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u/domirillo · 46 pointsr/ArcherFX

This is a discussion, and criticism is a part of that, however, I went through art school, and work in an artistic career, and a crucial tool in learning how to make "better" art is getting and giving detailed critiques that offer explanations for WHY something is failing or succeeding, instead of just stating that it is good or bad.

So, for instance:

> massive dip in quality.

What do you mean by this? My guess is that you don't exactly mean quality as in it being poorly written, acted, structured, etc, but that you aren't laughing, so something is wrong with the humor. Something about the writing isn't making you laugh.

So, let's try to pin down what it is that you used to like about the show.

  • What season was the strongest?
  • What episodes worked for you?
  • What scenes made you laugh the most?
  • Looking at all the things that you listed, what do those things have in common?
  • How do the episodes that you liked differ from the current episodes?


    As a total aside, if you've never read "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", it's kind of related to this topic. It takes deep, perhaps overly so, dives into what we mean when we discuss the idea of "quality", and how it relates to all of our experiences, from relationships and love to machines and consumer products.
    Quote from it:
    > “The test of the machine is the satisfaction it gives you. There isn't any other test. If the machine produces tranquility, it's right. If it disturbs you, it's wrong until either the machine or your mind is changed.”

u/AlaricI · 4 pointsr/ArcherFX

How to Archer is a fun read! I read it entirely in H.Jon's voice as well.

u/RakemTuild · 7 pointsr/ArcherFX

Its to promote her new book. She did a piece I heard on NPR this afternoon.

Edit: Found it if anyone is interested.

u/johnnycrash986 · 1 pointr/ArcherFX

While this would be awesome, I'm still waiting for him to do an audio book reading of How To Archer

u/adrianmalacoda · 2 pointsr/ArcherFX

Was it this book by any chance? It makes for enjoyable bathroom reading.

u/dpress · 1 pointr/ArcherFX

>So where is it ok to promote piracy, then? On something that you didn't personally work on, therefore it doesn't affect you (ignoring the argument of just what affect piracy actually has)? That's bollocks.

this is an Ad Hominem argument. My stance on when piracy is acceptable isn't in question. The issue at hand is about if you are or aren't promoting piracy of the show, which is against the rules of this sub.

>Not really. I watch Archer, legally, via my Netflix subscription that I personally pay for and don't give out to anyone. Extras aren't available, some crazy how, through Netflix and I'm not going to buy the DVD/Blu-Ray

You kind of asked and answered your own question there. DVD Extras are DVD Extras to promote physical sales. While you may not feel like "Cooking with Archer" merits buying the Discs, we didn't either. that's why there are also a hand full of other special features including Archer's Gator 2 Trailer, a snip-it of Archer recording his audio book, and video of the 2012 Comic-con Panel.

Also "Not really" is an ineffectual dismissal and not a counter-point.

>I will say, if someone doesn't actually know how to search TPB for media and actually went because of my post then they're literally retarded.

This is a total Straw man argument. It doesn't matter if you think it you that someone who does what you suggested is "retarded". It matters that you were suggesting it in the first place.

>Anyone who pirates knows how to find stuff.

"boys will be boys" is not an acceptable excuse. At some point a person must be held responsible for their actions.

>I get your sentiment, but I'm not coming on board. Sorry, mate. But for the record, I have bought the DVDs as gifts for people, so does that technically absolve me?

You'll get no absolution from me, it doesn't really seem like you need or want it. You're going to stand your ground and stick to your own rational. personally, I still think you broke the one of the only two pretty straight forward rules here on this subreddit:
>Piracy discussion or linking to illegal streaming or download sites will get you banned.

If you'd like to know how to make Eggs Woodhouse, you should consider buying "How to Archer"

u/73GTX440 · 28 pointsr/ArcherFX

Searching amazon I found blonde 50s wigs with a bouffant or beehive will kind of give you the shape you need in her hair

And then this

And with those two things, and a trip to Walmart to find some beige skirt and peach or pink top you have
Your look

u/luckmc11 · 3 pointsr/ArcherFX

What about something like this?

u/CRMannes · 3 pointsr/ArcherFX

You should see if you can't get the barcode to scan as something. Maybe the How to Archer book or something like that.

u/odigo2020 · 2 pointsr/ArcherFX

I think this would work

Not sure how well it will fit, though.

u/TheKevinShow · 6 pointsr/ArcherFX

It's not quite the exact replica of Pam's puppet but this one is reasonably priced and pretty damn close:

u/ScaryCookieMonster · 7 pointsr/ArcherFX

Can't you also get it a season pass or whatever on Amazon and watch each episode within a day or two of when it airs?

Anyway, all of season 4 is there, in HD, now, if you don't want to wait on Netflix.

u/Aa1979 · 1 pointr/ArcherFX

Or you could just buy it on Amazon

u/pope1701 · 1 pointr/ArcherFX

Found this while listening to this

u/GeekOutHuntsville · 21 pointsr/ArcherFX

also on Amazon
I'm not a country fan but I'll likely make the purchase anyway.

u/SuspiciouslyElven · 4 pointsr/ArcherFX

Its on the special features of the season 1 dvd set.

Amazon link

Piracy is at the very least kinda rude to the makers of the show that post here, so this is all you will get.

u/Paradox295 · 2 pointsr/ArcherFX

It starts on May 3rd. Tuesdays at 10pm.

..which is in the same timeslot as Arrested Development reruns on FX. Why are all the good shows on at the same time?!

EDIT: Also, the UK release of Season 1 on DVD is the day before:

u/sckewer · 1 pointr/ArcherFX

If you have enough people/disposable income, you could get all the alcohol(or closest approximation) that archer has drank over the series run, and make all the drinks he's made, or if you wannna go real nuts grab his book How to archer and use all of the drink recipes found within, but I have no idea how many that would entail as I only just learned his book was a real thing. Also make it a tactleneck occasion.