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u/rumourmaker18 · 2 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

At $200 you're not going to get a particularly good camera - that said, it'll still probably be better than your 5 year old phone haha.

My first recommendation is the ZTE Blade V8 Pro:

  • $140
  • 5.5" screen
  • Dual-lens camera that takes decent pictures
  • Negative: Still on Android 6.0, two versions behind; ZTE has also been really slow about security updates, falling 2-3 months behind

    Another option is the Moto G5 Plus:

  • $185 at Amazon for the Prime Exclusive version
  • 5.2" screen
  • Decent camera
  • Great build quality, likely to last a long time
  • Fairly timely updates

    If you're willing to spend the full $200, though, I recommend the Honor 7X:

  • Gigantic 5.9" screen, great for watching videos
  • Reviews calling it best phone under $200
  • Good build
  • Better camera than almost anything else at this price point (dual lens as well)

    There you go!
u/iFonePhag · 2 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

IMO yes swap it out for a Stylo 3 Plus if you're committed to buying from MetroPCS only. If you're open to buying Unlocked phones there are other options that are under $250 that are also viable. All these are 32 GB storage models, but some have slower processors than others and smaller RAM amounts.

BLU R2 PLUS – 4G LTE 5.5” Full HD Unlocked Smartphone – 32GB + 3GB RAM -Black

ZTE 5.5" Blade V8 Pro. 5.5" 1080, Snapdragon 625 2.0 GHz Octa, 32 GB/3 GB, Dual 13 MP, 3140 mAh.

BLU Vivo XL3 Plus - 6.0” HD+ 18:9 Display, 32GB 3GB RAM, Snapdragon 425 1.4GHz Quad Core, 13MP Main | 16MP Super Selfie Camera with flash, 3,000mAh, Black

Moto G5 4G LTE International Version (Lunar Grey) 5.0" 1080, Snapdragon 430 1.4 GHz Octa, 32 GB/3 GB, 13 MP, 2800 mAh.

BLU VIVO 8L - 5.3" 4G LTE Smartphone -32GB + 3GB RAM –Black

Moto G5 PLUS - 64 GB - Unlocked - Lunar Gray - Prime Exclusive 5.2"

BLU VIVO 8 - 5.5" 1080, 4G LTE Smartphone -64GB + 4GB RAM, 13MP Main | 16MP Front, 4,010 mAh

NUU Mobile G3 - 5.7 inch 720+, Rear Camera 13 MP/ 5 MP, Front Camera 13 MP. 64 GB, 4 GB RAM. With NFC, and USB Type C.

Honor 7X. 5.93" 1080+, Kirin 659 2.36 GHz Quad & 1.7 GHz Quad, 32GB/3 GB, Dual 16MP, 3340 mAh.

Huawei Mate SE Factory Unlocked 5.93” - 4GB/64GB Octa-core Processor| 16MP + 2MP Dual Camera| Grey (US Warranty)

Personally I love my Stylo 3 Plus and I can't part with it.

u/raptir1 · 3 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

The USB-OTG spec technically supports this, but most devices do not. You will typically need a custom kernel in order to enable this. I also don't know of any "reputable" manufacturers that a make a cable for this. I found this Y cable which has mixed reviews.

The Galaxy S8 with USB-C is better off though. You can use a hub like this to charge and use USB devices at the same time (and even output to HDMI if you want). Note that the S8 will only charge at the standard 5V/1.6A with a hub like this. Fast charging will not work.

u/mreis_intaktapps · 2 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

I have a Samsung Fascinate and am very happy with it. Its free with most contracts or upgrades. The rooting community for it is amazing. It is also "unbrickable" that is to say the worst thing that could happen if you root it is you have to buy this $10 plug to reset it (from an unwritable chunk of memory).
I would definately buy a phone from the list within that site (unbrickable samsungs) after my experience with my fassy. It would be a Galaxy S II or another fassy.

u/Creiz · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

That would be best, yes. He could even hold on to it for the next two years if he buys a battery case. The phone is great, and now it's dirt cheap.

OP can also get a OnePlus 2, or really a Galaxy S5. I'd go with the OnePlus 2, though, it's a crazy powerful phone for only 270$

u/Tom_kkfis · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

I have no experience with any of the phones mentioned above so this is all based on reviews but the P8 doesn't really seem like much of an option. Due to the limitations of the P8's GPU, the performance seems to be in the level of the snapdragon 801 which is a 2 year old chipset. This is not surprising since the p8 was released in April of 2015. I'm not saying it's a bad phone but it is already quite outdated..

From what I understand, you are trying to keep it under $300. I seems to me that you will have to choose between the following:

Honor 8

OnePlus 2

If you are willing to pay a little extra you should have a look at the ZTE axon 7, the oneplus 3(if you can find it) and the xiaomi mi5.

Best of luck

u/noahajac · 2 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

OTG support is device specific. If your device supports OTG but can't supply the keyboard with enough power, then they make cables like this one that allows you to inject power, or you can make your own. However if your device doesn't support OTG then you're out of luck.

u/Ythan · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

That's really weird. I haven't heard of a problem quite like that. If you have access to a PC with a microSD card reader, I would try and back up your data, reformat with the SD Card Formatter from the SD Association, restore your data, and see if that helps. If you don't have any way to read microSD cards on your PC, you might consider something cheap like this since it will make it a lot easier to deal with these kinds of problems in the future.

u/johndonglong · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

So, i ordered this:

Im going to be trying it soon when it comes, (tomorrow or the next day.) i will post a update then. This "should" work and if it does i saved my own life.

Canceled the order because im pretty sure that otg cable wont work

u/hiithere1 · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

This is what I have and enjoy it. It's also super portable.

HTC Bluetooth Music Streaming Stereo Clip Adapter - Retail Packaging - Black by HTC

u/pathogen47 · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

Oh come on. This post is just perfect timing. I have the same phone and just got an HTC Bluetooth adapter for my car so I don't have to use the headphone jack. I just finished pairing it up and had to uninstall 3rd party bluetooth apps to get the audio link to work.
Tomorrow will be a full test as I drive to and from work. Guess I'll find out if this is going to be an issue for me. I'll be using Pandora and Amazon Music.

u/lamenralus · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

I'm afraid USB Debugging was not enabled. However, someone has mentioned to use a USB OTG Cable to hook up a mouse, but i'm not sure how i would be able to see what i was clicking on. I was able to find this Slimport Adapter which provides an HDMI port along with USB port and several others which i would think would allow me to connect to a TV/Monitor and a mouse. I'll report back and see if it was successful.

u/Fazulka · 4 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

I have had this over a year. Sounds quality is better than many built in Bluetooth systems. It connects without fail as soon as I start the car. Highly recommend.

u/fliptrik · 2 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

Check this puppy out. I use it every day and it's amazing. You can get any radio you want. Just needs a front facing aux port, but a back would would work if you wire it in ahead of time. The power for it comes from the car port and still has a USB port for your phone.

It plays music just fine and has controls on the little puck to control the music. It also has a speaker so you can use speaker phone through your car speakers. It's really handy for it's price.

u/spunker88 · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

You can get the display via HDMI and use a USB mouse with OTG. This phone has webtop capabilities so that means it will have OTG, but it requires a charger be connected as well to power the OTG. So you'll need an OTG cable like this that accepts a charger:

This is the one I use with my Droid 3 but you can find similar ones on eBay, etc.

u/kakanczu · 2 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

Have you tried one of these? I don't have a Captivate anymore, but I soft-bricked it once and this little thing was a lifesaver.

u/sathed · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

Get a Jig. It will put you directly in to Download mode. But make sure you get a good one. As long as there is something on your screen, you'll be fine. Samsung's are nearly impossible to hard brick. This is the jig I use. Works every time.

u/woried · 2 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

Going off your own suggestion you listed, the same company has a Micro USB option, and if you pair that with say the Micro USB to USB C adapters from Anker, that might work as a good enough solution for now until a USB Type-C variant becomes available.

u/Speed3y · 0 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

You could try and source a OPPO VOOP Rapid Charge Bank. Model is V201+.

As One Plus uses OPPO's VOOP tech under the name Dash Charge it will not only charge your phone as rapidly as your factory wall charger, it will also be charged just as rapidly from said wall charger! 6000mAh / 22.8 Wh, fairly compact.

I love mine but it was a pain to source! You'll also need a Mini USB to USB Cable adapter, I used Anker ones with the resistor built in and it works great:

u/scy1192 · 2 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

get a cable like this (no specific reason for linking this one, it was just first on the search), you can plug in a computer mouse to unlock your phone, install the SMS Backup and Restore app, and backup your text messages to your phone's internal storage. Then plug into a PC and copy everything to your PC.

u/BrianAllred · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

I use this. Sadly doesn't have an extra battery, a trackpad, USB ports, or anything, but it's better than nothing, and I haven't had any problems with it at all.

u/abqnm666 · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

Is it the first gen Maxx with the micro HDMI port? If so, you may be able to connect to a TV/monitor using a Micro HDMI cable (HDMI-A to HDMI-D cable) such as this one from Amazon and connect a USB mouse using a USB OTG cable like this one from Amazon. This should allow you to get it unlocked and then you can connect to a PC to transfer files.

u/brousch · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

You can get a BlueTooth keyboard for pretty much any tablet. I use this keyboard and case with a Nexus 10.

u/reign27 · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

Depending on how much room you have where, you can use a right angle OTG cable, a more dongle-like adapter, or just a really long OTG cable. If you're feeling adventurous, you can also Frankenstein up your own long OTG cable.

u/PerpetualCalamity · 3 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

What this guy said. I purchased this which will maybe work with both the MHL video out and a USB mouse at the same time.

Technically it's not supposed to be supported to use both at the same time. I was not able to get both to work at the same time on my old galaxy S3, But I was able to get both video out and the USB mouse to work at the same time on my S4 when I plugged everything in in the correct order. I would imagine that it would also work on the S5. It won't work on the newer S6 and S7 models though as Samsung removed the MHL functionality from those devices.

And for future reference Google gives you unlimited photo storage and automatic backups with the Google photos app... I usually plan on losing or breaking my phone being a pretty common occurrence so my pictures are automatically synced to Google photos and dropbox as soon as they are taken.

u/AskMeAboutMyLeftShoe · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

If anything, use USB so it'll recognize it as a keyboard and not a mic/headphones.

But why not just buy a USB OTG cable for like $5 and plug a normal keyboard into your phone with no work required? It's a much more simple solution.

u/Super_Midget · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

If the tape deck works you just need a regular ole cassette adapter you can pick up at most stores like Walmart, target and such. If it doesn't work you need an FM transmitter instead

Car Cassette Adapter

u/i_teach_internet · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

pretty sure OP found what he was looking for, but here's a link:

u/Chirimorin · 12 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

Micro USB is limited to USB 2.0 (at least, the "single plug" micro USB that these adapters use), so transferring speeds will be limited with an adapter. Otherwise, no downsides as far as I'm aware.

Do make sure you get a proper one, tested with a positive review by Benson Leung on Amazon if possible. I personally use the Xiaomi adapter for my Nexus 5x, never had issues so far.
Alternatively, these Anker ones are cheaper and have prime shipping.

Both of the items I linked have been reviewed by Benson Leung as working correctly.

u/obol2 · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

But that SD card and a SD card reader like this:


Take a USB 3.0 because the R/W speed.

u/CuvisTheConqueror · 2 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

I'd suggest using a USB-OTG hub with charging passthrough, like this one.

u/aztec1337 · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

For around the same price you could get a OnePlus 2 Specs. They are just as good if not better, I believe this as they are very customisable and high quality.

u/cristian-t · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

I think you can do it with a micro USB hub.

Something like this one

However, I am not sure if you will be able to use them as you would do with a normal pc (when several things are connected through USB).

u/raptor12347 · 3 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

If you have a USB OTG cable you could plug a wired mouse into it. A cursor will appear on screen for you to navigate. Just an idea. (

u/oneupmushrooms · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

I do. This is the exact cable I bought.

u/pipsname · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

Pull the mouse from your computer and plug it into your phone.

u/reegmo · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

You can mirror your screen to a Chromecast plugged into a monitor or TV with an HDMI port. This requires a wifi network.

Use a USB-on-the-go adapter and a USB hub to connect keyboard and mouse. You can't charge while using it.

u/Madusch · 3 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

Buy one of these, and you can connect the device to a TV, connect a mouse to operate it and an SD-Card to move the files.

u/jeffxt · 2 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

You should be able to plug your old S6 into your computer to recovery any files on your internal storage (e.g., pictures, videos, files downloaded from the internet, etc.)

Copying app/system data (e.g., app settings, text messages) will be difficult. I'd recommend using Helium Backup (no root required) or Titanium Backup (my preferred app, but root required).

Also, you can plug a mouse or keyboard into your phone via a USB-OTG cable like one of these.

u/mzsigler · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

I have an iPhone 7+ and I use something very similar to this.

Also if you’re even remotely mechanically inclined there’s probably a kit that will replace your CD changer or Sat radio with Bluetooth capability.

u/pattiobear · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

Here's what I bought:

I don't remember what I used to root my phone. All I remember is that I had safestrap.

u/iamfromcanadaeh · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

So I looked it up and it does. You could move the files you want to transfer to the card and then use a card reader to transfer them to the computer. Another way, if you dont like taking out the SD card, is to buy a usb otg ( and use a usb stick to transfer them. I know this is just a work around but it may be one way for you to do it.

u/UndeadStormtroopers · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

Based on what I'm trying right now, I think that particular problem was the movie I was watching, and one poorly recorded song. The problem with line-in, though, is that my phone, regardless of which music player I use, will pause itself like the cord was unplugged after 1-10 seconds of playing. This has happened with both the line-in cassette tape in my car (like this), and trying to use the line-in on my old iHome. It doesn't do this with headphones, both small IEMs and a larger pair of over-ear ones. This started happening maybe a week ago.

u/jadiusatreu · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

Apologies, I have a question. Does the droid RAZR need to be rooted in order for this to work? I am trying to power a wireless Xbox 360 receiver which needs, as per the tag 5v and 500mA. I have tried different chargers some high some low. However, only the phone reacts as it begins to charge, nothing else powers.

Here is what I purchased

u/anonymous_bunny · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

Right. Forgot about that.

Edit:Right. I'm an idiot.

You might check out this product from Amazon. I can't say for sure whether or not it'll work with your phone specifically, but it has all of the connectivity you would need. Plug the HDMI into your TV/monitor, and a USB mouse into the USB port.

u/woohooguy · 2 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

The drive may have been corrupted the last time it was used, that is not properly unmounted.

If nothing else has been written to the drive, you can use a program called Recuva and attempt to recover the missing files.

In the future a simple OTG cable should be used, I'd be skeptical of that adapter.

u/Ralph90009 · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

Maybe try a [slimport] ( adapter? It should mirror the screen to anything with an HDMI input. As long as your digitizer works you should be able to interact with it, but I think you lose USB when it's plugged in.