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u/Thisnameiswaytoolong · 1 pointr/Animesuggest


Why not start with the big ones?

Outlaw Star This is pretty much the anime version of Firefly even has a freezed dried girl like Firefly. While Joss Whedon claims no correlation it has proven the phrase that great minds do in fact think alike

Cowboy Bebop Spike (the main character) is a bounty hunter... in space! I mean come on do I have to explain more? Its awesome... pure awesomeness...

Gundam - I'd post a link but any of the gundam he might like if he's interested in giant robots


Slayers This is just a real fun fantasy adventure. I only recently got into Slayers but I have been absolutely impressed and have fallen in love with the series. Plus with the recent re-release you can get the first 3 seasons dubbed for pretty cheap Amazon Link

Berserk I've gotten people into anime from this great anime classic. He might really like this one.

High School of the Dead Zombies attack a school and 4 students band together to survive. It has an abrupt ending making you yearn for more and it has plenty of funny fan service (search youtube for matrix boobs... lol awesome :P). If he likes Zombies this is the one to watch


Amigami SS If he doesn't like the wait or usual romcoms give Amagami a try. It's based of a dating sim game in the anime the guy gets the girl in 3 episodes and then it starts a new story arch from the begining where he gets a different girl. This continues for 6 girls I believe and then theres Amigami SS+ where the re-visit each story arch to see where they are a few months after the initial story. I loved this anime. Not a whole lot of comedy in here... I guess its more of a strait up romance anime but I still very much enjoyed this one.

Love Hina This is one of my personal all time favorite romcoms slap stick and embarrassment comedy at its best :P although you mentioned he disliked the length of time before first kiss... this one might drive him nuts as it takes FOREVER for romance to progress and the anime ends right before the manga's fantastic conclusion. I wished they had just one more 20min episode of the last manga book to kind of bring the entire series to a fantastic close. Either way it's still one of my absolute favorites.

The World God Only Knows aka Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai - Its about a guy who is the all time champion of dating sims. He is employed by a demon who hunts other demons that possess girls, in order to free these women he must seduce them and make them fall for him. However after they are freed they forget all about him. It seems sad but do not fret as he doesn't really care as he is only concerned with his dating sim games.

Pussy footing around sex? Well why not try:

B Gata H Kei: Yamada's First Time It's about a girl just trying to get laid. Granted there is no sex and it does take like 26 episodes for them to kiss (exaggeration if I remember correctly :P) but its still pretty funny IMHO.


Shinchan Had to link to the funimation website for this one as the american dub (which is completely different from the Japanese sub) is absolutely hilarious. If you love South Park, Family Guy, or Simpsons you'll love this one. The direct sub of this anime would need pages to explain jokes as most of the jokes are puns on what Shin-chan says, which is why I love what Funimation did to this one, it's just masterful.

Cromartie High School Oh Cromartie High I love this anime its so weirdly funny. Its one of those anime that does weird things to make you laugh and it always does for me.

Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father! I recently watched this and was pleasantly surprised by it. It's about a college guy who ends up having to take care of his sisters kids. It's funny and heart warming.

Edit: took out spoiler >.< sorry bout that

u/DangeresqueIII · 1 pointr/Animesuggest

Mushishi is wonderful. But it is very episodic. Its best not to binge the show. Once I got half way through the first season (this was before the second season was even a twinkle in the anime studio's eye) I actually saved the rest for "rainy" day type situations. It took me almost 6 months to finish a handful of episodes, but I really enjoyed watching it that way.

Also, how in the heck can you give Lain an 8 when its like 100x slower than Habaine Renmei?! No, but I do partially agree with you. I love HR a lot, but the first half really drags. Also, I would like to mention that it is very loosely based on a book called Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami. Its a very bizarre but fun read if you are ever looking for a new book to get into.

u/Slaxophone · 3 pointsr/Animesuggest

On the other side of the coin, anime can have its place in language study. So, to answer your question, check out where you can find Japanese subtitles for many shows. They're of course written in Japanese, so be sure to study your kana and kanji.

But don't expect that to be enough to learn the language. Language learning needs lots of practice interacting with others. It's also more difficult to learn the grammar rules from passive listening.

I'd recommend looking for a place that holds Japanese lessons in your area. One possibility if you have the time are universities or community colleges, where you may be able to sit in on classes for no credit, for a small fee (which is called auditing). My old university charges $50 for non-students, which is pretty cheap for a several month-long language course. Other universities may be cheaper or more expensive. Granted, the class times might be difficult if you're still in K-12 or working.

If you can't find any classes, at least invest in some proper course books. The universities I studied at used either Minna no Nihongo (main book in Japanese only, need the English, or your native language, supplement), Genki (starts out all in English/romaji, and gradually introduces kana and kanji), or one other I don't recall the name of. For supplementals, I had found the Dictionary of Japanese Grammar set useful. A good electronic dictionary is helpful as well, which will give you many example sentences. is so/so as well, and free.

Good luck!

u/tremulo · 1 pointr/Animesuggest

This isn't anime, but I thought I'd suggest it anyway since this theme is so specific. If you like the idea of an immortal MC, you should check out the novel "All Men Are Mortal" by Simone De Beauvoir. It's about a man who is cursed to live forever and an actress who becomes obsessed with him for a variety of reasons.

A good deal of the book explains his history (he's been around since the late 13th century), but the first 70 pages or so, where you meet this guy, and you see how he handles eternity and how this actress reacts to him, I can't explain why but there's just something magical about it. I wish I could read it for the first time again.

You can read some snippets of the first part of the book in the link, and if you're interested in reading the whole thing you can pick up a used copy on amazon for dirt cheap. Also your local library will probably have a copy.

u/wildgazelle · 2 pointsr/Animesuggest

Based on the movies inside (and the drawing on the exterior), that seems to be the Hayao Miyazaki Directed Works Collection (or, in Japanese, 宮崎駿監督作品集). You could use google translate on the description in the entry for it or the page for the similar North American release to figure out how to describe it, but it looks like it has a disc for every Miyazaki film from Castle of Cagliostro through to The Wind Arises, with two bonus discs.

I don't know where is best to sell it (I'm not from North America, so I really have no good input here).

u/This-is-Peppermint · 2 pointsr/Animesuggest

Heidi is great.

I also recommend


u/Shigofumi · 1 pointr/Animesuggest

>just as manga is literally just comic books

The split is growing in Japan, classifying comics different from manga. Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san's (an autobio of working at a Japanese bookstore) episode 2 talks about the differences of comics vs manga, as well as the differences between Japanese comics vs foreign comics. Marvel/DC stuff is called "kaigai comics" which means "overseas comics". There's even a convention dedicated to kaigai comics. Episode 3 they even had the real Frederic Toutlemonde voice himself in the show. He pretty much single handedly created the French comics culture in Japan and facilitates the licensing of French material in Japan. Without him, we'd never have the Radiant anime. Radiant is released under the designation of "Euro manga".

Within Japan, "manga" is losing its catch-all terminology as Japanese manga and Japanese comics are growing in differentiation among Japanese fans. And likewise, Western comics (#bless hollywood superhero films) and Western manga is is cutting out their own names. Language changes with time and with fandoms so Japan will eventually have different names for different things as commonplace as we have in English with anime, manga, cartoons, manhwa, manhua, webtoon, OEL, graphic novels, and comic books in our everyday vernacular.

u/VyseofArcadia · 5 pointsr/Animesuggest

Haibane Renmei is also one of my favorites. In a similar vein I really enjoyed

  • Shin Sekai Yori

  • Kino no Tabi

  • Kaiba

    Also, have you read the novel on which Haibane Renmei is loosely based? It's good.
u/Chanzerr · 1 pointr/Animesuggest

If you liked the movie, you should check out the light novel. It goes into greater detail of what happened with the secondary characters during the movie's events.

u/Wiles_ · 3 pointsr/Animesuggest

I strongly recommend reading the novel.

u/mlhradio · 2 pointsr/Animesuggest

No such beast exists. Sorry.

A few shows that have a setting in the United States (in part or in full):




Miami Guns

Gunsmith Cats


Red Garden

Batman: Gotham Knight

Scifi Harry

Not really what you are looking for -- I can't really think of an anime that is sort of a travelogue/observation of American life through Japanese eyes. There might be some in the world of manga, right off the top of my head I'm thinking of The Four Immigrants Manga.

u/Lurdz · 1 pointr/Animesuggest

Yeah I also found this old thread it seems to suggest the only published version of the dub was on a Japanese R2 DVD that is out of print. I found this But i'm not sure if its the same as this which the guy in that thread suggests was the version I'm looking for. The first link says its the Anne Paquine version but that wasn't released until 2003, but the amazon links two disk image looks like the 2002 version I'm looking for. I'm confused!

u/YoungSaitama · 5 pointsr/Animesuggest

Amazon Prime, Hi-Dive and VRV




Edit: for future reference, if you ever want to see where something is legally streaming, use this site

u/abaddon1125 · 1 pointr/Animesuggest

Sasameki Koto is pretty decent (the ending is little rushed). I recommend you avoid Aoi Hana, since the ending is sort of terrible.

Some other titles I've read and enjoyed:


Sorairo Girlfriend


Kono Negai ga Kanau nara

Husky and Medley

Hoshikawa Ginza Yonchoume


Tokimeki Mononoke Jogakkou

u/_vogonpoetry_ · 1 pointr/Animesuggest

My recommended "optimal" order is as follows-

Bake^1 > Kizu^2 > Neko> Nise> Second Season> Hana> Tsuki> Owari> Koyomi

^1 Note: Crunchyroll is missing episodes and is poor quality, don't watch it there.

^2 Note: only Kizu Part 1 of 3 is as of yet available to watch, so you have to read the (fantastic) novel. If you dont want to read the novel, just watch Kizu: part 1 anytime after Bake. Or dont. It won't have much effect since you won't know the conclusion. But knowing the whole story will definitely change your perspective on much of the show.

u/Are_you_daft · 2 pointsr/Animesuggest

Now that I understand what you're looking for, I'm reminded of a story arc in the book The Incarnations about two concubines in the Emperor's harem. Aside from that I'm afraid I haven't seen any anime with that theme.

u/Vellon221 · 1 pointr/Animesuggest

Yes it does. Did you even look?

It's out of print now, but used copies aren't insanely expensive.

u/CrackTraxx · 1 pointr/Animesuggest

Thanks god I'm french then :\^) 1, 2, 3, but sadly no remaster to be found (I don't have the stuff needed to watch bluray/4K anyways :V)