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u/twinkies_and_wine · 3 pointsr/April2017Bumpers

It's Nice To Be An Otter

What A Wonderful World

That's Not My Monkey

Monster Parade

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Chicka Chicka ABC

Rainbow Fish

All are board books except Monster Parade and I couldn't find the board book link for Rainbow Fish but that's what we have. His favorites are the top 4 I listed. I've been reading those to him since he was a newborn and loves the pictures. He smiles and giggles at the otters (my fave animal!) and lights up when we get to "the colors of the rainbow" in What A Wonderful World, which is a very special song for my mom and me so it's pretty amazing to pass that onto my son.

u/kereezy · 2 pointsr/April2017Bumpers

So the pack and play has the folded "mattress" portion and we just threw that in the bassinet attachment. We then put puppy pads down (for diaper explosions) and a fitted sheet. There are specific fitted sheets that are for pack and plays- we went with this one It is cheap, and was a super snug fit on the mattress, which was what we wanted.

It is flatter/harder than the regular crib mattress. Kiddo slept better once we put her in the crib. Partially because she's a SUPER light sleeper (to this day) and us rolling over would wake her up. I think the other part, though, was that she was just more comfortable in the crib. It's softer. If a 'firm surface' is what you're looking for for safety, pack and play has it on lockdown.

u/DraegotheLady · 2 pointsr/April2017Bumpers

This is a copy/paste from another thread about monitors:

We have a wifi home security camera (it's a Foscam, I will try to add the link on mobile) from Amazon that can be viewed on any mobile device with the app or from a web browser. I got it when my dog was a puppy so I could check on her from work. You can rotate the camera something like 270 degrees, it has two way audio (have to trigger to talk through it) and infrared for nighttime viewing. You can also snap screenshots or record video, and set it up to start recording if there's motion. I think it was like $70?

You have to log in with two passwords and it's not accessible outside our home wifi so my Army husband feels confident in the security. He may change it when we goes back to work from paternity leave so he can spy on baby from work, but we'll see.

We plan to mostly use an old iPhone with a docking station to view with, but i can use my phone, bigger iPad, or bigger still laptop screen if I want.

Edit: here's the new version of what we have!

Foscam FI9821PB Plug & Play 720p Wireless/Wired Pan/Tilt IP Indoor Security Camera with Night Vision, Motion Detection Alerts, Two-Way Audio and Remote Viewing (Black)

u/Poppy_426 · 3 pointsr/April2017Bumpers

Hooray, congrats!

It can be super painful at first! 4-6 weeks was about when I finally experienced that breakthrough moment with my oldest, and I'm so not looking forward to doing it all over again!

A nurse in my Mother's Group suggested hyrdogel pads to help your nips feel better in between feedings- they really, really helped me:

u/snickertwinkle · 2 pointsr/April2017Bumpers

We have this one, and like it a lot. When it’s closed, she can stand on it like a stool (or sit and watch Elmo while I shower) and you can also take the potty seat off and put it on the big potty. It’s easy to clean. Totally recommend.

u/yo-ovaries · 3 pointsr/April2017Bumpers

These have been the most comfortable bras I've bought so far. They have a bit of an obvious seam so they don't look great under tight tops, but otherwise are great.

Leading Lady Women's Nursing Bra Wireless Cotton (2-Pack), Black/Gray Stripe, 42DD

u/Tiainspace · 5 pointsr/April2017Bumpers

Yes! And for my fellow tall ladies, you can buy BIG yoga balls that allow you to sit up properly. I bought the 75cm one and it has been solid: If I bought again I would have bought a slightly smaller one (65cm; I'm 6' tall).

u/athousand-words · 2 pointsr/April2017Bumpers

I think we're in the same position - I'd rather be active in labor than lying down, but everyone tells me I'm going to want the epidural, and I wonder about my pain tolerance... My hospital offers a Natural Birth Class - is that an option for you? It may give you more information! Also, yesterday someone who recommended the book, Active Birth, in their birth story. I was thinking about reading through that was well.

u/Chocolate_Muscle · 2 pointsr/April2017Bumpers

My little girl is the same with the heat. However, this saved us! Cut it in half. Buy the color you want, I wish I did. I got the cheapest one, the neon green one, and it is the only terrible thing about it.

u/iLiketheway_youthink · 5 pointsr/April2017Bumpers

I have problems with dry skin in the winter (not just during pregnancy) but I use this Derma-E with bare minerals matte powder for foundation. I have really sensitive, acne prone skin and this moisturizer does the job without leaving my skin oily. I usually add it right after I get out of the shower when my skin is dry and then when my skin gets really bad and flaky I add another layer of the moisturizer after the first layer is nice and dried. Usually does the trick!

u/Sunbrewed · 3 pointsr/April2017Bumpers

We have this for our laundry room where the litter box is (and will be getting more for the stairs) and we really like it! I'm not sure how well bigger boned cats will get through but ours is about 10lbs and he has no problem at all.