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u/jyoon673 · 1 pointr/ArticulatedPlastic

This is a must have if you want to airbrush - I have the same kit and the key is to always clean after every session or between colors - I usually run thinner, then windshield washer fluid (or windex original - with ammonia), and water (repeat until the airbrush spews clear) - no need to buy specific airbrush cleaner solutions

If your compressor doesn't turn on when you plug it in, you need to increase the pressure (lift and twist the black knob and turn towards the plus sign - 25-30psi will be fine)

A lot of people use Citadel but I'm more used to Tamiya but the concept is the same - thin paints (in general 1:1 paint:thinner) prior to airbrushing

I would stick to the dual-action guns over the single-action in that kit since the former has more utility and control - I haven't found a use for single-action yet but I'm sure there is - all you need to know is pushing down the trigger controls air flow while pulling up on the trigger controls how much paint comes out - practice on paper first

I've heard that using windex is a great alternative to using thinner for acrylic paints but I haven't tried yet - if so, then it's a great money saver

I would also look into a airbrush booth if you plan to paint indoors to collect the fumes - I have the generic portable one and it works great (

r/modelmakers has a great post on airbrushing if you need further help including how to and maintenance

u/HamburgerChic · 2 pointsr/ArticulatedPlastic

Seems like a fun project! If it were me, I would use Mego figures, and use white shirt, white pants, and yellow boots from You might be able to modify a motorcycle helmet from that site too for the hard hat, or I saw on another site there's a construction worker pez dispenser with a hardhat that might work. Then add the details with some reflective yellow tape like this:



u/davelog · 3 pointsr/ArticulatedPlastic

Mod Podge. It's essentially white glue but geared a bit more to be a sealant rather than ad adhesive. Good for decopage and sealing up dioramas and making acrylic paint dry a little harder.

u/laojax · 3 pointsr/ArticulatedPlastic

This Japanese company makes replacement joints in a variety of sizes. The plastic tends to be on the soft side, but they might do the trick if you can handle the drilling and filling they would need to look good.

u/VaultBoy42 · 3 pointsr/ArticulatedPlastic

It often depends on what your end goal is. Some sculpting putty is going to be a bit softer and rubbery as it cures, while others will be very hard.

I like Aves Apoxie Sculpt for most projects. It's very hard when it cures, but you can work a decent amount of detail into it if you sculpt it after it's been out a while, but before it totally cures.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/ArticulatedPlastic

Apoxie Sculpt. Get one of the $40 sets and it’ll last you years.

Apoxie Sculpt 4 lb. White, 2 part modeling compound (A & B)

u/Sand__Panda · 1 pointr/ArticulatedPlastic

A few, however you have have to alter because of size (I'm guessing this is 6inch?)

There is this figure.

and/or there is a large selection of these, but I assume Barbie is taller, so you would have to alter the size.

Ebay only showed me stuff for 12inch figures.

u/SuperMutant · 1 pointr/ArticulatedPlastic

You'll have to experiment with the mixture. More acrylic usually means it dries slower. I'd scrub the figure with dawn dish soap first btw. Here's a link to the same stuff I use.

Not super expensive and it'll last you a while. I use it for casting latex masks, but you can also make small prosthetics with it.