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u/chipoatley · 2 pointsr/AskLosAngeles

I've heard this too, for years. I once took a 6-session class in voice characters and voice over, but don't remember who did it. The person (who was a VO artist herself) recommended we buy Susan Blu's book Word of Mouth for more info. I see it's now in 3rd edition (though 11 years old).

Susan Blu bio (from the Amazon site):
> Susan Blu is a veteran stage and screen actor who has done hundreds of commercial voice-overs. Recognized as
> one of the foremost voice-over artists and animation directors, her animation credits include
> The Land Before Time, Spider-Man, Curious George, Superman, The Magic School Bus, Stuart Little, and
> hundreds more. She teaches both commercial and animation voice-over in workshops throughout the U.S.
> and Canada.

The link to Amazon will also show similar books about learning and working in VO.

Santa Monica College has a class in the community section that helps you know more about it. It's a few hours (one night) and they give you some copy to read and the class moderator tells you whether you have what it takes or not. This assessment has to do with way you use your voice as much as how your voice sounds. ISTR we were asked to read some ad copy, and maybe to do an animation character voice as well. The class is more of a pitch for you to join this agency's stable for, like, $250. They say they will place you, but I think it's a scam to get money from people like us. However, the $80 or so spent on the class is kind of worth it if you are just getting an idea. They do talk about the business.

Another option is to subscribe to Voices 123 and see what is being requested so you have an idea of the market.

This got my curiosity up so I did a little research. Check this site:

Also, I recommend you see the movie "In A World". It's a fun little indie film by Lake Bell about the inside, behind the scenes, and backstabbing of the VO business.

u/vintagepolish · 11 pointsr/AskLosAngeles

The landlord sounds incredibly shady from what you've described.

California tenant laws place responsibility on the property management to treat uninhabitable conditions. A cockroach infestation is categorized under uninhabitable conditions - they are a symptom of extremely unsanitary living conditions.

Here are a few links - make sure you read through these and know your rights as a tenant, and DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! Take photos of the cockroaches, maybe capture one and keep it as evidence. It is absolutely the responsibility of the landlord to pay for a PROPER and professional exterminator/fumigation service.



    In the meantime, you can get roach baits, especially the ones where there's poisoned food that the cockroaches bring back to the nest and eliminates the nest from the inside. These are really effective:

    It's going to be frustrating, but don't let your landlord or shitty property management company take advantage of you as a tenant. Make sure you know your rights and luckily California usually leans in the favor of the tenant. Good luck!

    Edit - I think this is your management company:
u/IKnowPhysics · 3 pointsr/AskLosAngeles

If you ask for GPS, rental car companies will give it to you, but expect them to charge you a ton of money ($5-20 per day). Use a smartphone and save the money. Also find a mount that makes your phone easy to use in any car and is easy to travel with (I like Tetrax).

Also, if for some reason google maps doesn't work out, don't be afraid to go analog.

u/Howardval · 1 pointr/AskLosAngeles

I just looked it up since I'm not familiar with it. I much prefer the paste type wax than liquid spray. The Car Guys Hybrid Wax description shows it's safe for windows too. A real wax should never be put on windows. If it's safe for windows, then it's not really a good barrier since it can be wiped off too easy and the protection layer is extremely thin.

Try using a real paste wax. I've personally used either Mothers or Meguires paste wax with great results. Stay away from combo pastes (cleaner wax). If your car needs a good cleaning (paint is rough when you touch it), use a clay bar before waxing.

u/BlueWeatherGhost · 6 pointsr/AskLosAngeles

Mike Davis' City of Quartz and Ecology Of Fear are essential reading, but in addition I highly recommend John Mack Faragher's Eternity Street about the early (and absolutely insane!) history of 19th Century L.A.

Also check out Chip Jacobs & William Kelly's Smogtown - a history about LA's air pollution problems. Great book and an interesting perspective on how the city's culture was affected by it.

u/riffic · 5 pointsr/AskLosAngeles

This would optimize routing a bit but to be honest I would leave DTLA out unless you had more time, were staying somewhere closer, and had a bit more of an idea what you wanted to see or do.

I'd also skip the Walk of Fame. It's a dump and you aren't going to enjoy a dirty sidewalk. Go on a walking tour, visit a botanical garden, or find a good hiking trail instead.

u/beepbopborp · 7 pointsr/AskLosAngeles

City of Quartz by Mike Davis is a great historical and sociological look at LA.

City of Quartz: Excavating the Future in Los Angeles

u/NeptuNeo · 1 pointr/AskLosAngeles

speaking of 'CHECK ENGINE' I recommend buying a Diagnostic Scan Tool from Amazon that will allow you to see the codes that are causing the light to go on, so you can verify what the mechanic tells you. I got one for under $15 Amazon Diagnostic Scan Tool

u/erst77 · 29 pointsr/AskLosAngeles

First, find yourself a Safe Parking location and get in there if you can.

For Los Angeles:

Long Beach's pilot Safe Parking program starts in September.

If you're not in a Safe Parking location, you'll want to block out your windows at night. Whether or not you're in a Safe Parking location, you also might want to get a good sleep mask and some earplugs.

If you're in neighborhoods, vary your parking spot as much as you can (choose different streets or different neighborhoods for the night if possible), and be a good neighbor -- no noise, no trash, no sitting in your vehicle with the music on even if the windows are up, no pacing up and down in front of houses talking on your phone at night, no peeing on trees or pooping in bushes, no sneaking up to houses to turn on their hose to get water, no chain-smoking outside someone's home, no drugs. All these things make it more likely that someone will ask the cops to ask you to move on.

A YMCA membership for showering and a bathroom is a great idea, especially if you need to get out of the heat and just sit somewhere air conditioned and read or charge your electronics. Some have wifi and TVs too. However, joining something like 24-hour Fitness means you have 24/7 access to showers and restrooms, although they might be less chill about people hanging out charging your electronics or reading or something.

Eggshell foam is going to get unbearably hot to sleep on and isn't going to provide you much support -- you're going to be aching in the morning after a night or two. If you have any spare cash, you can get an okay mattress at IKEA for $60.

Public libraries are also good for getting into air conditioning and charging your devices, plus you get to read whatever you want and stuff.

u/bigyellowjoint · 4 pointsr/AskLosAngeles

I read this one and holy crap what a page turner. It's geared a little bit more towards young adults and it might technically be historical fiction but it really brings the whole situation to life.

I hope other people can actually answer your question instead of questioning why you want to read a book...

u/jonesgrey · 1 pointr/AskLosAngeles

Would the bag be at baggage claim even though LAX was my departure airport, not my destination? I would imagine the staff would at least figure out that someone departing LA wouldn’t be at the LAX baggage area.

My bag is a dark olive green, military-style duffel bag with no branding or writing on the outside. There is a red combination lock on the very top.

This is almost the same bag on Amazon:

u/YourDimeTime · 2 pointsr/AskLosAngeles

Maybe he sold it and was too lazy to take the ad down. But these guides are out there. Here's some: