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u/dramusic · 2 pointsr/AugustBumpers2017

Welcome to the subreddit! This is my first baby also, and even though it was planned, I'm still very nervous. Here are some resources that have helped me:

  • Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy: From Doctors Who Are Parents Too! This book is very practical and based on the most current scientific research. I have found the simple, direct language very comforting as I try to figure this thing out.
  • Pregnancy apps provide updates on baby's development, give ideas of what to expect, and have relevant articles on all things pregnancy. I use three - Baby Bump, Glow, and Ovia. I like each for different reasons, so I use them in combination.
  • Networking: Talking to other pregnant people and people who've recently had babies as much as possible is key. Whether that's online, at work, in your community, or in your family, find some people that you can share this journey with - the stress and the joys.

    Best of luck! We're rooting for you here!
u/sarowen · 2 pointsr/AugustBumpers2017

I'm not in your boat but did want to take the time to offer some encouragement. It sounds like you have all your ducks in a row and will make a great parent!

I went through the same type of "oh no, what have I done" feeling when I first found out I was pregnant. I started reading [this book] ( yesterday, and it has been really assuring.

u/Jenn215 · 2 pointsr/AugustBumpers2017

This one is a bit pricey but I loved it: Pregnancy Day By Day

It gives you something to read (and pictures!) for each day. I would read it before bed every night with my first pregnancy.

The other one I found helpful was What to Expect when you're expecting. It isn't a good book to just sit down and read but I found it was a great reference if I had a specific concern or question.

u/lan_jevinson · 2 pointsr/AugustBumpers2017

Sounds adorable, will have to check it out! Have you seen the moon in my room nightlight? I like that it's remote control. You can cycle through the phases of the room to get more light to check on baby.

u/AntleredGypsy · 3 pointsr/AugustBumpers2017

I'm a side sleeper usually, but my hips have been so sore and I've noticed that I wake up on my back a lot more. I told my husband that we're buying a pregnancy pillow this week just to help my hips. [This](Leachco Ba is the one I have picked out. I don't have to worry about anyone being in bed with me though since my husband works overnights and the dog has been banished.

u/endlesslazysunday · 1 pointr/AugustBumpers2017

I've been reading this book, only about 150 pages in but really informative so far:

They break down the first days, the first weeks, poops, angles for feeding, everything. Honestly have learned so much that I never would have even thought of.

u/Letlas · 1 pointr/AugustBumpers2017

She was referring to this lotion:

I'm in Florida, by the way, so I think she just liked the idea of a bug repellant/sunscreen combo for everyday since no one wants to be doused in DEET all the time. But I would probably go for something stronger if I were camping or hanging out in a buggy park for a long period of time. I have had decent luck with the lotion so far, though.

ETA: what a pain, the price and availability seems to fluctuate on Amazon! I got it for around $7 a couple months ago. Sorry you haven't had much luck with your midwife's recommendation.

u/KT421 · 1 pointr/AugustBumpers2017

I wasn't able to find a single series that I liked. The one that comes up first on Amazon is the National Geographic "Treasuries" series, but those bring a strong western bias, talks down about the 'barbarians' who believed those things, and ultimately tried to reconcile the myths of other cultures with Christianity. Which totally defeats the purpose of teaching mythology in the first place. So I ended up curating my own collection of books that were a bit more objective and unbiased.

Here's a couple that I settled on:

u/pretendimsherlock · 2 pointsr/AugustBumpers2017

I am giving in and going vegetarian until I no longer want to eat otherwise. We looked up non-meat protein sources today and started shopping around that. Hummus is my life now, and this book is my new bible.

u/a3r1al · 1 pointr/AugustBumpers2017

We got this one from Amazon: The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer,Colors May Vary It was cheap and got the job done. But wasn't too fancy. :)

u/cake_toss · 2 pointsr/AugustBumpers2017

Comfrey ointment. Used on the stretchmarks on my breasts all through pregnancy and a week PP they're already fading to silver. Also applied to my bump every day and I didn't end up with any stretchmarks on my belly. I use [this stuff] (