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u/ILikeGunsNKnives · 3 pointsr/AskLE

Benchmade. Sorry, but I like the quality.

$160 Benchmade Triage

A good rescue knife, but not my favorite for day to day stuff and the sheepsfoot blade doesn't make it good if things get a little stabby. I carry a Zero Tolerance 150 on my ankle for that.

u/a2themosdef · 4 pointsr/AskLE

I used one similar to this and another one like this. Depended on my mood and outfit for the day. The paddle holster is easier to remove and put in a desk drawer if you're going to be in the office all day, or going code brown. Also wore something similar to this for my cuffs and spare mag. Good luck.

u/VirogenicFawn21 · 2 pointsr/AskLE

You can't go wrong with Peerless. They're functionable and won't break the bank.

Regarding your flashlight, get you something that is rechargeable. High lumens + rechargeable = happy you.

For boots, you can't go wrong with the Danner Acadia. I can also recommend the Bates GX-8 goretex s zip insulated waterproof boot.. I personally love my Bates. They're the most comfortable boot I've ever worn, aside from the marine corps issued boots.

I don't have experience with these two, but I've heard from reliable sources that the Belleville TR960Z and Adidas gsg-9.2 boots are both worthwhile.

u/vdmsr · 1 pointr/AskLE

I've been using the Stinger DS HL LED since it came out a few years ago. It is simply the best one on the market. It has around an 800 lumen output which is perfect for nearly everything I do.

u/Tahoehole · 4 pointsr/AskLE

This book might interest you:

Treat people with respect, even the criminals. Remember they are human beings too. It's up to the court to decide if he/she is guilty or not, and don't take it personally.

Good luck!

u/NeedsSleepy · 1 pointr/AskLE

You didn’t specify the state(s) that you’ll be driving through, so here’s some generic advice:

Be observant for minimum speed limit signs.

Contact the state police and ask about minimum speed limits on the roads you’ll be traveling. Also ask about the requirement to use flashers if traveling below a certain speed.

If traffic is moving much faster than you, put on your flashers anyway. Better yet, plop a magnetic led beacon on top of the car you’re towing. People are distracted idiots, but an amber light helps to get their attention when they’re streaming on Facebook from the driver’s seat.

u/SirAlexofTardis · 1 pointr/AskLE

Casio Men's A158W-1 Stainless Steel Digital Watch

I've worn this daily for over 2 years and it's great.

u/-SuperTrooper- · 11 pointsr/AskLE

None of the above. Rubber pin backs ftw.

u/lurkattwork · 3 pointsr/AskLE

Streamlight rechargeable.


They last and are durable.

u/duke919 · 1 pointr/AskLE

2 I'll alternately carry:

SOG Flash Rescue.

Or an older Schrade M.A.G.I.C. that's engraved w/ agency name and logo.

u/Nasty_McShasta · 2 pointsr/AskLE

Locking Clutch Backs

They keep collar brass on when you get assaulted by a seatbelt or you're required to wear them with an outer carrier (for some ungodly reason). They also keep your nameplate on when your interior vest sits in a wear position and strips off the regular or rubber clutches when you turn your body left.

The only down side is that they're a bit bulky.