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u/CitizenJoestar · 12 pointsr/Axon7

If that is the Spiegen case you are talking about, I can personally vouch for it being great. Feels A LOT better than the included case and increases grippability by a lot. I personally have not had the phone slip out of my hand once and the material which I think is poly carbonate or some strong plastic/rubber hybrid is the same used on Otterboxes or other strong, rugged cases.

3 things it does very well:

  1. The case is higher than the edges of the curved display. This prevents accidental mistouches, and is supposedly better for drop production as the glass won't touch the ground first.

    2)It adds texture to the power button which is a godsend because I accidentally hit the volume buttons all the time.

  2. Makes the touch target for the the finger print sensor very easy to hit as the case cutout sort of divots into it providing a natural place for the whole finger to rest thereby increasing accuracy.

    The biggest con is that it isn't very screen protector friendly. A majority of screen protectors will sort of be pushed up by it. If you look on XDA only a few notable screen protectors work with it which is unfortunate because the case is so highly regarded that the first question is, "Does the Spiegen case work with it" in regards to any screen protector. In case your wondering the included screen protector and some wet application ones work with it.

    It's also not the prettiest case which can be pretty subjective and I'm not a fan of the Spiegen logo which looks pretty ugly IMO.

    Otherwise fantastic case. I use a case on all my phones and this one hits a lot of marks and increases both the durability and usability of the phone.
u/xiaoali · 1 pointr/Axon7

As someone who came from a cracked Moto X 2014... and have had the Axon 7 for a week now, I highly recommend it. It's certainly bigger, better and faster. With the Nova Launcher, I honestly have it customized mostly to the way I like.

The included screen protector/case gets the job done. I just ordered new screen protectors because I royally screwed up and got some big particles under the protector and it's screwing with my OCD.

As for the case, I'm sticking with the included one until I get tired of it. I am looking at the follow though:

CoverON-Case... the black & clear one

Suensan Ultra Lightweight Defender I did have something similar for my Moto X and it looked great, but provided like 0 drop protection since it didn't go all the way around. But do love the minimal look.

Of course the spigen has been recommended a lot.

u/mallrat32 · 1 pointr/Axon7

I'm using this case.

I've actually gone through quite a bit:

Stock/Clear - fine but wanted something better.

Spigen Rugged - good case but the buttons can get pushed in too easily. My phone rebooted twice while in my pocket and it was 100% because of the case.

J&D Slim - slippery

u/INsiv · 1 pointr/Axon7

After the factory reset the sim was recognized for calls and SMS but no data. It took me a few minutes to realize there was no LTE data because I had WiFi on. I entered the APN values, saved, selected it and the LTE data came to life. Rebooted a few times just to make sure it stuck.

The GSM sim doesn't need to be active. I picked up a few H20 sims on Amazon for .01¢. You may want to get one for future use just in case.

u/TitaniumWhiteGhost · 3 pointsr/Axon7

What state do you live in? Because you can order from B&H and you won't get charged sales tax(unless you live in NY/NJ) and there's free shipping:

Newegg has a free $10 cable included with the purchase of a Axon 7:

And then Amazon if you have Prime:

Personally I'd probably buy it from B&H because of saving on sales tax and usually B&H orders take ~3 days to get to my house in SoCal(as long as I order on a Sunday/Monday lol).

u/karl_w_w · 2 pointsr/Axon7

I have the Spigen and it's great, just the right thickness for me, not too thick that it makes the phone too bulky, and the buttons are really nice. There is also this one if you want something thinner:

u/-Kevin- · 1 pointr/Axon7

> I have a Spigen case and I don't use it anymore since the wrap is enough for me.

This spigen case? if so, how is it? I like rubber cases because I feel like they protect the phone from drops more.

u/cory8092 · 2 pointsr/Axon7

I just ordered one off Amazon and put in today. Seems to work well and the quick charging works correctly. Cameron Sino 3100mAh Li-Polymer Replacement Battery for ZTE Axon 7

It's a lot easier to replace than you think. Be very careful of the display cable. If you have the main board towards your right its at the top edge of the battery. I used a credit card to slip under the battery. It's kind of tough to remove.

u/Herculefreezystar · 1 pointr/Axon7

I have one of these Spigen cases and I love it. Bought it when I ordered the phone and I have only ever taken it off like twice.

u/PurpleK00lAid · 3 pointsr/Axon7

2 for $10 here.

Anker is a well known and respected brand as well.

u/jsaliby93 · 0 pointsr/Axon7

This one I ordered and looks good: ZTE Axon 7 Screen Protector [2-Pack], DeltaShield BodyArmor Full Coverage Screen Protector for ZTE Axon 7 Military-Grade Clear HD Anti-Bubble Film - Lifetime Warranty

u/uli2000 · 5 pointsr/Axon7

I've bought a couple of sets of the Anker adapters. Never had a problem. They have the Benson Leung seal of approval. He's the Google engineer that fried his Chromebook Pixel with a cheap USB-C cable and has been testing cables on Amazon ever since. I won't buy a cable he hasn't reviewed.

u/SolubleInWater · 1 pointr/Axon7

It's about the same. It's even less snug than stock where the volume and power buttons are.

So, coincidentally, I just received the spigen case as an early Christmas present... I have to say it feels premium and rugged compared to the stock and J&D case.. It's very snug all over and I doesn't feel larger in the hand. OP, I'd get the spigen case, you won't regret it.


u/-Tibeardius- · 2 pointsr/Axon7

Good to know. I'm using this guy and it works great but is a little bulky. I may switch out soon.

u/Bralic · 1 pointr/Axon7

I bought a matte IQShield from Amazon( Applied wonderfully and it's been on for a week with no bubbles. I also have a MicroP kickstand case from Amazon. (

u/LouGossetJr · 3 pointsr/Axon7

here's the battery.


heat gun


optional tool kit.


i didn't even really need the optional tool kit i ordered, but nice to have.


here's the vid i watched for reference. skip from 3:30 - 5:08 as that does not need to be done.




u/phillium · 2 pointsr/Axon7

I've got one of these (I wanted one with a kickstand). It fits well and feels really sturdy. The "navy" color (which is the specific one I have) is almost sort of in between navy and a gunmetal gray. Really like the color, goes well with the gray Axon 7. Might be bigger than the stock case, but not really noticeable.

u/Trotter-x · 2 pointsr/Axon7

I got the two pack from Mr Shield. It has everything you need to get a good install. Like all the other tempered glass screen protectors it does not cover the edges of the screen but none will due to the rounded edges. The tempered glass coupled with a case that has decent raised edges gets the job done, but you have little valleys on the sides that you have to blow dust/lint out of every now and then.

u/kangarang · 2 pointsr/Axon7

Np! This is the one I used (sorry, 10 bucks). It literally took me 1 minute to get Verizon working

u/weeblnbob · 2 pointsr/Axon7

Literally had mine replaced yesterday evening.

Is what I went with. Running accubattery on it now to see what kind of capacity it estimates it's got. My old battery, 2.75 years old, was at 1400 mAh capacity. This one definitely is doing way better than that, but I won't have solid figures for a few days.

u/melcrose · 4 pointsr/Axon7

This one was an EXACT match to the original, right down to the write writing on the ribbon cable where it snaps in.

u/Kayedon · 2 pointsr/Axon7

I've personally been a huge fan of my J&D case. Specifically chose it due to button cutouts and the open camera area. Obviously not as protective as some cases but does the job.

u/bipbob · 1 pointr/Axon7

Would it work if I used a $.01 sim off of Amazon? is the link. Then all I do is put it in. Restart my phone till I get signal. Then while still on replace the sim with my Verizon one. And repeat if necessary?

u/SmarmySalamander · 3 pointsr/Axon7

I tried Skinomi matte finish and it was garbage. Currently I use this one and I love it. Also it comes in a two pack, in case you are very bad at applying it or if you need to replace it later. Some finger oils can be visible at times, but it doesn't bother me that much.

u/boodo31 · 2 pointsr/Axon7

I use this screen protector. It only covers the flat part of the screen and leaves a noticeable gap between its edge and case edge. Something I had to get use to. At least you get 2 and its under Amazon Prime. [2-PACK]-Mr Shield For ZTE Axon 7 [Tempered Glass] Screen Protector with Lifetime Replacement Warranty

u/Kanonhime · 7 pointsr/Axon7

CyanogenMod is dead. Better off waiting for the official 7.0 build for the time being.

Spigen's case is pretty damn good, but for screen protectors someone else will have to chime in.

u/RainofOranges · 1 pointr/Axon7

Check out the FiiO K1

It's a nice addition to your PC audio setup at a very low cost.

u/AIDSinyourbutt · 2 pointsr/Axon7

Niteize Steelie 100% recommended.

I use the dash mount in my truck and I use the vent clip in my car. It works with my Spigen case and it also has a protective pad in case you don't want have a case on your phone.

Basically you stick a magnet to your phone (the magnet doesn't come with the vent clip but it does come with the dash mount) and you can stick it to anything that magnets can stick to.

Edit: actually under the dash mount, if you select color there's an option to get vent clip + magnet together.

u/dodidodidodidodi · 1 pointr/Axon7

i bought this

along with the plastic screen protector that came with it i never had a problem.

yeah my screen on time was pretty poor.

u/emblemboy · 2 pointsr/Axon7

I ended up getting this one. Received it last night and It does quick charging when using the stock charger

Kinda pricy just for one though. I'm realizing I need another cable though, so I can have one at work and at home

u/SweetBearCub · 1 pointr/Axon7

Does that dock work with our US Axon 7's if they are in the Spigen case?

u/ifellforfree · 2 pointsr/Axon7

You can use a Fiio K7 DAC which is a small, portable USB DAC. You would just need to purchase a short micro USB to USB type-c cable in order to connect it. I use this on my Axon sometimes

[FiiO K1](FiiO K1 Portable Headphone Amplifier and USB DAC, Titanium

u/TypicalDatingSite · 1 pointr/Axon7

Really, on in Canada the price is $701 ( and the only other place you can buy it from is at for $520 currently (

u/WhiteLightning_20 · 1 pointr/Axon7

I bought this case off the (German) Amazon when I got my A2017G model Axon 7. It's relatively cheap, but it does provide alright protection. It also has a built in kickstand, but I wouldn't use it for more than watching a video or two, because it feels cheap, like it could snap off any moment if one applies too much pressure.

Still, for $8, little complaints aside from the edges of the plastic being a bit rough. I often use my pinky finger to support my phone, letting it rest on it with the charging port, but as the edges are a bit rough it actually does irritate a little.

u/echostar777 · 1 pointr/Axon7

I got the spidgen case, it's good and it isn't expensive, good for someone on a budget.

Spigen Rugged Armor ZTE Axon 7 Case with Resilient Shock Absorption and Carbon Fiber Design for ZTE Axon 7 - Black

u/jlewisnj · 1 pointr/Axon7

Snagged a Grey one today... Missed the amazon $354 sale the other day..

Picked up the Spigen Case, AUKEY QC3 Car Charger ($11.99 lightning deal earlier) to go with it.

u/somerandom314159 · 3 pointsr/Axon7

The Axon7 has a curved glass screen so most tempered glass protectors only cover the flat portion of the screen. Even the plastic screen protector that comes with the phone can't curve to the Axon7's screen curvature (leaves a gap on the long edges).

I use the delta shield screen protector. This protector is bigger than other screen protectors and it can stick to the curved screen. It is a wet application protector so be careful when installing (cover all the vents!). A problem I saw on amazon is that it doesn't play nicely with tight cases because the protector reaches from edge to edge. I solved this by cutting the delta shield by 0.5-1mm on each of the long side before applying. Now it fits nicely with the spigen case. When I first wiped it with a cloth, I notice there are scratches but they disappear after an hour. So their claim that the plastic "heals" itself seems to be correct.

u/0ldGoat · 2 pointsr/Axon7

That seems a little long to me. The included charger died on me after five days and I'm using this as a replacement:

This past weekend it charged my phone from 0 to 100% in 97 minutes. I don't think that's any faster or slower than the included charger was, but it lived such a brief life I can't be certain.

u/theITgui · 2 pointsr/Axon7

I've used the below linked one since I bought the phone in August. I had the included screen protector on until I sent the phone in for warranty replacement. A few failed attempts at a decent coverage plastic screen protector and I decided to stay naked on the screen with this case. So far, so good.