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u/IamNotYourBuddy · 1 pointr/AmazonFlexDrivers

I use gel cushions. I used to use one of these. But felt like it was just too thick for getting in and out of the car a lot. I found one at an auto store that has more of traditional car seat shape, and I've really liked it.

You could also mix in a lumbar support. A cushion for your bum can only do so much. Most car seats don't have good lumbar support.

u/voltairebear · 1 pointr/AmazonFlexDrivers

I️ got one of these for $15 on eBay. Best purchase ever: iPhone 6 / 6s Battery Case, Anker Ultra Slim Extended Battery Case for iPhone 6 / 6s (4.7 inch) with 2850mAh Capacity / 120% Extra Battery [Apple MFi Certified] (Black)

I can work a 4 hour shift and head home with 100% battery. Awesome.

u/AZPHX602 · 1 pointr/AmazonFlexDrivers

i do have cheap plastic bags i will use for individual packages if they may get wet at the door and i have a plastic tarp/blanket to put over the rack or cart while scanning and loading for those times.

wait for this to go on sale for 1/2 price. it's great and compact.

use this code at checkout 50RYKHTM

price should go down to 7.99. once again really worth it.

u/lioncat55 · 4 pointsr/AmazonFlexDrivers

This is the one I have. I find it quite easy to use. Push to snap the phone and then pinch the sides to release it. When you pinch the sides, it's easy to grab the phone at the same time.

I have a buddy that does food deliveries and also uses it. he loves it so much that when his failed he got a warranty replacement.

u/bsoto36 · 1 pointr/AmazonFlexDrivers

Official amazon hat from Amazon Gear
Pro Wool Smile Flex Fit Hat, Small/Medium

u/Janaya59 · 1 pointr/AmazonFlexDrivers

I have this collapsible wagon. Love it.

Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon, Blue

u/Immaloner · 3 pointsr/AmazonFlexDrivers

On a semi-related note, this charging cable has been the best thing ever especially considering how many times a day I have to disconnect the power.

There a little magnetic piece that you insert into the USB hole in your phone. There's a magnetic tip on the charging cable. Just pop them together and the phone's charging. Saves a ton of wear and tear on the phone and the holder.

You'll have to search around for your model. This is the one I got for my Galaxy S7 Edge.

u/noyoman · 1 pointr/AmazonFlexDrivers

This is the best...

Keep a few bungee cords and nets handy and you're set. Best of all it folds so well it won't take space in your car.

u/padape · 3 pointsr/AmazonFlexDrivers

This is not the exact model my father and myself use but is this kind of cart that you can adapt. Also It not that big. Hope it helps, there is nothing worse than delivering to apartments.
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u/ottoicu812 · 3 pointsr/AmazonFlexDrivers

Wear a headband or sweatband. Like working out in a gym.

u/falcon4287 · 2 pointsr/AmazonFlexDrivers

It seems like they may have stopped making them. The seller is listed as "Amazon Gear" and I can't seem to search the seller inventory on mobile. Here is a jacket, so if you're on a regular browser you can look at the seller.

u/CapnShinerAZ · 1 pointr/AmazonFlexDrivers

This and sometimes an Ikea bag. I got my hand truck from Prime Now when they were on sale and used a coupon code. You should be able to get the same one for a lower price at Walmart, Home Depot, or Lowes. Many Flex drivers use the same one.

u/kubbiember · 1 pointr/AmazonFlexDrivers

Google Pixel user here, did you check battery stats and see if it was SoT (Screen on Time related) or was facebook/etc chewing up you battery in the background? I worked 4 hours yesterday and from a full charge in the car while driving to the first stop; I worked a four hour and had 65% left.

V. 3.0.200006.0

also, there are very few USB-C car chargers which us the correct charging standard called: USB-PD ("power delivery"). I would recommend finding a car charger which supports macbook USB-c PD charging.\

This is what I use; I'm not certain if it has full USB-C PD but it has at least enough for the Google Pixel/XL

u/seahawkguy · 1 pointr/AmazonFlexDrivers

JKSafety 9 Pockets Class 2 High Visibility Zipper Front Safety Vest With Reflective Strips, Yellow Meets ANSI/ISEA Standards (Medium)

I have this one. Lots of pockets. I put the Amazon Flex badge in the badge pocket. Ever since I started wearing this I have had zero issues from leasing staff but or customers. It’s not required but safer when u walking around in the streets.

u/ImagineFreedom · 3 pointsr/AmazonFlexDrivers

Common sense is my everyday carry.

Generally keep a Tire thumper in my car, though that's a habit from my time as a truck driver more than anything.

u/wayno007 · 4 pointsr/AmazonFlexDrivers

I picked up this hand cart last year, made a world of difference. Folds flat in my truck, and moves a whole lotta water packs.

u/MrMattFree · 3 pointsr/AmazonFlexDrivers

Try a magnetic phone mount - no-fuss, instant connection. That way you keep your directions close to eye level as you drive drop to drop.