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u/Johnyindependent · 2 pointsr/ApartmentDesign

As someone said, cable management is the key. Also ergonomics is really important, so make sure you and he find the prefect chair. The desk can be pretty much anything that won’t get in the way.
Ideal for you may be putting the PC on the floor under the desk, and mounting the screen to the wall. A good wall mint can easily tucked back or swung out. Finding a great way to store his items (like his headset) would also be a good way to stay organized.

I use this: YAMAZAKI Tower Banana Stand -

In the end it’s about organization and making sure the space is useful, so the design is maintained, rather than adapted and compromised.

Good luck and post pics

u/LoomaHome · 2 pointsr/ApartmentDesign

Well, there are some options.

  1. You could invest in a good heated clothes drying rack (example, but there are more). They'd be less expensive than an electric dryer, almost certainly, though it'd still take a while to dry clothes. You could at least dry most of your "hanging out"/"casual" clothes on it, then save money by drying fewer clothes at the laundromat.

  2. You could get a tiny washing machine that's manual (hand-cranked), and do much of your laundry there. Here's an example, but research "off-grid clothes washing" and you'll probably get a lot of recommendations.

  3. Electric dryers use a TON of electricity, just FYI, but if you decide to go that route, just know that buying used is probably your cheapest bet. Especially if you live near a college town, watch for used dryer to be sold near the end of the semester. Chances are high that some senior is graduating and moving across the country, and doesn't want to take their dryer with them and needs to move out quickly, so you can probably find a bargain. (Like, under $150.)
u/akaFreya · 1 pointr/ApartmentDesign

I personally love these puck motion sensor lights. They're perfect for entryways because they stay on about 30 seconds. You can stick them anywhere. Takes 3 AAA batteries, I kept rechargeable batteries and changed them every couple months.
Here's a link!

u/lunatic_minge · 1 pointr/ApartmentDesign

What about a table runner? You could potentially use two to go over the top and down the sides. There are also storage rack covers , I bet with some digging on amazon you could find one with a nice color or pattern.

u/greydiente · 2 pointsr/ApartmentDesign

I have this. It is the easiest thing in the world to assemble - took literally 5 minutes. It does not squeak in response to jumping, flopping, or vigorous, repetitive movement. Not even a little bit.

As far as movie watching goes, I just lean pillows against the wall. Another option would be to get a cheap Walmart body pillow for lumbar support and put pillows against that.

If you’re worried about your mattress sliding, get a pair of sheet suspenders and when you stretch them from corner to corner, weave them in between the steel slats a few times. Voila. Your sheets won’t come undone until you decide to wash them and your mattress will stay in place. Pro-tip: you can totally clip the fitted sheet and the bottom edge of the flat sheet together.