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u/InYourHands · 1 pointr/Animedubs

I'd prefer to have them all dubbed. There are four Japanese Death Note movies and three of them have dubs. Death Note isn't some obscure property. Funimation should've been able to justify getting Ocean to dub it. All of the dub actors for the returning characters in the new movie are still active in Vancouver, especially Brian Drummond, who'd be the most important to bring back. In a way, it's funny. Funimation started out 2018 by celebrating his work through a much loved cameo in Dragon Ball Super. Now they're ending the year by giving him the cold shoulder.

Even if they couldn't dub the newest movie, I don't understand throwing out the baby with the bath water. The movies they grabbed with existing dubs tell a complete story. You can watch them and be satisfied without checking out Light up the NEW world. By ignoring them, those dubs are now exclusive to the increasingly expensive out-of-print discs (as far as I can tell, Viz never did a BD release of L: Change the WorLd) and pirate websites.

u/Epigraph · 4 pointsr/Animedubs

And the same goes for me with a slight difference... First off, I love Tatum as Okabe and I want to hear more of him, but I'm saving that for Steins;Gate 0. It's Trina Nishimura as Kurisu who I've been looking forward to hearing more of. I just love her voice and portrayal of Kurisu. Apparently, this is good news for me since from what little I know, she's more of a lead in this [questionably canon] movie. :) I even bought the [Japanese Blu-ray] ( last year and well, I didn't watch it. :P

u/about_69_mangos · 3 pointsr/Animedubs

Chunibyo season 1 went out of print in less than a year and Sentai has no plans as of now. There's a movie coming out next year, so Sentai will probably print more copies.

Your best bet is to buy season 1 from amazon UK. My friend bought Fate/zero from amazon UK when it was out of print

u/NotTooDistantFuture · 4 pointsr/Animedubs

They also released Shangri La with SAVE box art that said “property title goes here” on the spine.

Amazon still has the original cover listed.

u/PriPriBlackButler · 1 pointr/Animedubs

Donten - Laughing Under The Clouds: 3-Film Collection Bluray/DVD from Shout Factory/Eleven Arts via Amazon listed with English dub only, is this true?

u/YoungSaitama · 2 pointsr/Animedubs

Places like here, it's called the "North American Edition" its Region 2 though

u/NecDW4 · 3 pointsr/Animedubs

Dear god i want to own Kill Me Baby so bad, hoping for BDs. Also, wasn't Forte already on BD?

edit oops, nope, i had the LE dvds saved for later, and just assumed they were BD

u/Verzwei · 2 pointsr/Animedubs

Amazon and Rightstuf and Amazon has some kind of exclusive special edition.

Release date: 16 December 2014.

u/FreeWillin · 5 pointsr/Animedubs

Of course they re-release all the Haruhi shows including in the spinoff and the two series of shorts but not the movie that's going for $200 on Amazon.

u/Drizz57 · 1 pointr/Animedubs

I love steins gate but why not buy the FULL SERIES for $25 on bluray with dubs in the classic edition instead -

That "LE" has nothing special about it at all sadly

u/LegitPancak3 · 2 pointsr/Animedubs

It’s not on the American GKids bluray unfortunately, so you’d have to import from the UK. It seems relatively inexpensive on Amazon UK, but the only problem being that it’s region coded for region B (Europe/Australia). I have a region-free player and can tell you how to get one, but they are rather expensive.