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u/respect_fully · 2 pointsr/AttachmentParenting

I feel for you mama <3 I went through the same thing. Sleep deprivation is brutal. I don't have the time to post a long coherent comment right now (it's midnight here in Canada) but didn't want to leave without sending you a hug, and maybe a few ideas. First off, could your baby be high-needs ? (mine was, he's now a happy and healthy 3 year-old who still doesn't sleep through the night, like his mom and dad, who also don't sleep through the night ;) High-needs babies/toddlers have a more excitable central nervous system, and are notorious bad sleepers -- but in the end, they grow up to be as happy and healthy as their calmer friends. But that doesn't make things easier right now, does it :(
We have a family bed, and nursed / comforted him to sleep every single time. I know how hard it is. Maybe you can get some help during the day so you can take a decent nap, at least ? Maybe papa can take her on weekend mornings and go for a long walk with her in a carrier, while you catch up on zzz's ?
I will try to sign in tomorrow to send you some links, but I found this little blog post by Racheous from Respectful Parenting with several interesting links which are very attachment-oriented, as well as this one written by a mama going though the same thing. Evolutionary Parenting has several good articles on sleep training and its effect on infant development.
You can also get Dr James McKenna's book, Sleeping with your baby and many other resources that can be tailored to your preferences. Anyway... wish I could give you a hand. Please get help so you can rest a little. Parenting is crazy hard and was never intended to be done in solitude... We all need support. You're doing a great job mama ! Hang in there ! <3

u/leslidenise · 2 pointsr/AttachmentParenting

I hear you, it is really a choice to be this involved and sensitive to her needs. I have an awesome, smart, happy daughter that gets her needs met. However, I also had to deal with my ability to function as a mother an when I found that I wasn't enjoying our time in the day and I began feeling depressed and anxious, that was no good for her either. So, if you are ever interested, I wrote a book for my daughter to night wean her at 23 months, and it validated her feelings and helped her follow a story about another little girl that was night weaning. I don't know if you are nigh nursing or if her just getting in the bed with you is making you so tired? If she is coming in the bed to nurse, when you are ready try Sally Weans From Night Nursing on Amazon and Kindle. I believe it s okay to set some limits and still have a loving relationship with your child and meet their needs. I found it hard to totally compromise myself and still really be present for her. I felt like being present was more important in the day at some point, especially when they become old enough to understand some things. Picture books really help. There may be one on bed sharing too. Good Luck.

u/laurenkk · 5 pointsr/AttachmentParenting

Fun! I'm glad I had an October baby, so we could share a mattress come April. Here's what I'm considering for our March baby coming up...

Option one: take the Thermarest for yourself, then use something like a yoga mat tripled over on itself on top of an insulating blanket so kiddo is close to the same height as your bed. Tent floor on bare ground would suck the heat right out of kiddo.

Option two: changing pad on top of the air mattress. It's sides are just tall enough to keep baby from wiggling off the edges at this age.

Depending on the overnight lows, we would do fitted cotton pajamas under next size up fleece pajamas, and of course never a hat when they're so young. Any time my son woke to feed, I would open the fleece to get my hand on his chest to see that he wasn't overheating or too cold.

And bring all.the.things. Enough to change him like three times a night.

Next year you'll want Tuffo Toddler Muddy Buddy Overalls, . They're awesome in the a.m. when the grass is all dewey, or when it actually rains. Never leaked on us, easy to clean. We got size 18mo, rolled the sleeves at 12mo and he could still fit at 2. After that he wanted to wear "regular clothes".

u/MissSatan · 6 pointsr/AttachmentParenting

I agree with others, put your baby in a bouncy seat (or other safety belted device) and bring her into the bathroom.

As far as car rides are concerned, I have a few suggestions

  1. Get a mirror that you can put on the back headrest, then you can see her and she can look at herself or you... if you haven't already done this.

  2. Try giving her a novel, or textured toy before you ride, giving her something new to experience. Also, try a soft teether that you trust - Sophie the Giraffe was the only one both of my kids liked.

  3. My kids both liked this Little Einstein toy at that age, it saved me on short car trips.

    Some kids just ride better than others, I used to listen to classical music when they started freaking out so I could remain calm.
u/silentcecilia · 5 pointsr/AttachmentParenting

It would definitely increase SIDS risk since it's not a firm surface. My advice would be to get a travel bassinet or in-bed cosleeper like this. It will make it safe for babe in your bed until s/he grows out of it, when your bed will probably be safe anyway. Added bonus is that s/he can nap in it too when you're not in bed, and if you travel with babe you can take it with you, making for a familiar sleeping environment in another place. I can't recommend these things enough. I would not flip the mattress as it is not made to be safe or comfortable for anyone when flipped.

u/sugagurl81 · 8 pointsr/AttachmentParenting

Have you ever heard of the book Wonder Weeks?

The Wonder Weeks: How to Stimulate Your Baby's Mental Development and Help Him Turn His 10 Predictable, Great, Fussy Phases into Magical Leaps Forward

It explains different phases the baby is going through. There is a “leap” around 8 months which it sounds like your baby may be going through. There is also an app that goes along with it that explains the same information but just not in as great of detail. My LO is the same age as yours right now and she’s going through the same behaviors you’re talking about. Just know this behavior is temporary and once your LO completes this “leap” they will be back to their normal, awesome little selves.

You’re doing a great job!

u/funyunsgood · 2 pointsr/AttachmentParenting

How to Talk so Little Kids will Listen is a great book that gives very specific ways to validate older children's emotions. It also helps to change parents' perspectives especially if you already feel stuck in certain toxic patterns. There's even an audio book so can listen during a commute.

u/AcknowledgeableLion · 2 pointsr/AttachmentParenting

I’m only 7 days pp and bedsharing and it’s going great. I don’t know how people sleep otherwise. Anyway I’m only a newbie but I read this book Sweet Sleep by the La Leche League, and it’s a fantastic way to learn all about it.

u/fengshui · 4 pointsr/AttachmentParenting

This book might help to inspire her:
Nursies When the Sun Shines: A little book on nightweaning

u/gingerfied · 3 pointsr/AttachmentParenting

I tried flipping my pillow top but started having back problems from it. I did a lot of research and ended up buying this: Sleep Better 3-Inch Extra Firm Queen Mattress Topper I put it on top of the pillow top and it makes the bed really firm. I normally am not a fan of a firm mattress but I find it really comfortable, and it's so firm that I don't have concerns about a baby sleeping on it. A bit pricey, but way cheaper than a new mattress.

u/anotherfeministmom · 2 pointsr/AttachmentParenting

Thanks! I agree that genetics is a factor. And it's hard to give up night nursing when it's so useful.

Is this the brush?

u/xxoooxxoooxx · 3 pointsr/AttachmentParenting

Check out the K'tan wrap: It's a stretchy fabric wrap without all the wrapping. So easy!

u/Ashleyrah · 5 pointsr/AttachmentParenting

I forgot to mention - these placemats are awesome for going out to restaurants. Baby fed babies are messy, so we would always make an effort to ask for a rag to clean up after ourselves.

Also, this is a great article on why to delay solids

u/jhc142002 · 1 pointr/AttachmentParenting

This might have some good resources.

Can't vouch for it as I haven't read it, but Dr. Sears' book