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u/Coffeeshopman · 4 pointsr/Amsterdam

It sounds to me like you have enough interest for a longer visit, 4 days isn't much time to cram in everything you're mentioning. A cheap bike(50-100 Euro) can be had at the far end of the Waterlooplein market. ( Unless its changed ) He will buy it back for half or so when you leave. Buy a good lock there and take it home with you, they have good locks at better prices than North America.

I would pass on the Iamsterdam card, perhaps more appropriate if you were there longer.

The nice thing about going to Amsterdam in the off season is that the lines are shorter or non-existant for museums and tours. Seating is available right away most of the time at Restaurants as well. Not as big a hurry to flip the table, you can stay longer.

The Rijksmuseum is a good choice, but it is big and deserves the better part of a day, get there early if you go. My personal favorite is the Amsterdam Historical museum.

The cities you mention are close by, but I'll be honest if its just 4 days and that includes your arrival and departure days, I would spend the whole time in Amsterdam, its a big city. More than enough to capture your heart and have you planning your next trip on the flight home.

I recommend 3 weeks or more to explore this gem of a Country (and perhaps a neighbor or two for day trips) A tour of the Port of Rotterdam is in order at that point.
This book DK Eyewitness guide Netherlands is worth every penny, order it now in time for your trip. If you make it to Haarlem try the poffertjes near/next to the train station.

u/fakelvis · 2 pointsr/Amsterdam

Hello, fellow Yorkshire Tea drinker!

I've found that most expat shops do stock Yorkshire tea, but all of them at truly exorbitant prices (usually more expensive than ordering from the UK or getting friends to send it over).

If you're determined, I recommend this bag from Amazon: 3kg / 1200 teabags for £25. Total including delivery came to £25.50, which means it's cheaper per bag than in Tesco.

The teabags are the same as normal, but be aware than 1200 is more than you think: plan on somewhere to store them, preferably airtight, for the year it'll take you to drink them all!

Good luck!

u/pala4833 · 2 pointsr/Amsterdam

I recommend getting one of these maps:

Stretwise Amsterdam

And make your way to this windmill, De Otter.

Everything you pass will be wonderful. You'll find any number of nice bars, pubs, cafes, canals, and other loveliness.

u/shadghost · 3 pointsr/Amsterdam

As someone that moved here from America, this one is very nice:

and this one can also be good if you plan on traveling to other places:

I have both and both work good.

u/techstrategist · 1 pointr/Amsterdam

Probably not - most small electronics have converters with a 100-240v range, but anything with a motor (mixer, sewing machine, etc) typically does not.

FYI OP: I ordered these from Amazon before moving and they have been great. I went through all of my electronics and inventoried what did and did not work with 230v.

u/djpk19 · 2 pointsr/Amsterdam

Yes. I did Soto Zen for five years. One of Deshimaru's students wrote on of my favorite books explaining Dogen's Way of Sitting book link

u/sirkel · 3 pointsr/Amsterdam

I'm looking for a place to buy wool pants in Amsterdam, something like these, or similar. It could be a sport shop maybe, or somewhere else? I'm also looking to buy a small patch of astroturf grass, like this. Is there a really large pet shop or something somewhere in the area?

u/YouAreInAComaWakeUp · 2 pointsr/Amsterdam

So could I buy a plug like this:

And plug my phone and laptop directly into that? As long as they are rated to be ok with the higher voltage?

u/Atomdude · 1 pointr/Amsterdam

I recommend reading this book and just start walking through Amsterdam. The book kind of opened Amsterdam up for me, and really changed the way I look at it. The city center is small, you can do everything on foot, or take an occasional tram.
I've never done it, but on Wednesdays there are free lunch concerts at the Concertgebouw.
Museums aren't free, but there are plenty of galleries throughout the hole town.

u/thesteg · 1 pointr/Amsterdam

I have the following pullup bar and I'm very happy. It's a simple set up and you have a little bit of additional height due to design of the bar

u/kevbo1983 · 2 pointsr/Amsterdam

For in town, definitely Ceintuurbaan...there are about five shops all next to each other.

For online, I like For some reason they don't have a Dutch site, but they have a Dutch warehouse so the orders come very quick (in my experience usually 2 or 3 days).

u/Dakunaa · 1 pointr/Amsterdam

Hmmm. Tough call. If you're looking for more control over the yogurt, you could decide to make it yourself as well :)

u/neonnkidd · 3 pointsr/Amsterdam

Here , try this first. Then report back.