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u/iamacannibal · 1 pointr/AquaSwap

Your best bet for a 10 gallon tank is going to be petco. They are $10 right now.

As for plants, This subreddit is the best for it. Lots of people sell starter packages regularly.

For a light, I would go with a Nicrew light from Amazon. The 10 gallon sized one would be about $15-20. Its a great light for the price.

For a heater I would stick with names brands. I personally only use Eheim heaters. They are very well made and not too expensive. For a 10 gallon you will only need a 50-100 watt one.

For filtration you can use a Hang on back filter or a sponge filter. My personal favorite for a smaller tank is a hang on back with a sponge on the intake. Also if you get a HOB filter ditch the filter media it comes with and just stuff a sponge and some filter floss in there. You can get a bag of pure polyester stuffing in the fabrics section of walmart for $4. It works amazing for filtering out particles. The sponge is good for holding bacteria because you will need to replace the wadd of filter floss(polyester) every month or so at least(one bag will last you at least 2 years at this rate).

Here is the nicrew light I mentioned. Its a great light.

u/bquad · 9 pointsr/AquaSwap
  • Regulator-$60

  • 24 oz paintball tank-$23

  • Paintball to CGA-320 adapter-$10

  • Airline tubing-$7

  • Diffuser-$12

    Total for everything is $112 not including tax.

    I use this regulator and the needle valve is a bit touchy, but its solid and works well enough. The solenoid has never stuck either. You can set it and forget it.

    People are going to call out using airline tube vs CO2 proof tubing. CO2 proof tubing is completely unnecessary at the pressures what we work at and isn't very flexible, so I like the airline better.

    This is my favorite diffuser because it has a halfway decent check valve, it has a build in bubble counter, and you can remove the ceramic disc without taking everything apart. I have 4 of these running in different tanks and 2 have had zero issues. The other two had small leaks that I sealed with gorilla glue and they've worked perfect since.
u/240strong · 1 pointr/AquaSwap

This is crazy, cause I had this list put together, let me know what you think of this stuff? May go with your diffuser tho as it seems cheaper, is it also a c
Drop checker or do I need to get one of those too? Also, should I be dosing stuff on top of this CO2 setup? Like should I use Excel and other stuff still?

Ohhh ok, wasn't sure if you tried cutting the top off of it or not.

JT CO2 Tank 12oz w/repeater

Interstate Pneumatics WRCO2-5A4 CO2 Paintball Tank CGA 320 Adapter

CO2 Regulator Aquarium Mini Stainless Steel Dual Gauge Display Bubble Counter and Check Valve w/ Solenoid 110V Fits Standard US Tanks - LP150 PSI - HP2000 PSI Accurate & Easy to Adjust Comes w/ Tools

Rhinox Glass Drop Checker Kit - 3 Seconds to Read CO2 levels - 3 Minutes to Setup - Fastest way to ensure sufficient Co2 in Planted Aquarium - Includes pH Reagent indicator solution & Color chart

Pollen Glass CO2 Diffuser with U-Shape Connecting Tube for Aquarium Planted Tank (20 - 50 US gallons)

AQUANEAT 25 FT Airline Tubing Suction Cups Control Valves Tee's Check valves Aquarium Air Pump Accessories

Rhinox Brass Check Valve for Aquariums - Sturdy, Reliable, Anti-Leak, Anti-Backflow, Non-Return CO2 Air Valve That Ensures One Directional Water Flow, Perfect for Sensitive Fish

u/moomoothedog · 5 pointsr/AquaSwap

Regulator (it says not for aquarium use but it’s perfectly fine. Read the reviews, plenty of paid ole are using it for planted tanks.)

Hydroponics (Co2) Regulator Emitter System with Solenoid Valve Accurate and Easy to Adjust Flow Meter Made of High Quality Brass - Shorten up and Doub

Co2 tank

Aluminum CO2 Paintball Tank

Co2 tank adapter

Interstate Pneumatics WRCO2-5A4 CO2 Paintball Tank CGA 320 Adapter

Have been running this setup for awhile now and don’t have any issues.

u/TrailBlazer31 · 2 pointsr/AquaSwap

Beamswork DA 6500K 0.50W Series LED Pent Aquarium Light Freshwater Plant Discus (90c...

Very happy! I do have a dimmer which in my mind is a must for this or else it is very bright. I went with the Current USA online dinner on amazon.

Went from 8 jungle Val 3 months ago to “I can’t count how many anymore” haha.

u/Ask461 · 2 pointsr/AquaSwap

I have a 5 gallon I’m selling with a light, heater, and HOB filter for $60 so definitely put your zip code! But before I upgraded my tank I had a simple sponge filter with air pump from amazon, a Nicrew light, and driftwood from a local store that cost me $10... in total my first set up was... air pump , sponge filter , Nicrew light (that was $14 when I got it...) and the tank $10, lid $10, driftwood $10= about $8”:) or you can do this HOB heater

Oh and for plants in this sub, there’s tons of people that sell good, tons of plants, good priced! I got TONS OF PLANTS for $20-$30 from bquad. But he isn’t the only one

u/mollymalone222 · 1 pointr/AquaSwap

You know, for the price this little Nicrew is pretty good for a 10 gallon. Not sure what would be medium plants, so for me, it works well in my 10 gallon with various Java Ferns, some different Crypts, some Sagittaria subulata, there's some Buce, Java Moss, floating Duckweed, either Cabomba or Hornwort I can't remmber, I think there's Swords in there too. I have several of these lights.

u/Wakenbake585 · 2 pointsr/AquaSwap

Not sure what your budget is but this is meant to be used with paintball tanks. I have it set up on a 24oz empire tank for my 20g long and it's been great for the two months I've been using it.

u/jynnjynn · 2 pointsr/AquaSwap

I have a 6g fluval edge, I just picked up a bag of this from amazon. $22 shipped, and was more than enough to fill my edge, plus some excess to build up the hills I needed for my aquascape

this is more or less what 20lbs of this looks like in a 6g edge... There are some larger rocks in there as well taking up space, so expect a little less fill. I didn't snap any pictures before i started sticking my plants in there, but you get the idea. 20lbs is a good amount for this tank. The bag ships wet, so the 20lb weight is a little deceptive.

u/humasta · 1 pointr/AquaSwap

Old light from my 29 gallon, works perfectly fine, but decided to go with a more high tech lighting setup.

Local pickup only!

Here's the amazon listing for more specs:

u/_Prrr · 1 pointr/AquaSwap

Hey! Some other people asked about the air pump and fertilizer, but the root tabs are the the Seachem Flourish Tabs (these ones). There are five left. These are the scissors and tongs I have. Let me know if you're still interested!

u/Made_of_Stardust · 1 pointr/AquaSwap

It's kind of hit or miss for some people, but it's a good deal. Mine were all big and green.

u/n0rmlax · 2 pointsr/AquaSwap

Get this and this and you're golden. Have 2 sets for my 40G and 25G and been working flawlessly

u/Quentin16564 · 2 pointsr/AquaSwap

I have a Current satellite + and while it has all types of adjustable setting i just never use them.

I just bought this BeamsWork and while it has no bells and whistles it's very bright. The Pent version has 5 rows of LEDs and rather cheap for what it is.

I would say its all what your looking for, fancy features or just a LED.

u/SigmaLance · 1 pointr/AquaSwap

I think my Fluval 306 and 406 have 1/2” tubing. Maybe these would work for you?

u/Danketeer · 1 pointr/AquaSwap

Whoops, forgot to mention that they are JARDLI

Here's Diffuser

Bubble Counter

u/deannadeshano · 1 pointr/AquaSwap

NICREW ClassicLED Aquarium Light,... that’s the link for the light. The tank I got from petco

u/Jreisnske · 1 pointr/AquaSwap

Finnex Planted+ 24/7 Fully Automated Aquarium LED, Controller, 30 Inch

u/Creatineeugene · 1 pointr/AquaSwap

You’re better off buying a new light. This is the light I use on my 10g tank and it has no problems growing plants - NICREW ClassicLED Aquarium Light, Fish Tank Light with Extendable Brackets, White and Blue LEDs, 6W

u/anferny08 · 1 pointr/AquaSwap

link it's really nice, but my betta is scraping himself swimming through it :/

u/Blendbatteries · 1 pointr/AquaSwap

I think it's an OEM version of (just the tank no lid) with the same blue padding under. Forgot the brand, picked it up from a LFS.