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u/chlandon · 1 pointr/AnaheimDucks

Here is a CA themed Ducks shirt that I own. Unfortunately, the roster on the shirt isn't totally up to date but it's still cool and comfortable!

And here is another CA Flag themed Ducks shirt that I found by doing a bit of Googleing. Hopefully that helps!

u/mattman41 · 4 pointsr/AnaheimDucks

Amazon has a used copy in "very good condition" for $25 and $3 shipping. In my experience amazons used stuff is pretty good in the "very good" to "excellent" range so id give that a shot.

u/WhiteRussian90 · 5 pointsr/AnaheimDucks

About a quarter of the way through this and I'm loving it

u/harenj · 1 pointr/AnaheimDucks

Hey check out my app if you like videos like this. It is called "Hockey Highlights" and if you have an Android TV or Fire TV you'll see it's a godsend...

u/jrudolph91 · 5 pointsr/AnaheimDucks

This dvd box set has all the conference final and Stanley Cup final games on it.