. Don't just play all the moves you have - play the best, most optimal moves. I think in HS, you can afford the risks, especially if you plan on moving away to college away from your HS friends. Get all your failures out of the way now, don't let your failures discourage you AT ALL, learn as much as possible, and just enjoy living.

u/OrangeJuliusPage · 3 pointsr/AmISexy

No problem.

> I want to focus on gaining weight in my thighs, ass, and breasts,

This is good! I would recommend considering doing some weight training 3 or 4 times per week to add a few pounds of lean muscle. Check out some of the novice programs they discuss in the FAQ of the Fitness subreddit for some pointers, but a regimen centered around compound movements like squats and deadlifts will not only help you gain some muscle mass, but also give you that rounder ass and more shapely hips. Increased breast size will probably simply happen naturally as you put on some weight.

> and I was told that soy would be best because of the estrogen.

This is fucking retarded, and the person who told it to you should be punched. Yeah, on some level soy is estrogenic, but unless you are, like, a menopausal woman, I'm disinclined to understand why that should matter in your diet. Again, unless you have some crazy shit going on like your period being ridiculously out of whack or you start to grow a beard, in which case, consult that endocrinologist, your estrogen levels are likely normal enough. Frankly, lean muscle gains like what you are largely looking for require a bit of testosterone to begin with, but relax, because you are a healthy young female, so short of stabbing yourself in the ass every day with a syringe of dianabol, that shouldn't matter.

> Is there a type of protein, or amount, or even brand you would recommend?

If you were a dude around the same age who was a bit chunky and looking to lift for the first time ever, I'd recommend something with a more favorable protein:carb ratio (more grams of protein relative to grams of carbs per scoop). In your case, though, you could probably benefit from the added carbs, provided they come from stuff like the powder and fresh fruit instead of you shoving bags of Sour Patch Kids down your gullet every day, and the carbs would probably help you to gain weight.

As such, find one that tastes good to you and run with it. Personally, I dig on blended proteins. However, before you drop $50+ on something you may not care for the taste of, maybe consider going to your local grocery or health food store and copping a bottle or two of Muscle Milk to see if you prefer the taste. If it's something you enjoy, they sell it and similar products like Monster Milk in those jugs of powder at any health food store and online. Alternately, if you have a few bucks to burn, it's cool to duck into a smoothie bar like a Jamba Juice, or Tropical Smoothie, or whatever is around you and treat yourself to a smoothie with a scoop of protein or grab a box of protein bars off Amazon, at your grocery store, or a health food store. Again, those smoothies and protein bars may be a bit high in sugar, but for your purposes, those added carbs won't kill you. If you find yourself putting on like 20 lbs in a month, simply ease back on the throttle a bit.

As for amount, you'll see all kinds of bunk warnings that if your protein intake is too high, you'll shit out a kidney or some such nonsense. For your purposes, it won't matter, so a scoop or two of powder per day and maybe a bit of meat during lunch or dinner won't place any kind of strain on your body, especially if you are staying hydrated.

Hope that helps!

u/BlazeWelly · 13 pointsr/AmISexy

Okay, let's assume your attempts at humor are a deflection from your insecurities, so i'll give you legitimate advice.
First off, shave the beard and teenstache. You look best in your 2nd to last pic, I actually think that long hair suits you when it isn't wet, making it look sort of greasy.
Also, if you're 18 you are still very young, but you can start working on the things that will improve your appearance today! Exercise (bodyweight and cardio if you aren't comfortable going to the gym), eat healthier food, and drink tons of water. You can see a dermatologist about clearing up your skin and in the meantime, buy a body wash like this one, it may work better for you than prescription acne products, you never know until you try for yourself!

u/samcat2012 · 3 pointsr/AmISexy

Start off with the r/fitness FAQ - it helps a lot. Additionally take a look at Examine's article on 'how much protein do I need a day' to see how much you need.

For purchasing? [Go for Amazon, ON Gold, it's the best selling protein powder out there.](] - The price beats any local store.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

u/thr0w91 · 2 pointsr/AmISexy

I used to use pomade but I buy this stuff by the tub now, it's awesome.

u/MrConventional · 2 pointsr/AmISexy

It's a small field. Some people are not what they are cracked up to be and others try to gouge those desperately who blindly reach out; so be careful if you go that route. With that said, there are fields of professional life and personal life coaches much like sports [psychologists/counselors]. You may find that advice from sports psychology self-help books is fairly easy to transmute to your own devices in life, but sometimes it really takes personal interaction and reinforcement for people to sync with such life skills. That is where such coaches come into play. You may likely find that some of such coaches are also certified mediators and other interpersonal disciplines if you want to go searching for them.

u/elucify · 1 pointr/AmISexy

You are good-looking, could be killer if you fixed yourself up.

Sweet means you don't know how to show a woman you want her. If you can't think about her 'that way and let her know it, in a good way, she will return the favor and not think of you that way, either.

Practice catching womens' eyes. Learn to flirt. You have what they want--read your laundry list, dude. You just don't know it. So neither do they.

This book was great for me:

Your problem isn't looks, it's confidence.

u/LauraK9 · 3 pointsr/AmISexy

That will come with time! I suggest reading some books that will help you on self-improvement:

The Tipping Point and The Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcom Gladwell

Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

u/WorldCitizen1 · 1 pointr/AmISexy

There is nothing wrong with your looks, I think you might be lacking in conversation skills with the ladies...

This is a good book helped me alot...

u/neuronalapoptosis · 1 pointr/AmISexy

Well, lights go out and I cant blame you for that. Perhaps you can agree that you should have maybe not gone "OH! I have no light in my room! I should take a picture and see if people think I'm sexy!" Maybe wait tell later this week when you have a new light bulb. Or, sense you seem to be on a laptop, take it out side in the daylight or into a room with light.

Might I suggest going with An LED lightbulb Figures suggest that if everyone in the usa switched to LED bulbs they could get rid of something like 50 power plants or some shit. Also there's no mercury like in CFL's and they dont break easy like CFL's

u/TheSunaTheBetta · 1 pointr/AmISexy

Upper body is on point, lower body will get there. Maybe take up barefoot/minimalist running (but [do so properly so you don't injure yourself] ( It'll get the lower body shaped up.