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>I currently accept and prefer SQUARECASH, AMAZON, or BITCOIN/ChangeTip.
If none of these methods work for you, my videos are also available via my ManyVids profile, but the discounted prices listed below are only available for SQUARECASH, AMAZON, and BITCOIN/ChangeTip transactions.

Use the links below to check out 9 second clips from the video. If you have or wish to create a free account, you will also be able to view all of my video previews for free.

Pre-made, custom, and exclusive videos will all be sent via download link. If you have or wish to create a free account, the videos will remain in your library for download up to 3 times. An account is not needed but the link will expire after you claim the video.


Custom Videos cost $3/Min via SQUARECASH, AMAZON, or BITCOIN and may be added to my public video list below. Add $10 to make it an Exclusive Custom and it will be for your eyes only.

> Step into the director's chair and have me make you something special. Some examples of custom videos I've made before include School Girl Loves Cumming for Daddy, Strictly Ass Worship, and Anal Fun with Pretty Feet in the Air.

Ready to discuss your custom? Message me with your idea, how long you'd like it to be, and preferred payment method.


16. Showing Off my Ass and Toying my Pussy | 11:44 Min | $5

  • Watch me show off my best assets while sinking a large realistic BBC dildo deep inside my hairy pussy. This video contain some great shots of both my ass and pussy as well as plenty of up close toying and cumming. Don't miss out ;)

  1. Strictly Ass Worship | 10:23 Min | $5
    • Take 10 minutes of your day to worship my amazing ebony ass. I'll show you from every angle so you can take it in in it's entirety. Love what you see don't be shy to let me know ;)

  2. Quickie Cum with Glass Toy | 5:49 Min | $5
    • Only had a few minutes, but that's all I need to pull out my glass toy and work my tight, hairy pussy to climax. Have a few minutes? Maybe you should watch and cum with me ;)

  3. All Natural School Girl vs. Realistic Dildo | 11:00 Min | $5
    • Watch me ride my realistic vibrating BBC dildo in this hot video. You'll get great angles of my all natural, hairy bush while I slide the dildo deep into my tight little pussy over and over again.

  4. School Girl Gets a Surprise From Daddy | 13:51 Min | $5
    • Watch me come home from school, get comfortable and ready to to my homework before finding a red gift box under my pillow. "To: Ayla, Love: Daddy?" I wonder what it could be...

  5. Girl Next Door Rides Realistic BBC Dildo | 12:28 Min | $5
    • This large Vibrating Realistic BBC dildo is one of my favorites. Watch me ride it and toy myself to climax.

  6. Sweet Ebony Masturbates with Silver Vibe | 7:11 Min | $5
    • Watch me toy my hairy little pussy in a chair by the window, with my silver vibrator.

  7. School Girl Loves Cumming for Daddy | 12:53 Min |
    • "I just got home from school and--- wait.. why are all of my toys out? What are you doing in my room, Daddy?"

  8. Silhouettes Pt 2: Vibrator in the Window | 11:55 Min| $5
    • This little ebony princess loves to be seen! And if you've already watched Part 1, then you'll surely want to see part 2! I've done my teasing, and now it's time to have a little fun. Catch me in my window in multiple positions, cumming hard in my sexiest of lingerie with my silver vibrator and cute black heels.

  9. Silhouettes Pt I: Seductive Teasing | 5:53 Min| $3)
    • This little ebony princess just loves to be seen. Watch me pose and tease sensually in some of my sexiest lingerie by the giant window in my new apartment. You can see the snowy city in the background and perhaps the sexiest Ayla you've seen yet right up front.

  10. Anal Fun with Pretty Feet in the Air | 5:44 Min | $5
    • It's been a while since I've had anything in my ass, but here goes! Watch me masturbating anally while lying on my back with my pretty feet in the air, face in plain view, and an inability to keep quiet! xD

  11. Cumming with Pretty Soles in the Air | 6:24 Min | $5
    • Watch me cum to a quick climax while laying naked on my back with my pretty feet in the air, face in plain view, and my silver vibrator deep in my pussy.

  12. Sweet Ebony Ayla Takes a Soapy Shower | 5:31 Min | $5
    • Follow me into the bathroom and watch me soap up in the shower, rinse myself clean then get out and dry off for you.

  13. Sexy Nylon Tease and Ass Worship Clip | 2:30 Min | $3
    • This video is a must-see for all ass lovers! Watch me slowly strip out of my nylons and bounce and spread my ass for you. Think you can hold out until you see my tight little hole? ;)


  14. Bent Over in my Parents Kitchen | 11:59 Min | $10
    • I just wanted to watch a movie, but he had other things in mind. Watch me get bent over the marble counter in my parent's kitchen while they're on vacation, and get fucked until I orgasm and collapse to the floor in this amazingly hot video. Please be aware this video no longer has sound.

  15. Big Booty Ebony Banged in the Bathroom | 15:09 Min | $10
    • longhairdontcare. Watch me strip out of a sleek black outfit and get fucked HARD in this great 15 minute video. I end on my knees, sucking him off with a big smile until he cums deep in my mouth! What good is a girl who doesn't swallow? ;) I gotchu.