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u/mrhorrible · 4 pointsr/ArtPorn

Dude. If you haven't already, you should check out "Bosch A & I" by Phaidon books.

You could power through it in ~ 6 hours of reading if you're motivated. It does a great job of summarizing leading art criticism on Bosch and his work. Just kind of laying it all out what people have to say. Goes into alchemical symbols, and such a good deal.

Good luck.

u/Chathtiu · 9 pointsr/ArtPorn

Honestly, this reminds me of Betrayal at the House on the Hill. A sole survivor, fleeing that cursed mansion, as it slowly consumes itself and everything left inside.

I will also take this moment to shamelessly plug this fabulous game. link for easy impulses shopping.

u/whogivesashirtdotca · 7 pointsr/ArtPorn

I've been re-listening to my Citizens audiobook. A good summary of the French Revolution and the Terror, of which Marat was a guiding hand.

I like this take on the painting because it slyly copies David's Death of Marat from a different angle!

u/Aeotheric · 1 pointr/ArtPorn

There's a great book on both the painting and the ship:

"The Fighting Temeraire: The Battle of Trafalgar and the Ship that Inspired J. M. W. Turner's Most Beloved Painting" by Sam Willis

>The extraordinary story of the mighty Temeraire, the ship behind J. M. W. Turner's iconic painting.

>The H.M.S. Temeraire, one of Britains most illustrious fighting ships, is known to millions through J.M.W. Turners masterpiece, The Fighting Temeraire (1839), which portrays the battle-scarred veteran of Britain`s wars with Napoleonic France. In this evocative new volume, Sam Willis tells the extraordinary story of the vessel behind the painting and the making of the painting itself.

u/sponger60 · 2 pointsr/ArtPorn

Here are a couple of my favorites, I found them in the book, Masters of Deception.

u/MidwestJackalope · 2 pointsr/ArtPorn

His book God's Demon was actually quite good. Worth checking out if you dig his hell motifs.

u/ProfShea · 1 pointr/ArtPorn

The american merchant marine's story is often forgotten because it's generally out of sight. Today, 95% of the worlds cargo by volume is transported by ship. Thousands of men and women quietly work and keep the world moving via ships and the intermodal system.

During WWII America and her allies desperately needed American sealift that it founded Kings Point. In those years, Kings Point sent thousands of students to help move American might across the seas. 142 students died at sea in WWII. Only the US Marine Corps had a higher percentage of casualties than the US Merchant Marine.

If you read Gallant Ship, Brave Men, you will not regret it. It's a short narrative of a Kings Pointer during his sea time. His vessel sinks, and he spends nearly a month at sea floating on an open life raft.

u/Zeihous · 2 pointsr/ArtPorn

The Illustrated Star Wars Universe is a Star Wars info book that makes sole use of McQuarrie's concept art. I absolutely love his style. It's incredible.

u/infernoVI_42 · 3 pointsr/ArtPorn

I highly recommend How To Die, edited and translated by James S. Romm, which is basically a collection of Seneca's essays and letters on the rather taboo topic of death and dying. I came across it during one of my numerous excursions through the library stacks and once I read it, I had to buy myself a copy. One of my favorite quotes is this: "Quam stultum est mare horrere, cum scias stillicidio perire te posse!" ["How foolish, to fear the sea, when you know that a droplet can destroy you!"- as per Romm's translation]. Fantastic read all around.