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u/raging_gentleman · 2 pointsr/ArcadiaQuest

Thanks :) The smallest brush I used on these is a 2/0, it's important to have a really good point though. I use Winsor and Newton series 7. I usually start with a GW standard size brush for basecoating the larger areas and then use a size 0 for the bulk of the work, finish some minor details and the eyes with the 2/0.

The higher quality brushes just last a bit longer by keeping a point a little better. It's important to take good care of them though so that they can last. Rinse them really well, be careful not to let paint get into the ferrule, and I use this stuff every once in a while:

I think the process of doing eyes is the key, and it really takes patience. It took me a long time to figure out a good way for me to get it to look good. Elizabeth's Sarya tutorial ( is pretty much the way I do it, although I do the black pupil before i do the highlighting of the iris, don't think that matters much.

Haha yeah no tricks for the bases. I use the standard size brush to put on the gray, then put on some spots of red/ purple/ yellow for the other color stones, then use the 2/0 brush to draw in some lines.

u/WreckerCrew · 1 pointr/ArcadiaQuest

Okay I'm really loving the Art Bin containers that you can get from Amazon.

For the Rules, Scenario books, and boards I use one of these

For the mobs, dice and tokens I use 2 of these

For the heroes, pets and angels I use 2 of these Note: You will need to contact them for more dividers. The box only comes with 1/2 the number to make all the compartments.

Finally, I store everything in one of these

This way I can store the boxes someplace else and not worry about them getting damaged. All and all a pretty good set up for AQ and Masmorra.

u/JimmyD101 · 1 pointr/ArcadiaQuest

Reaper has a Learn to Paint kit which may interest you. For brushes I just use cheap $2 brushes from my local hobby store, theyre imitation sable (which means fake hair, so not expensive) in sizes from 2 down to 000.

I would also strongly recommend looking into wet palettes if you get started- you can home make one insanely easy using some wet tissue and baking paper to keep paints from drying out.