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u/absolewdly · 19 pointsr/Animemes

This is a popular classic, and the author is actually a biologist, not some politician or professional writer that has no idea about what he's rambling on. (Though he has taken on a political atheist agenda in more recent works it seems.)

Mildly relevant, the author of the book is also the guy that coined the term "meme" as a kind of concept for genes on the civilization-level.

You may also want to look into this one, again written by an actual scientist, though merely a psychologist. It really goes into detail how dysfunctional the human mind is and how futile it is to chase after "happiness" (whatever that may be) - so much so that halfway through the book the author concludes that those brief weeks or months after finishing high school and before going on to college was the happiest he was likely to ever be, so why go on living? But then the book takes on a more theological direction and goes on about how the point of life is not hedonism but doing something for the greater good and what not, and it's fairly downhill from there - so be wary. But he's nevertheless adamant about distinguishing facts (what is) from ideals (what should be) - as any decent scientist would.

Also probably mildly relevant for the second book, given the sub we're in: there's a bit in there about why incest is still such a taboo for us, despite humans being so supposedly "enlightened".

u/SauronsinofPride · 55 pointsr/Animemes

funny about this if you follow the actual link it leads to konosuba manga vol1


this goes to the amazon site trust me

u/Better_MixMaster · 145 pointsr/Animemes

I feel that I need to mention this. You can buy Emergence in Paperback on Amazon. The perfect gift for people you hate. Or to piss off your weeb friends. Also looks really good on a bookshelf.

u/kanelel · 226 pointsr/Animemes

It's the article Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism by Kristen R. Ghodsee, which explains the reasons why women had better sex under socialism. She also wrote a book on this subject.

u/Pigmachine2000 · 27 pointsr/Animemes

The LN is "Do you love your mom and her two hit multi Target attacks".


u/KaliYugaz · 16 pointsr/Animemes

These UN councils and commissions are usually a forum for states to interact with various nonprofits and NGOs. These organizations purport to be philanthropic, but their true material function is to serve as liaisons between government control and private sector wealth. They funnel public money into private hands, and they also redirect the energies of threatening social-justice movements from below into activities and agendas that increase state (and capitalist) power, like for example using womens' liberation to justify imperialism, or using "anti-harrassment" to justify censorship and beef up the surveillance and police state.

u/Hugokarenque · 1 pointr/Animemes

Look at this strong boy actually buying the physical book. 20 bucks for a true literary classic.

u/OwlJade · 32 pointsr/Animemes

Here is a link if you are interested in purchasing.

u/Sushi292 · 10 pointsr/Animemes

The online version is here: but if you want to actually buy the book it's on Amazon here:

u/KayanoKona · 2 pointsr/Animemes

Yeah, It is ... even reviews looks god damn promising

u/AfterThought_Book · 1 pointr/Animemes

Don't know if it's appropriate to talk about it here, I published a horror fiction book on exactly this kind of concept last week. A whole world where people have given up on life and live in pods where they're hooked up to any kind of virtual reality they like.

"The Lives and Times of the Resigned" it's called.

Check it out:

It's going to be free from tomorrow Oct 22, up to Oct 24.

u/FuzzyLlama01 · 2 pointsr/Animemes

u/insanitykid2 's post

For those with big balls, big pps, and big brains:

Here you go

u/princecamaro28 · 1 pointr/Animemes

Only the first volume is available in English physically sadly, with more soon on the way though

u/Slingdash · 3 pointsr/Animemes

Death in the family is the death of a robin, death of the family is joker tormenting batman. You would also love this one: