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u/minifox91 · 3 pointsr/AmiiboCanada

Thank you, Op!!

Ok, so I want to try this, but where the heck is the Live Chat? I went to "Help" and no matter how much I look around, I'm not finding it. There's no good "Topic" option either, so I don't want to send an e-mail that'll make no sense.


Ok! So I found it and this is my talk with the guy ( I erased his name):

Me: Hello!

I might be in the wrong topic, but I really wasn't sure where to ask.

I want to buy this item full link) , but I noticed that the price is way too high, even on "sale". The MSRP is supposed to be 15.99 and since this is from Amazon and not another vendor; I'm really confused? Is this an error? All the other restocked Amiibos this past year from other stores like Best Buy and EB Games all list theirs for 15.99$

Thank you for your time!

You are now connected to - from

Amazon guy: Hello, my name is -. I'm here to help you today.

Me: Hello!

Amazon guy: Nice to meet you and I hope you are doing well.

Me: Nice to meet you too! I am and I hope you are too!

Amazon guy: I understand your concern regarding the price however the price of the item is decided by the manufacturer or seller of the item and every new stock of the item comes with new price.

The item's price is based on the cost price and selling price which is calculated by the manufacturer, if we see the increase or decrease in the price, it is because of the amount the manufacturer has invested in procuring the raw material and selling it at a reasonable price. So that the manufacturer meets the demand and supply and keep the balance.​

Me: That's true, but for all remade Amiibos so far, it's been 15.99 and 21.99 for newer ones from this year.

Amazon guy: please allow me a moment

Me: it doesn't make sense for an older Amiibo to cost more than the newer ones, especially if it's amazon selling them. alright!

Amazon guy: I understand but the price of the item is decided by the manufacturer not by amazon however in this case as you are a valuable customer to us, I'll create an one time exception and issue $10 promotional credit which will automatically apply to the next order sold and shipped by amazon and as I see this item is sold and shipped by amazon

I hope this helps.

Me: thank you very much! I honestly think it's the manufacturer that miscalculated the price then, but I really do appreciate this!

Amazon guy: I've issued $10 promotional balance to your account. It will automatically apply to your next order sold and shipped by amazon.

You can see this promotional balance at checkout page, when you are placing order for item sold and fulfilled by amazon.

I sincerely appreciate your understanding in this and it always a pleasure to have a understanding customer like you. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Me: Thank you very much! Nope, that was it! I'll go ahead and buy the Amiibo now, have a great evening!


So, I dunno if he checked since op said they were gonna change the price, but either way, I ended up with the 10$, so now should I wait and see if the price actually goes down, or buy it now?

u/oglsmm · 1 pointr/AmiiboCanada

I've bought quite a few switch accessories.

I bought the Pro Controller.
Works great. Exactly as advertised.

The Nintendo Joy-Con, Neon Blue & Neon Red - Left and Right Edition.
Also works great.

HORI Officially Licensed Premium Protective Filter for Nintendo Switch .

This is not great. I find the edges of it are always peeling back especially along the bottom. However installation was easy.

Because of the above I've now bought:

Spigen Nintendo Switch Screen Protector Tempered Glass / 2 Pack / 9H Hardness for Nintendo Switch 2017

I have not used it yet so I cannot comment on its effectiveness.

I have also ordered the following:

HORI NSW-003U Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charge Stand Officially Licensed

It was supposed to be released on April 12th according to Amazon and it still hasn't shipped and Amazon doesn't have any accurate information as to when they will receive stock.

I'm pretty sure that's it so far.

u/sx2015to · 1 pointr/AmiiboCanada

March 18 - Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (3DS) || AM, BB, EB, TRU, WM
▲ March 18 - Pokken Tournament (Wii U) || AM, BB, EB, SO, TRU, WM
▮a▮ March 18 - TRU EXCLUSIVE: Mega Yarn Yoshi amiibo restock (Wii U/3DS) || TRU
▮a▮ March 18 - Famicom R.O.B. amiibo (Wii U/3DS) || AM, BB, EB, WM
▮a▮ March 18 - Roy amiibo (Wii U/3DS) || AM, BB, EB, WM
▮a▮ March 18 - Ryu amiibo (Wii U/3DS) || AM, BB, EB, WM
▮a▮ March 18 - Animal Crossing: Timmy & Tommy amiibo (Wii U/3DS) || AM, BB, EB, WM
▮a▮ March 18 - Animal Crossing: Rover amiibo (Wii U/3DS) || AM, BB, EB, TRU, WM
▮a▮ March 18 - Animal Crossing: Kapp'n amiibo (Wii U/3DS) || AM, BB, EB, TRU, WM
▮a▮ March 18 - Animal Crossing: Digby amiibo (Wii U/3DS) || AM, BB, EB, TRU, WM
▮a▮ March 18 - Animal Crossing amiibo Cards v3 (Wii U/3DS) || AM, BB, EB, TRU, WM
▲ March 19 - TRU EXCLUSIVE: Pokemon Generations Card Giveaway - Tangela (TCG)
March 24 - New Nintendo 3DS XL Hyrule Edition (3DS) || AM, BB, EB, WM
March 24 - Super Mario Kart (New 3DS VC) || VC
March 24 - EarthBound (New 3DS VC) || VC
March 24 - Donkey Kong Country (New 3DS VC) || VC
March 25 - Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge, Early Access w/Purchase (3DS eShop) || VC
March 25 - Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge, Early Access w/Purchase (Wii U eShop) || VC
March 25 - Hyrule Warriors Legends (3DS) || AM, BB, EB, TRU, WM

u/lbabinz · 6 pointsr/AmiiboCanada

Happy to oblige :)

EBGames with 200 pokeballs

EBGames In Store Promotion with Figures - more info

Amazon with steelbook

Walmart with figures - not available yet (Nov 28) - I'll update when they appear

BestBuy with 200 pokeballs

Worth noting that these all seem to be exclusives and similarly priced. Also worth noting that the likely reason behind this is that retailers are reporting that Pokemon Sun / Moon are essentially selling like hot cakes ;).

Sad part is, I want them all LOL

u/alicia2468 · 9 pointsr/AmiiboCanada

So to recap:

  1. Regular Edition, Sun or Moon (Everywhere)

  2. Dual Pack with 200 Pokeballs (I think I only saw Best Buy, EB Games had it)

  3. Dual Pack with Steelbook (Amazon Exclusive)

  4. Regular Edition with Legendary Figurine (Walmart Exclusive (?): SUN, MOON)

  5. Dual Pack with Starter Pokemon Figurines (Best Buy, London Drugs)

  6. Costco has a promo where you get Super Mario Bros plus a $5 eShop credit. YMMV


    EDIT: I'll let /u/lbabinz fill in the missing links when they find them ;) (you're awesome :D)
u/Rastor-M · 2 pointsr/AmiiboCanada

I won't be using this thread but wouldn't it be easier for people who do, to have the basics in the initial message?

Amazon: Grey IN STOCK; Neon OOS

Best Buy: Grey OOS; Neon OOS

Walmart: Grey OOS; Neon OOS

The Source: Grey OOS; Neon OOS

u/Tallyburger · 2 pointsr/AmiiboCanada

I know you said you found some, but here are some links. I literally just placed an order on Amazon FR, since I had 7 EUR on there from a couple years back; made my controller $107 CAD, which is pretty damn sweet. I don't think I'll get much closer then that for the price.

Amazon FR Will ship to Canada despite saying otherwise
Amazon UK Will ship to Canada despite saying otherwise
Amazon IT Out of stock
Amazon ES

u/JRTTV · 1 pointr/AmiiboCanada

They actually still have it available for pre-order on It's about $15 dollars more after the exchange (standard shipping), but at least you will have one secured :)

u/random11x · 6 pointsr/AmiiboCanada

the restock was amazon exclusive and has him priced higher than the other restocks... so its there:
or /r/nintendoswapcanada /other second hand markets as your options

u/AmiiboGiorgio · 1 pointr/AmiiboCanada
Was considering ordering this since shipping is free and it's amazon certified. What do you guys suggest I'm only planning on buying one so is this worth it ?

u/Pixelfox4 · 2 pointsr/AmiiboCanada

Amazon UK has the Splatoon Pro controller & Joy cons.

Note: It says does not ship to Canada but it works as I have ordered from them several times. Price isn't too bad either.

u/idiotinabox54 · 3 pointsr/AmiiboCanada

I'm half trying and half giving up haha. I really wanted the statue more than the other items that were included. I was lucky to order the Amazon UK version earlier today. If that Master Edition comes in probably lose my shit and buy it in a heartbeat (Amazon you're my only hope) and I already found my back-up Switch case

u/Microtic · 1 pointr/AmiiboCanada

Nah. It's just flickering because it's a newly posted product. Use to get it easier.

u/reddittailedhawk · 3 pointsr/AmiiboCanada

Link for the lazy
Grey and neon both still in stock as of writing this.

u/StimulatorCam · 1 pointr/AmiiboCanada

The PDP one? Haven't seen any of their stuff listed in Canada yet, so not sure.

u/Sheeplette · 2 pointsr/AmiiboCanada

Cloud P2 is also available on backorder (Aug 5th) there too.

u/Blu167 · 1 pointr/AmiiboCanada

That's really messed up man. If you don't care about region Amazon Japan still has it in stock for cheaper than here,任天堂-amiibo-クラウド-2Pファイター-大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズシリーズ/dp/B06ZZR1JD1

I wouldn't put much hope in EB at this point honestly unless you find a store locally with some stock still since stores got them for walk ins a few days ago.

Hope it works out for ya man.

u/lordpizzapop · 1 pointr/AmiiboCanada

It's in stock

EDIT: Woops, it's not sold by Amazon, but it's the same price and Prime (fulfilled by Amazon). It's still something!

u/CoryBoehm · 1 pointr/AmiiboCanada

Amazon DE Has shipped to Canada in the past.

My German reading skills aren't strong enough to figure out if there are shipping restrictions this time.

u/Rayquaza384 · 3 pointsr/AmiiboCanada

While browsing I found this listing, apparently it is the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon: Official Collector's Edition Guide (Which is 30$ in a separate listing) and includes other stuff. Apparently there are limited quantities and once it's sold out that is it. Thoughts on this, as well as pricing? RIP your wallet if you plan on getting this, in addition to the Sun/Moon Steelcase Book and the Sun/Moon N3DS XL.